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Why We Need Your Help, Now

I pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it

Drew Peterson GUILTY of murdering 3rd wife!

This November, will you be voting to censor consenting adult porn?

Pete Peterson's Social Security and Medicare bashing tour begins on 9/7 in NH

Remember the good ole days when

Pete Peterson's Social Security and Medicare bashing tour begins on 9/7 in NH

I guess this puts to rest the ridiculous rumor that Caroline Kennedy doesn't support the President

Caroline Kennedy seems like she would like to be anywhere but Charlotte

Transcript of Beau Biden's remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Chris Matthews teared up talking about the Kennedy family...


If Romney hates government handouts why does he take $165 million in federal election funds?

Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury.

Transcript of Zach Wahls remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Having avoided the RNC last week....

It's now Available right here....The Best Video at the Convention to date!

Texas to open fastest US highway with 85 mph limit

Blac, People, Asians, Muslims, Hippies, Veterans, Sikhs, Jews

Unforgettable Moment - Gabby Giffords

Martin Bashir - Pres. Clinton puts Ryan, Romney in their place

Obama to use convention speech to pitch prospect of new New Deal

Obama Impedes Israel's Iran Attack

Spanish, is being spoken at the DNC convention. Teabaggers heads are exploding right now.

Zach Wahls: Mr. Romney, My Family Is As Real As Yours

FBI vs. Google: The Legal Fight to Unlock Phones

Transcripts Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Granholm!!!!

Jennifer Granholm is awesome.

The conservative at work....

Question.. About 4th generation of Kennedy

This last Labor Day weekend, I argued with my best friend

Brilliant Jennifer - his cars get the elevator and the workers

"In Romney's World, The Cars Get The Elevator And The Workers Get The Shaft!!!"

You go, Gov. Granholm!

Jennifer Granholm is on FIRE!

Jennifer Granholm 2016!!! (updated with transcript)

Jennifer grandholm fire up..

Wasteland 2 - Early build video

Another bitchin' outfit! Eva Longoria.

Jennifier Granhold is burning down the house! All the numbers of auto jobs per state.

D is for Drive Forward, R is for Reverse!!! Awesome!!

Longoria: Education.

Monsanto GMO corn breeding superworms

Gabby Giffords Leads DNC In Pledge Of Allegiance

Obama needs to get Gov. Granholm on the campaign trail.

Transcript of Carolyn Kennedy remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

My computer got infected with a virus

Presidential stats on Intrade Obama closing in on 60%

Eva Longoria. Girlfriend!!

Gov. Schweitzer! I love this man!

Jennifer Granholm-what a wicked speech!

What was just being reported on Current?

Undercover Austin police officers aided Houston Occupy protesters

Gov. Schweitzer Would Win My Vote for President in 2016

Gov. Schweitzer: Montana. Cool. What a likeable man. Fees (taxes) Romney raised in Massachusetts.

Jennifer Granholm was just spotted jumping over the Empire State Building.

Canadian housing bubble goes into full mania mode

Schweitzer good, entertaining, punching those "Mitt-facts" O-U-T!

Oh sh**

Gabby Giffords Delivers The Pledge Of Allegiance At DNC Convention

CLinton Arithmetic!!!

If you missed Gabby Giffords leading the Pledge, here is the video

anyone in Phoenix? Dust storm warning

I so loves me some Brian Schweitzer

Check in if you're in the Convention Hall!

Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech - (AWESOME speech, don't miss this one!)

Sen. John Kerry: "Ask Osama bin Laden if he's better off than he was four years ago."

EXCITING Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech Democratic National Convention (Video)

Charlie Crist up

Spanish activists looted supermarkets to aid the needy

Gov. Schweitzer's Veto brand. LOL!

Obama Will Portray Election as a Stark Choice

Sarah Palin?

Wow. Crist..

Too bad Crist isn't governor of Florida right now. At least he is a sane republican.

Dow up over 200 points and Toronto stock exchange up 140 points Obama effect?

Granholm didn't need a microphone or any amplification whatsoever

ETA on VP Biden and President Obama's speeches?

Yeah, I know . . . . big tent . . . . yadda yadda . . . . Charlie Crist . . . .

$16,058,080. Not bad for one year (2011). $13,751,115 the year before. Who makes this money?

Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins

Jennifer Granholm, En Fuego At The DNC (vid)

Crist is not bad.

Charlie Crist. Boyfriend!!

After 2012,Will the GOP fracture and a real third party...

Go John Kerry! Go!

OMG, Kerry just said that Romney would be an OUT-SOURCED President ......

Any guesses of what Ann Romney's final outburst will be

OH Kerry is good.

Kerry: "Ask Osama Bin Laden if he's better off now than four years ago!"

I am tired-

I've never seen Dems so fired up

Kerry said they LIED!!!

Strange day at work today, Go Figure.

Obama to use convention speech to pitch prospect of new New Deal

It must be sweet for John Kerry to call someone else a flip-flopper!!!

Judge deals double blow to San Jose minimum wage backers

"before you debate Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself..."

Holy Shit John Kerry.....!!!!

Kansas City Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest

#Romneyshambles redux!

