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Biden Calls On Trump To 'Step Down' Over Botched Response To Pandemic

(TPM) During a town hall hosted by CNN, Biden asserted that “what presidents say matter.” If elected, “I will make it clear what is needed to be done,” the Democratic candidate said. Biden said Trump’s response to the pandemic is “all about his re-election.” “It should be about the American people, and they’re in trouble,” he told the town hall audience.

The Democrat pointed to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield’s assertion during a Senate testimony on Wednesday that masks are “more guaranteed” to protect against the virus than a vaccine, a comment that flew in the face of Trump’s heavy emphasis on cranking out a vaccine while downplaying the importance of masks.

“You’ve got to level with the American people, shoot from the shoulder,” Biden said on Thursday. “There’s never been a time they have not been able to step up. This president should step down.”


Brand New A+ Rated Marist Likely Voter National Poll

Biden: 52%
Klansman: 43%

(Marist was closest to the mark in 2016)


Signs of bottom falling out of Drumpf campaign

(Boston Globe) Since 2000, presidential elections have been won in the margins. Some wins were bigger than others. But compared to the previous century, this two-decade period of competitive elections is a testament to how polarized the country has become. But there is one exception to the recent rule: Barack Obama’s landslide victory in 2008. In November, Obama stomped all over Republican John McCain. Obama took 68 percent of Electoral College votes by winning states like Indiana and Virginia that no Democrat had won since 1964.

For most of that year, the 2008 presidential campaign didn’t feel like a landslide at all. Indeed, in early September national polling from reputable outlets like the Associated Press, CBS News, and ABC News all had McCain ahead of Obama. A USA Today/Gallup poll had McCain up 10 points on Labor Day weekend. But shortly after, the bottom fell out on McCain.


'Vast majority' of funding promised by Trump for Kenosha can't be used for recovery

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Tens of millions in new federal funding promised by President Donald Trump for Kenosha, Wisconsin, can't be used to rebuild the city, Gov. Tony Evers and Sen. Tammy Baldwin wrote Thursday in a letter to the president. Of the $41 million announced by Trump and Barr on Sept. 1 for law enforcement, nearly all of it was already on its way to the state before the Kenosha unrest, according to the Democratic officials. "In fact, it seems the only new funding you announced in Kenosha is $1 million for Kenosha law enforcement," Baldwin and Evers wrote. "Kenosha and Wisconsin will need a more robust federal response than you have already announced."


CDC Coronavirus Testing Guidance Was Posted Against Scientists' Objections

(NYT) A heavily criticized recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month about who should be tested for the coronavirus was not written by C.D.C. scientists and was posted to the agency’s website despite their serious objections, according to several people familiar with the matter as well as internal documents obtained by The New York Times. The guidance said it was not necessary to test people without symptoms of Covid-19 even if they had been exposed to the virus. It came at a time when public health experts were pushing for more testing rather than less, and administration officials told The Times that the document was a C.D.C. product and had been revised with input from the agency’s director, Dr. Robert Redfield. But officials told The Times this week that the health department did the rewriting itself and then “dropped” it into the C.D.C.’s public website, flouting the agency’s strict scientific review process.


Trump Attacks FBI Director Christopher Wray for Warning on Russian Election Meddling

(Daily Beast) President Donald Trump attacked his own FBI director Thursday in a series of vitriolic tweets. Christopher Wray had testified Thursday morning before the House Committee on Homeland Security about “very active efforts” by Russia to influence the 2020 U.S. election and “to both sow divisiveness and discord and...to denigrate Vice President Biden.” Trump, who has long contested his own intelligence agencies’ conclusions about Russian election meddling, wrote in response, “But Chris, you don’t see any activity from China, even though it is a FAR greater threat than Russia, Russia, Russia. They will both, plus others, be able to interfere in our 2020 Election with our totally vulnerable Unsolicited (Counterfeit?) Ballot Scam.” He cited no evidence for his claims about China or voting by mail. In another tweet, he wrote of the FBI’s investigation of domestic terrorism, “The Comey/Mueller inspired FBI is simply unable, or unwilling, to find their funding source, and allows them to get away with ‘murder.’”


Trump's former spy chief is calling on Congress to create an election oversight commission

(CNN) President Donald Trump's former director of national intelligence called on Congress to create a commission to "oversee the election," an especially notable proposal from a former senior administration official that comes as the President continues to sow doubt about the integrity of the upcoming contest. Former DNI Dan Coats outlined the proposed oversight commission in an opinion piece published Thursday in The New York Times in which he wrote that "our democracy's enemies, foreign and domestic, want us to concede in advance that our voting systems are faulty or fraudulent; that sinister conspiracies have distorted the political will of the people," among other things. As a result, Coats wrote, the "most urgent task American leaders face is to ensure that the election's results are accepted as legitimate."