Romney needs to finish the debate with himself! ROFLMAO

I think Kerry is about to call Romney a Hockey Puck

what the fuck did they do to John Kerry??

Pentagon maps Japan radiation, says U.S. personnel safe

Dems convention must be doing great-conservatives projecting on facebook

"before you debate President Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself"

Granholm brings delegates to their feet cheering auto rescue


John Kerry. Boyfriend 2!!

Senator John Kerry ... I salute you, sir!

Shit John K.... if you gave speeches like that in 2004------

John Kerry is the Man

Whoa!! Kerry put it on Romney!

Did Tom Hanks narrate anything at the #RNC?

Tom Hanks? is that you

OMG! The great lines from every speaker are hard to keep up with. Post your favorites here.

John Kerry: "Ask Osama Bin Laden if he's better off now than 4 years ago."

OBL video rocks

Are Republican women gutless?

What's John Kerry been eating? I'll have what he's having....

Has there been a Democratic Convention that could even approach the speeches we've seen?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! And Now, the President! & My Kitteh gifs are back!

Major pc repairs for friends tonight, can't join in

Help With Watching ONLINE - blowing a gasket

Transcript for John Kerry remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

This is better than a stadium

What Happens When a Fat Old Man with Parkinson's Disease Messes with Michelle Malkin's Money Machine


Mike Luckovich cartoon:Ex-President Speaks!

For our Veterans... the DNC provided this to the audience

Fucking PBS doing the balancing act!!!

Supporting our troops is NOT a yellow ribbon magnet made in China - this has been a

Kerry got to them.

The video is tribute to all services..

A war hero from Vietnam just took a Vietnam War era Chickenhawk to the woodshed

The speech by the Admiral is one to go viral... Obama CARES about

Who was the liar with the background "Obama not working" crap?

Bush/Cheney Inc.

Michelle Obama!!!

What the fuck, PBS? I tuned in for the convention

C-SPAN coverage is blowing away the networks.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 8 -- The Essentials: Precocious Girls

I love Frank Conniff!

Q is rachel maddow on live steam - can't stand brian williams and talking heads

Speaking of emotional Dem conventions: RFK in 1964

John Kerry is trending on twitter.

Is RMoney just plain lazy?

John Kerry talking about Mitt: "Talk about being for it before you were against it!"

Holy f'ing sh@@@... PBS's COVERAGE SUCKS!!!

John Kerry: Ask bin Laden if he’s ‘better off

Jill Biden, in my view, is one of the best stepmoms ever.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama are very lucky men.

Tweets: Kerry's speech

LAWD Jill Biden is one sexy lady.

Have you been loyal to a particular make of cat?

"Christ is a major sellout and a LOSER"...

Jill Biden, I love you....

For those interested, John Kerry's speech.

BP executives sought to blame "blue collar rig workers": U.S.

Sen. John Kerry: "Mitt Romney talks like he's only seen Russia by watching Rocky IV"

Condom picture. Cool.

Suggestion: DU smartphone app

Who's ready for a hot steaming cup of JOE BIDEN??!!!

Navigating politics with friends on Facebook

Occupy Really Screwed by Austin Police

Biden's speech should be hell fired.

Somebody help me out. What did they do at the RNC to honor or even acknowledge our troops?

Freeper many anti-something can you have in one post?

Fasten your seatbelts, comes Joe.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett thinks student loans are the first step toward the Holocaust.

We can't forget the democrats down the ticket this November....

Strange Hum Keeping West Seattle Awake (audio of sound!) - Sep. 6, 2012



I Love Joe Biden!!!!!

Who wants an Abbott cat fur coat?

A's McCarthy alert after surgery on skull fracture

President Clinton at the 2012 DNC full speech!

***** Official BIDEN Speech Live Blog *****

Have you ever been loyal to a particular kind of fat?

Jill Biden for First Lady, 2016. nt

Why Bill Clinton's Speeches Succeed

Chávez's 'Socialist City' Rises

Out of the nice reaction on Twitter from JK's speech, great article about '04:

Jill Biden: Joe Saved Lives With Violence Against Women Act

Fun Fact about Joe Biden

Imagine Romney/Ryan as a governing relationship

This is the best speech of Joe Biden's life!

Amazing coincidences about Biden and Ryan

Where's Sasha and Melia?

Papa Joe is rockin the house!

It's over for the banking cabal. Libor Scandal Spitzer reveals

Turbans in the audience

Obama campaign's promoted twitter hashtag: #Forward2012

Bishop Finn verdict: Guilty

Faces in the crowd

President Obama: "Will Vow to Cut the Deficit by $4 Trillion in DNC Speech"

I have never seen this kind of genuine feeling ...

Conviction, Resolve, Barack Obama!

Joe is on Fire! "Conviction! Resolve! Barack Obama!"

“Today It's Unbelievable ...There Are Republican Officials Still Trying to Stop Some People Voting!"

Is Mayor Emanuel at the right convention?

What a great analogy about Bain

Surprise there going to be one

Seen this??

I rarely use the word awesome...hope that spelling is right

Apparently, FOX's Eric Bolling thinks Bin Laden is still alive

Swiftboat that mofos

Biden "the Bain way may bring your firm the highest profits....

He said "do it" and Justice was done!

I've been critical of the admin...But I'll have their back this fall!

You know it pisses off repukes that Obama gave the order to kill UBL

Algorithmic Copyright Cops: How YouTube shut down Michelle Obama's speech

Romney and Ryans care takers have just...

Sooooo.. will Barack Obama break Twitter and bring us to Defcon 5?

'They didn't tell you they rejected everything we put up.'

Reactionary - remember that fine old word?

Akin Ads Pulled Due to Lack of Payment

Lot's of rain in the Charlotte area---good decision to move the DNC indoors.

Repuke aren't happy

If Romney is watching Joe right now, he has to know

Making sure our daughters get the same pay for the same job as our sons

I'd really love to hear Joe drop an F-bomb or two

Dear Republicans:

Ok, I am now ready to make an official 2016 pick.

CODEPINK unfurls 40 foot banner before Obamas acceptance speech YES WE CAN END WAR

Never ever bet against the American People. We wil not downsize the American Dream

Joe Biden is going to KICK Romney's ass!

"Downsizing the American dream."

They've got a sign for everything!

Biden fired up.. Seriously

Picture I took of Biden four years ago at a rally.

Jennifer Granholm was just spotted defeating a velociraptor in single combat.

Biden's hitting balls that are gonna catch Voyager II

The private sector, not the PRIVILEGED sector.

JOE!!!!!!!!! nt

Did ya like that, HUH, Romney? "Promote the private sector, not the privileged sector!"

Barack Obama ‏@ThePresObama tweets:

I am so proud to be a Democrat this week and can't imagine not being one

49,746. nt

Buckle up. Its about to get real. #DNC2012 #Forward2012

If Joe's speech didn't touch your heart tonight, you ain't got one nt


Hundreds stranded outside Democratic National Convention

Biden's deep emotion at the end was tangible. His heart is in this 1000%.

Transcript: Vice President Biden's Convention Speech

Oh sweet Jill jump on stage and

We. Have. Got. The. Passion!!!! Them?? They got nuthin' except maybe a whole heap of


EWF! September!

H.E.L.L. to the Y.E.S. Like the Stones Opening for the Beatles.

Save some fire up

I love Joe!

Just heard that the

Protesters again take to uptown streets (of Charlotte)

Biden shows you don't need lies to give a great speech

Who's introducing Barry?

Thank God, Dick Durbin doesn't bring

Is it just me or does any one else think that this convention has been damn near flawless?

George Clooney the voice in the Obama video.

George Clooney!

Here comes our President! nt

I've never been more flattered.... I've been accused of beng David Axelrod in drag

Primary season: Cilley Hassan Kennedy?

ALEC Member "American Chemistry Council" Drops $649K on Wisconsin U.S. Senate Race

Hey GOP, the Dems know when to run their main campaign video at the convention...

Can't wait for the BOOK!

A week ago, at this time, Clint Eastwood was talking to an empty chair.

Anybody else feel sorry for Paul Ryan right now?

What are the 'Republicans' and/or 'conservatives' motivations? It can't be facts or a better future.

BO! nt

**** The UN-OFFICIAL Obama DNC Speech Thread -- RSVP, BYOB, NON-TRANSFERABLE ****

Michelle does the intro!!

Obama, Obama, Obama.

The President's acceptance speech

What is that song they were just playing when Obama walked in?!

Now he's gonna sink that shot.

I can't catch Michelle read her lip

I swear, I can feel the crowd's energy coming right through my television!

I'm so glad Barack acknowledged Joe! nt

Finally, see Obama's children..

I guess we can finally put to bed the predictions that some kept making

It must be.........amazing to be there.

B.O.: No pressure, Mr. President. Phew. Scary. Whole nation watching? nt

"After all, you don’t call Russia our number one enemy – and not al Qaeda..."

Man. John Kerry has apparently been eating red meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all year.

Joe Biden: Obama Cares About People, Romney About ‘Balance Sheets’

"Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call us in the morning."

Sasha and Malia still have to go to school tomorrow.


BWahahaha!!! Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call me in the morning!"

He just did his version of Chris Rock's Tussin joke!

I burned the soup

Michael Steele's classless Tweet: "Biden wagging his finger: 'We have no intention

NO HE DIDN'T! "take 2 tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call me in the morning."

Wow just WOW

Reminder: Donate tonight! nt

Obama: "Have a cold? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call us in the morning"

His suit fits him perfectly. He must be something to see in person.

***NOT GOING BACK*** is from Howard Dean...GREAT bumper sticker

Bottom Line: Obama offers a vision for our future Romney never attempted. Period.

Trophy Wives And Sugar Daddies Less Common Where Men And Women Are Equal

Jesus Christ, stop saying "clean coal"

The place is rocking so hard the fixed TV camera behind the stage is shaking.

'climate change is not a joke'

Biden Calls Out GOP On Medicare: ‘They’re for a whole new plan. They’re for Vouchercare’

Trivial question has Barack had a dye job?


I wonder how many teabillies will buy this Onion story...