Trump's 'terrific' health-care plan is so secret his own health advisers don't know it exists

(WaPo) There’s secret, top-secret, code-word-secret — and then there’s whatever President Trump’s health-care plan is. It’s apparently so deeply classified that the people overseeing the plan don’t even know they’re involved. The Republican Party has promised (and failed) to repeal and replace Obamacare for more than a decade — that is, the entirety of the law’s existence. Trump began teasing his own replacement plan during his first presidential bid, five years ago. Back then, he pledged to swap out the Affordable Care Act for “something terrific,” details TBD.


Judge blocks changes to Postal Service as 'politically motivated attack'

(AP) A U.S. judge on Thursday blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide, calling them "a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service" before the November election. Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, said he was issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction sought by 14 states that sued the Trump administration and the U.S. Postal Service.

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AP Exclusive: Census layoffs ordered despite judge's ruling

21 min ago - ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Two weeks after a federal judge prohibited the U.S. Census Bureau from winding down the 2020 census, a manager in Illinois instructed employees to get started with layoffs, according to an audio of the conversation obtained by ... (Associated Press)

Emails Detail Effort to Silence C.D.C. and Question Its Science

1 hr ago - By Noah Weiland WASHINGTON — On June 30, as the coronavirus was cresting toward its summer peak, Dr. Paul Alexander, a new science adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services, composed a scathing two-page critique of an interview given by ... (New York Times)

AP Exclusive: Pandemic shrinking Europe's monitor of US vote

1 hr ago - WILLIAM J. KOLE , Associated Press Sep. 18, 2020 Updated: Sep. 18, 2020 1:48 p.m. FILE - In this Nov. 2, 2004, file photo, parliamentarians Goran Lennmarker, right, of Sweden and Stavros Evagorow, of Cyprus, observe the American voting process as ... (Associated Press)

Trump Admin Will Leapfrog Circuit Court Review, Appeal District Court's Census Decision Directly to

2 hrs ago - Trump Admin Will Leapfrog Circuit Court Review, Appeal District Court’s Census Decision Directly to Supreme Court JERRY LAMBE Sep 18th, 2020, 2:00 pm The Trump administration filed a Notice of Appeal on Friday declaring its intention to have the U ... (Law and Crime)

California firefighter dies battling blaze while rainy weather brings some relief

2 hrs ago - Firefighter died on Thursday battling El Dorado fire, which has burned more than 19,000 acres and is about 66% contained California officials reported a firefighter has died while battling a blaze near Los Angeles, as a front of humid and rainy weat ... (The Guardian)

CDC updates, again, guidelines on testing people without coronavirus symptoms

2 hrs ago - The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website has updated, yet again, guidelines for testing people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus. The new language rolls back controversial changes made to the site last month. It once again s ... (CNN)

Pelosi: Public 'confidence' key to successful vaccine

2 hrs ago - Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned Friday that a coronavirus vaccine will be only as successful as efforts to get the public at large to accept it. "Unless there is confidence that the vaccine has gone through the clinical trials, and then ... (The Hill)

AP Exclusive: More migrant women say they didn't OK surgery

3 hrs ago - HOUSTON (AP) — Sitting across from her lawyer at an immigration detention center in rural Georgia, Mileidy Cardentey Fernandez unbuttoned her jail jumpsuit to show the scars on her abdomen. There were three small, circular marks. The 39-year-old wom ... (AP)

China flies 18 warplanes near Taiwan during U.S. envoy's visit

3 hrs ago - TAIPEI, Taiwan — China’s military sent 18 planes including fighter jets over the Taiwan Strait in an unusually large show of force Friday as a U.S. envoy held a day of closed-door meetings on the self-governing island claimed by China. Under Secreta ... (Politico)

Israel faces II Coronavirus lockdown

3 hrs ago - They are depressed, they are disappointed,” Rabbi Yuval Cherlow said, adding that he was trying to cheer up his community. ... (NBC)

Assange lawyer says Trump offered indirect offer of pardon

3 hrs ago - LONDON (AP) — A lawyer for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has told a London court that her client was indirectly offered a “win-win” deal by President Donald Trump that would see him avoid extradition to the U.S. if he revealed the source of a leak ... (AP)

Trump administration announces $13 billion in aid to Puerto Rico

3 hrs ago - The Trump administration on Friday announced an additional $13 billion in assistance to help Puerto Rico rebuild its infrastructure in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island in 2017. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FE ... (The Hill)

Trump, Biden to campaign in Minnesota as early voting begins

5 hrs ago - AMERS SEPTEMBER 18, 20206:08 AM UPDATED AN HOUR AGO (Reuters) - President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, will both travel to the key Midwestern state of Minnesota on Friday, as early voting begins there ahead of November's e ... (Reuters)

National Urban League, BET launch National Black Voter Day

5 hrs ago - BET and the National Urban League on Friday rolled out National Black Voter Day, an initiative focused on getting Black Americans registered to vote ahead of November. The undertaking has over 40 partners, including the NAACP, former first lady Mich ... (The Hill)