Game over!!!!! 4 more years

Vote republican, take two tax cuts, roll back regulations and take a permanently relaxing swim in

Apple cuts memory chip order to Samsung for new iPhone

Obama killed Bin Laden. Bush relied on him for 're-election.' nt

Did Romney really not mention the troops in his acceptance speech?

ALEC's Own US Senator?

"My opponent and his running mate are "new" to foriegn policy"

'New to foreign policy.'


"My opponent and his running mate are...NEW to foreign policy."

"Time to do some nation building right here at home!" A-MEN.

"Blustering and blundering"

How is this election even close?

The new Amon G. Carter Stadium

Re: President Obama's speech (in progress)

I'm liking what I hear. nt

"No American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies."

Add your name to the roll.

Mrs. Plaidder asks: "Is it wrong for me to be so confident?"

"Never turn Medicare into a voucher" Hear that Senior voters?

'I will never turn medicare into a voucher system' . . .

I can see why Romney didn't want to watch.

I met the challenge set by LauraPourMeADrink - BUT


How Come Our Speeches Are Always Spot ON AND WORLD CLASS???

The President is talking like a DEMOCRAT.

Cockiness looks damned good on Democrats.

I wonder how much noise meter in that building..

"Citizenship!" - and the Birther heads explode

Hey, there's a Brazilian Americans for Obama!


"...what can be done BY us...together."

Obama unleased! He's finally able to say what he

Can't WAIT for the balloon drop at the end!!!

Now he's doing what he does best.

WE did that! Excellent. Makes me feel good. Hadn't thought of it that way. nt

We Are The Change

Did you see the sign? Bazilian Americans for Obama

I'm the President!!!

You did that. We did that.

Awesome framing: "You did that!"

Is it just me, or does Michele seem as though she's fallen in love again.

Awkward Mitt: A Facebook meme about Mitt's abducted tax returns (please share)

Bar Talk?????

It's nearly 4am local time here..

Obama's speech is a break with recent Political Tradition

He just took away Abraham Lincoln from....

Wanted the president to talk about the unprecedented level of obstructionism on behalf of Republican

Nice shout out to Marvin Windows up here in Minnesoda!

Superficial observation: Probably my fave dress I've seen Michelle wear. It's gorgeous. nt

just tried to donate but...

Brilliant. "You give ME hope." Our president. Our country. Ours to keep or lose.

Obama said a CEO took less money to keep workers and ....

His best speech ever. EVER.

Ecuador reiterates request that UK grant Assange safe passage


“Obama REFUSED to mention [fill in the blank] in his speech” in 3…2…1…


Slow burn, strong middle, and he dropped the hammer at the end.



on FIRE NOW...

Absofugginglutely Brilliant!!!

The end of that speech was awesome!


Well, he's got my vote... how about you?

gonna donate.... nt




"We Take Care of Our Own" -- PERFECT!

Drudge's lame headline for Obama speech: "Franklin O. Roosevelt!"

Springsteen! Yeah.

We take care of our own.

Look at all of those flags waving! Nt

Nice touch with Springsteen at the end.


Fired up!- It's Time to bring it home

Let's blow this election wide open!

Donated via text!

Moved to tears..

Quiz: Who said it? Mitt Rmoney or Mr. Burns?

Absolutely flawless.

Well, the Conventional Ball is over.

No doubt about it I'm voting for Barack Obama for President

U2 - 'City of Blinding Lights' Inauguration 2009



Great Convention

Today, in this Internet forum, I AM AN AMERICAN!

David Brooks on PBS is an ass!

My name is Barack Obama, and I AM the president

Jennifer Granholm just unhorsed Gregor Clegane in a jousting match.

I hope all of the delegates get home safe (and dry).

Again Michelle jump with children a

Boy Tweety's sold. Check out MSNBC.

A word that has for too long been missing in the American Political Discourse: Citizenship

So now we all know what to do. Knock on doors, make calls, GET OUT THE VOTE.

Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's that simple. Volunteer, donate, do whatever you can.

Whoever put this together

I hadn't seen the little (now big) girls in a long time.

Gary Johnson Poses a Headache for Romney

You might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing

Our convention was everything that I both hoped and expected it to be… And more

David Gregory(asshat deluxe)...The GRIM TRUTH is this!!

Does David Brooks always sound sour and pissy, or is it just me?

DU this poll: What did you think of President Obama's speech?

I enjoy watch Barack and Malia

Steve Schmidt: "I don't think the Democrats could have possibly done a better job this week."

The Abe Lincoln quote brought so many people to tears... WOW! jus.WOW

I donated! But I didn't see a place to designate DU. None at all.

Full text of Obama's speech

Five years ago...



I was so sad I cried.

We have the best speakers on our side

Borowitz: POLL: Race Close Among Voters Without Working Televisions

No bad news. No negative posts.

Grand slam!!!!!!!


Please give this poll from my local right-wing newspaper some love...

Texas AG wins round in battle over tougher voter signup rules

"THESE united states" -- appropriating some republican pro-southern language


"Romney cedes Ohio TV airwaves to Obama (at least for now)" by Michael Finnegan at the LA Times

Turns out, you CAN'T moon your boss and keep your job. Who knew?

This was an amazing acceptance speech...the best THIS president has ever delivered.

This here frequent critic of President Obama is reduced to tears right now.

A new record political moment on Twitter: @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute.

Final Tweet of Goodness

I donated! Did you???

WOW, that was a POWERFUL speech!

Texas AG wins round in battle over tougher voter signup rules

You saved GM and Killed Bin Laden, America. You gave more people access to health care…

A tale of two conventions

No Blaming - No Complaining

Woo! @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute. LOL, RNC = 4 mil. DNC = 9 mil.

Joe Biden Brings Down the House: 'Conviction. Resolve. Barack Obama'

@barackobama sets new political record for tweets - 9 million!

Just donated!

"As citizens, we understand that America is not about what can be done for us"

Joe Scarborough Tweets: Game. Set. Match. Democrats crush Republicans in convention wars.


Donated, with $0.12 extra to show I'm a proud DUer!

I just tried to access Twitter and couldn't.

Obama peak tweets per minute 52,757, a record. Romney peak: 14,289.

What was up with Bob Schieffer?

MittRomney u ***** loser, pack it in.....

David Brooks: "The Republican convention looks worse in retrospect."

Is Andrea Mitchell going to ask everyone

For all the old farts like me who are confused about new music, this should help...

I just donated. Don't forget, and add the 12 cents!!

One of my favorite things from this Convention was in the film before our President went on stage.

The brilliance of Obama's speech

Former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist: "I Didn't Leave the Republican Party, It Left Me"

The RNC was about Romney. The DNC was about America. That's the difference.

I had planned on donating $25 to the Obama campaign after his speech, but I changed my mind

My bet is that POTUS will come back to Charlotte for those who had tickets to the B of A stadium.

Watching President Obama's Speech From Work (photo)

This young lady is going to be visited by the SS

Just stepped over from GD to say: PROUD TO BE A DEMOCRAT!

Why does WTTW have a regular impartial reporter on along

Did you hear the crack in his voice?

I will post what I posted on here Tuesday.........

My favorite part: It is you who made it possible that girl in AZ got medical care for her heart.

The Onion is a national treasure.

Why is Chuck Todd paid good money to be such a fucking idiot on TV?

Ok so I was supposed to donate over here somewhere $10.00. I donated over there at Democratic

I won't ask who anyone's favorite speaker was tonight, but did you have a favorite line!

I wish kids could vote.


Barack Obama Democratic convention speech: Full text (BBC)

Yahoo just a mess of ugly comments. :^( They sure are working extra hard at frothing at

OK I was at work late what's with the ¢12? nt


President Obama: Voters face 'clearest choice' in a generation

Maddow on race-baiting campaigns: Is this the same playbook?

I am headed for bed!!!

Fuck you Andrea Mitchell

So...I built this gate/arbor...

With Hope as His Weapon President Obama Completely Destroys Mitt Romney

Have you heard the new one about Clint Eastwood's performance at the RNC?

Here's a meme we need to spread, every day of this campaign:

LauraPourMeADrink appreciation thread

Proud to be a Hawkeye!

Great tweat on the conventions

We Take Care of our Own - it's like Bruce wrote this just for Barack & the DNC

You've seen the conventions, weighed your options - so who are you voting for this November

And that, my friends, is a president.

BTW a BIG THANK YOU for our DU Admins - Skinner, Earlg and Elad

President Obama Lays Out Stark ‘Choice Between Two Different Paths’

fox news - if obama wins no democrat will get elected for the next 100 years...

Obama channels me

What happens tomorrow?

The better speech, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama??

Cocktail hour is open. Please toast to a beautiful week.

Pres. Obama DNC Speech - Parts 1-3: 'They Want to Take Us Back to An Era of Bluster & Blundering...'

I am so sorry I left C-SPAN on way too long.....

I can't freakin' wait until the debates!!


LMFAO @ this guy's electoral map.

I am going to give up going out to dinner and to the bar for two weeks.

Crossposting from GD because hey, this IS about religion.

Did anyone else notice how often "truth" was mentioned by DNC speakers? Even Obama?

ROFL!! Clint and his chair...priceless!!

Ari Fleischer was, is, and always will be a slimey, mealy mouthed weasel.

GOP is Hopping Mad

The Carter Center praises Venezuela's election system

CNN poll

I Saw Word Clouds Posted Here From The RNC Speeches - Are Word Clouds Available For The DNC....

So, do we still have to have the election?

Oh, I am starting to have a REAL bone to pick with Obama...

Was this the greatest political convention ever held?

DNC Thursday Night Obama Acceptance Speech Pics

DNC = Optimism....RNC = Gathering of the Death Eaters

I think Obama lucked out having it inside...

Politico has taken over C-Span. Obama and Romney's speech were good but not great. WTF? Obama was

Just got back from a watch party for Obama-Biden in Kansas City tonight!

Obama Has 3 Ways To Win Florida, And They All Look Good

this just republican neighbor`s daughter is voting for obama!

Why does the convention have to end? I want more, more, more. I have an

After all these speeches, what to expect?

A Blonde Joke.

Anything on net is public. That girl who tweeted to assassinate Obama...

Voyager II nearly hit by speeding object

Viewers for 1st two nights of DNC & RNC

Never mind!