U.S. current account deficit jumps 52.9% as COVID-19 disrupts trade

5 hrs ago - BUSINESS NEWS SEPTEMBER 18, 202010:02 AM UPDATED AN HOUR AGO WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. current account deficit soared to its highest level in nearly 12 years in the second quarter as the COVID-19 pandemic weighed on the export of goods and se ... (Reuters)

'More dire than we think': Health officials brace for Trump diatribes

5 hrs ago - Trump’s rebuke of his own Centers for Disease Control director and insistence on delivering a vaccine faster than the agency believes possible has alarmed officials throughout the government’s public health bureaucracy. And it’s swiftly erased any no ... (Politico)

Michigan ballots postmarked by Nov. 2 must be counted in election, judge rules

5 hrs ago - Paul Egan Detroit Free Press LANSING — All ballots postmarked as late as the day before Election Day must be counted, even if they arrive after the polls close, so long as they arrive in the mail before election results are certified, a judge has r ... (Detroit Free Press)

Housekeepers Face a Disaster Generations in the Making

6 hrs ago - The pandemic has had devastating consequences for a wide variety of occupations, but housekeepers have been among the hardest hit. Seventy-two percent of them reported that they had lost all of their clients by the first week of April, according to a ... (NY Times)

US will ban WeChat and TikTok downloads on Sunday

8 hrs ago - Washington (CNN Business)The Commerce Department plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday as the Trump administration's executive orders against the two apps are set to take effect. The Department said Friday that as of Sunday, any mo ... (CNN)

Study: Maine recovering from pandemic better than any other state

9 hrs ago - "Moody's Investment Service, a bond rating company, and CNN Business have teamed up to track the economic recovery of each state. They say right now, Maine's economy is operating at 93 percent of where it was in early March, making it number on ... (WGME 13)

US moves to seize $330m of alleged 1MDB assets held by UK law firm

9 hrs ago - Department of Justice says money in Clyde & Co’s account allegedly linked to Malaysian fraud scandal Harry Davies Fri 18 Sep 2020 01.00 EDT Last modified on Fri 18 Sep 2020 01.46 EDT The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has moved to seize $330m (£256 ... (The Guardian)

Rescuers reach people cut off by Gulf Coast hurricane

10 hrs ago - By JAY REEVES, ANGIE WANG and BOBBY CAINA CALVAN PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — Rescuers on the Gulf Coast used boats and high-water vehicles Thursday to reach people cut off by floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, even as a second round of floo ... (AP)

At Town Hall, Biden Blasts Trump's 'Criminal' Virus Response

16 hrs ago - By Alexandra Jaffe and Will Weissert, 30 mins ago. MOOSIC, Pa. (AP) — Joe Biden on Thursday went after President Donald Trump again and again over his handling of COVID-19, calling Trump’s downplaying of the pandemic “criminal” and his administrati ... (AP News)

Biden rips Barr's comments on coronavirus restrictions as 'sick'

19 hrs ago - Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed Attorney General William Barr's recent comments about coronavirus restrictions on Thursday, calling the remarks "sick" during a town hall. Barr said Wednesday in northern Virginia that coro ... (The Hill)

Mask-skeptic pastor gets Covid-19 and infects other church staff

19 hrs ago - Paul Van Noy, senior pastor at Candlelight Church in Coeur d'Alene, has spent two weeks in the hospital with a Covid-19 diagnosis, ministry coordinator Eric Reade confirmed to CNN. Five other church staff were infected with coronavirus, too, but they ... (CNN)

Cash-strapped Trump campaign awaits a bailout from big donors

19 hrs ago - Republican Party megadonors are racing to bail out President Donald Trump’s cash-strapped reelection campaign, with a newly formed super PAC pouring a further$25 million into battleground states. Preserve America is set to begin running a trio of TV ... (Politico)

Michigan judge blocks law that banned paid transportation to polls

19 hrs ago - A federal judge in Michigan blocked a state law that made it a crime to hire drivers to take people to the polls, handing a victory to the pro-Joe Biden super PAC that challenged the law. District Judge Stephanie Davis, who was appointed by Preside ... (CNN)

Only 20% of Americans Want States To Relax Coronavirus Restrictions

19 hrs ago - The Hill-HarrisX poll released Thursday indicated that only 20 percent of Americans want to ease restrictions amid the pandemic. A plurality, 45 percent, said restrictions should remain where they are, while 34 percent said that restrictions should b ... (Newsweek)

Postal Service's plan to send 650M face masks to Americans allegedly nixed by White House

19 hrs ago - The United States Postal Service drafted plans to distribute 650 million reusable cotton face masks to Americans last spring -- five to every household -- as the country grappled with the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, according to USPS inte ... (ABC News)

Trump to hold rally in Wisconsin county facing record-breaking coronavirus cases

19 hrs ago - President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Wisconsin on Thursday will not only kick off a precarious string of large, in-person campaign events for the president across crucial swing states, but it'll also be held in a state and county that's seeing ... (ABC News)


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