Since Obama has this in the bag, I was thinking about 2016...

I wanted to cry but Gabby did great, just saw her video....

Our convention was waaaaaaaaaay prettier than theirs was.

VP Joe Biden FULL DNC Speech (39:17 minutes)

Dr. Jill Biden DNC Speech : 'Joe Found the Strength'

Love and Gratitude for the City of Charlotte.

I never thought that I could dislike a politician more than Richard Nixon.

I think Obama believes he's going to win...

If you really knew me - please kick for this young lady

Obama Channels Michael Douglas - "I'm the President" (pic)

Chuck Todd, and Morning Joe "Republicans have a deep bench."

President Obama's Full DNC Speech - (42:15 minutes)

Nasa's Curiosity rover 'sniffs' Martian air (BBC)

I've watched every Dem convention since 1972.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 6)

Pres. Obama: "You Elected Me to Tell You the Truth."

Great Speech!! : )

an experiment

I just donated $75.12 to Obama!

stanford scientists shockingly reckless on health risks and organics

5 Brilliant Things Barack Obama Did In His Convention Speech

5 Brilliant Things Barack Obama Did In His Convention Speech

Props to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for putting together an amazing convention!

Toy soldiers

Ashes of American Flags

As of 3 minutes ago, I just turned 31 years old

when will the first polls show the "bounce"?

Lingle, Hirono trade barbs in first debate of their Senate race

I need a good chili recipe at the end of the month

I suspect that after tonight the talking heads will STOP saying there is a 'lack of enthusiasm'

I just attended the best viewing party ever - in Charlotte Convention Ctr!!!


That durn lib'rul media! — CNN Chyron Calls Charlie Crist A ‘Republican Turncoat’

No jail time for Flagstaff cop in bar groping

Romney lost out to HoneyBooBoo, but Bill Clinton beat football.

"Gabby" Tribute Music Video - Justice Though Music

This is very sick, but sadly true - about Mitt Romney & probably every goper tonite...

Well, Dick Morris just said our convention was a massive disaster & will result in a poll dip

Local Food.

Fun Joe Biden fact!

This is very good news! From @googlepolitics

Taking back the house

Oh my gosh, Orval Faubus once ran for President

"Paul Ryan: Fact Check Fury Could Threaten Political Brand" by GREGORY J. KRIEG at ABC News

Trending: If you can afford to buy an election you can afford to pay higher taxes!

I donated $250 to Obama/Biden tonight...

Uh oh....Now they are going to hate Jesus too.

When President Obama is reelected and if the GOP still has the ability to obstruct him in Congress..

(D-NC) Representative Charlie Rose, Tobacco’s Friend in the House, Dies at 73

Freeps are FR'ing these polls....out DU them

Register to vote?

Romney accidently confronts gay veteran

Where do I go to register to vote?

Andrea Mitchell

Is there a particular website to go and donate to President Obama to make it count towards DU?

Democratic Convention Beats Football In Ratings

Colombia's Santos Rejects FARC Rebels' Call for Ceasefire

Remember how Chimpy totally lost every fucking debate?

Are there any other asexuals here on DU?

White House Backs Blacklisting Militant Organization (Haqqani network in Pakistan)

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?

My NPR peeve of the week.... Frank James is a troll

New numbers from Nate Silver: 313 EV, 77.3% chance to win.

First timer...with a ?

Bruce Springsteen: "We Take Care of Our Own"

Obama Family grow and strong together from 2008 and 2012

Peggy trashes all. Obama tired and stale. good sign?

The dinosaurs in your garden

Jennifer Granholm just beat John Henry in a steel driving contest...

I made a new Twitter friend!

I just saw Rachel cut away to Andrea Mitchell

The Guardian portrays Obama as "pleading" for votes...WTF?

John F. Kennedy's Grandson's first television interview

There was one cooler convention

Better convention - GOP or Democrats?

The RNC just moved to ban both political conventions in 2016...

Sexist Jokes

I don't know how to post a picture but want to share a laugh

Speaking as a middle aged white man I may never vote for another one of me for POTUS again...

Sen. Dick Durbin Gives Democratic Perspective of RNC

Did ATT just try to screw the Obama Campaign?

Too few state oil refinery-safety checks

2nd earthquake in a week hits Beverly Hills

Paul Ryan wrote that speech

One of the best parts of Obama's speech, and a total rebuttal against Republican ideology...

Who was the narrator on the Daily Show documentary?

So... these Free Republic guys don't link us, huh?

Joseph Kennedy III wins Democratic primary in Massachusetts

(European Central Bank head) Draghi helps out Obama campaign

Five questions to ask candidates about Medicare

Managing convention bounce expectations

Jon Stewart Lauds Bill Clinton’s ‘Amazing Display Of Actually Saying Stuff’

Treating a scorpion sting costs $83,046?!? WTF?

Billo still has issues with Sandra Fluke

Chasing the money lenders out of the temple--

Ann Richards: they blame the women, always

Clear-cut proof that the universe approves of us

Why, yes! As a matter of fact I can!

2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

The True Origin Story of "Fired Up! Ready to Go!"

President Barack Obama - 2012 Democratic National Convention Video

Best Zingers from the DNC

Our Regional Hospital was bought by Duke Lifepoint.... shortly afterwards I was in a local bar and

It was supposed to be 'Cold War Time-Warp' as per the original draft...

Watch Ted Kennedy and Mitt Romney debating. Great stuff!


Jury service Link Broken???

It's that time of year again...and I'm dreading dealing with it!

SRS nuclear growth "biological," but what does it eat?

Frankfurt ripped for honoring Jewish-American scholar who backs Israel boycott

A Man Was Dining Alone In a Fancy Restaurant.....

3rd hantavirus death linked to Yosemite outbreak

5 Brilliant Things Barack Obama Did in His Convention Speech

Earthquakes shake south-west China's Yunnan

19 Experts: Nuclear Proliferation Risks Of Laser Enrichment Require Fuller NRC Review

Facebook - The new witness.

First Animal to Survive in Space

Joe South-Games People Play(in memoriam)

Democrats, Hollywood stars flaunt their mutual passion; it’s James Taylor’s chair this time

Joe South, Singer And Writer of Hit Songs, Dies at 72

Don't know...

Chuck Norris wants my vote!

DU Women? Would you ever wear eye makeup like this?

Thank You, Charlotte!

Roger Simon: Dem enthusiasm means Romney is in serious trouble

UK industrial output jumps in July

Vermont Republican Party serves as bank for Romney fundraiser (what are they up to?)

Pledge to not let any of the talking heads steal your "fired up" joy today and until

Obama DNC Speech Night: GIF Recap

How the Big Banks Are Trying to Destroy Our Justice System

Sarah Palin's Response to Kerry's Speech Last Night.

MSM take on President Obama: He's on the defensive (MSM is going to slam the President)

*Headlines* get your MSM headlines on The President's speech

Google Politics says "register to vote" doubled in searches after Obama's speech

Joshua Holland: Obama's Big DNC Finale - Dems Are More Agressive, United Than We've Seen in Years

Another Winner Toon!

When Did Dissent Become a Crime? America's Police State on Steroids at the Conventions

media commentary on Kerry speech

Couldn't hold it in.....probably got 'unfriended' today

Carl Bernstein's Folly: Muckraking Journalist Caught Giving Paid Speeches to Iranian 'Terrorist'

President Obama's speech - some very important lines

Michael Moore:"President Romney" – How to Prevent Those Two Words From Ever Being Spoken

Dolan took a swipe at the LGBT community and marriage equality in his prayer at the DNC.

Stephen Colbert, when is he going to use all that super-pack

Arctic ice melting at 'amazing' speed, scientists find {video at link}

I about fell off my chair. Peter Cook with Bloomberg just said that some Americans who make

ADP Says U.S. Companies Added 201,000 Workers in August

Ex-GOP Governor: Obama "saved our Florida" TWICE

Report Shows Iranian Nuke Restraint

Bucket Lists (cartoon)

Samsung's Galaxy S III hits sales of 20 million in 100 days

I remember the MSM trashing Obama's speeches 4 years ago...

Information and Opportunities with the "Yes on 37" Campaign.

WHY wasn't Romney hammered for not mentioning the troops in his speech?

Want Hope and Change? Build a Real Left

David Sirota: Big Brother in Your Car

So, I have a Monster job alert to my e-mail almost daily listing local jobs in the Tampa Bay Area.

What Is It About an Elephant's Tusks That Make Them So Valuable?

Christian girl granted bail in Pakistan Islam defamation case

Seriously? I think these Amazon reviews could use some DU love...

Beyond Farmers Markets: Why Local Food Belongs on Grocery Shelves

Screw you Chuck Todd you TALENTLESS HACK

“I think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name,"

Cops: Man threatened to kill President during DNC

Biden: Life better than Four Years Ago, But Nothing Tops Summer of '87

Joe Scarborough just couldn't find anything bad to say on The Today Show this morning

Quebec Election Gives Students a Victory on Tuition Hikes, Fight for Free Education Continues

Bill Clinton says the unemployed don’t have the right skills. It’s not so.


Javan rhino clings to survival in last forest stronghold

8.1% --- Just reported!!!

August payroll employment rises (+96,000); unemployment rate edges down (8.1%)

Jobs Rise 96,000 in August, Below Expectations; Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.1

US economy creates 96,000 jobs but figure disappoints

Let the Bullies Whine

Job growth slows sharply in August

Moms booted from Michelle Rhee’s film screening during Democratic Convention

Yangtze finless porpoise: China's national treasure disappearing fast

“We are better than that.”

Tony Auth Toon: He hasn't made a Dent in the Problem!

Agent Orange victims in Vietnam to get Scientology 'detox' treatment

Stimulate Whose Economy? Long Version

The truth comes out: CEO says 'stupid' consumers deserve hefty fees

So, it's a bit early but what do you think the bounce will be for Obama?

The truth is because of how the republicans screwed the country, the job numbers are going to take a

Where can we find the video clips that played BETWEEN speakers from the Dem Convention?

A Horse is a Horse of course, of course....

Morning Joe just ridiculed Sarah Palin for calling herself one of the "little people" and

Are Republicans Attacking Gabby Giffords On The Net?

Who Is Held to Account for Civilian Deaths by Drone in Yemen?

Joe Scarborough just said the DNC was the best convention since the RNC nominated Reagan in 1980

Toon - Perfect description of the Dem convention...

The DNC had a choice: give Dolan a pulpit, or another nail in his self-made cross.

Mitt Romney and the 12 million jobs fantasy

Romney Faces Own Challenge on Jobs Message

NYT: President Obama’s Second Chance

Friday TOON Roundup - Democrats

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Republicans, and the rest

Economy Adds 96K Jobs In August, Unemployment Ticks Down To 8.1%

Romney On Jobs? Who cares! Where the hell are Mitt's tax returns?

Government warns citizens of 'zombie apocalypse' to urge better emergency plans

Mark Zandi (Moody Analyst) Just said the jobs number is low because...

Voter Suppression, Then and Now

Now it's time....

Biggest disapointment last night -

I loves me some Gabby Giffords

Voter Suppression, Then and Now

U.S. Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Downgrades El Niño Impact

DMV employees must be very unhappy people

From Canada: Anti-choice failures are no reason to give them an inch

The Answer To Chuckie's Question Is John Kennedy

August jobs: 2007 (-18,000), 2008 (-274,000), 2012 (+96,000)

Romney Launches Blitz of 15 New Ads

Thank you, Jennifer Granholm. I am SO in love with you right now.

Exxon Explores 'Very Promising' Oil And Gas Fields In Afghanistan

Who needs NPR?

The Reason Why The Unemployment Rate Dropped: The Labor Participation Rate Is At Fresh 31 Year Lows

sorry- I've been busy giving them Hell at The Dallas Morning News.

Link to DNC convention youtube channel

Krugman: If Only This Goes On (Obama 'made the case he needed to make, and did it well')

Bush/Republicans destroyed the economy, now ask "are you better off?"

Please donate to Obama and join us.

THE CHOICE: When 16 Year-Old Alyssa Douglas Calls For The President's Assassination on Twitter

chuckie toad...'Obama is the 3rd most popular democrat behind Michelle and Bill Clinton'

Drumbeat: September 7, 2012

Drumbeat: September 7, 2012

Brothers and sisters, do you want to go back? Or do you want to keep America moving forward?

The Cynic In Me Didn't Think The Unemployment Number Was That Bad

‘Two Wasted Years’: Orwell at the BBC

Judge To Woman Sexually Assaulted By Cop: ‘When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power To Change’

In September 2011, Republicans blocked the American Jobs Act and up to 2 million jobs

so proud to be a Democrat!

I thought these were funny, but I'm easily amused

Oh gosh media news Jennifer Granholm like as infamous Dean scream

Today's simple lesson in how the media bends over backwards to keep twits like Palin relevant.

Another Tiny Dog video. Captain the agility Yorkie shows Khloe how to play ball!

Labor Tension Rising at American Airlines, As Bankruptcy Judge OKs Union Busting

What an inspiring three days! Here's how I plan to get through the inevitable let down....

Democratic Convention vs Republican Convention

Canada closes Iran embassy, to expel remaining Iranian diplomats

We're going to Rehoboth Beach this weekend

"CNNs John King hitting Obama for failing to embrace Bowles-Simpson ...

UPDATE: BIll Clinton IS more popular than football

The Democratic Party is imperfect. I'm proud to be a member of it.

The media is doing it again with this damn Jobs report

Four Years ago? September 2008? This is where we were...

Turns out the Tea Party was right about Obama being a socialist. (omg graphic)

I don't have cable and my convention streaming didn't work out well, but...

In today's edition of Republicans Have Lost Their Fucking Minds...

This line from Obama speech was one I was looking for.

Honest NFL Logos

Progress for the People: Small Business - 2012 Democratic National Convention Video

Honoring the Sacred Trust with our Veterans - 2012 Democratic National Convention Video

Progress for the People: Seniors - 2012 Democratic National Convention Video

It's time to remind people....Congress is up for re-election

Eastwood: “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,”

Porter Report -- After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat

Watching Live coverage of Pres leaving Charlotte, today's weather: perfect.

'The clearest choice of any time in a generation'

George Lakoff: Low Information or High Morality?

Average number of Jobs created per month by Bush? 20,000 in 8-years

Friday Rant: It’s Over edition

The RNC Deletes America, the DNC Deletes God: Guess What Got the Most Attention?

R.E.M. orders Fox News to stop playing ‘Losing My Religion’ during DNC

Since Republicans

Links to AWESOME DNC speeches: John Kerry, Jennifer Granholm...more

How much money do RR need to campaign.........

Father Roy Bourgeois’ Journey

The Romney-Koch Handshake: Network TV Censors Revealing Moment

Mt Kenya to get electric fence to stop wildlife straying (BBC)

JOHN DEAN - The Republicans’ Shameless War on Voting

Obama spent most of his speech discussing the economy

Employees harmed by Bain Capital speak out at convention


JOE SCARBOROUGH-Conventional warfare: Why Democrats won

South Africa ends fracking freeze (BBC)

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 7, 1957

Rep. John Lewis...

zenfolio trial results

Religious Worker Visas at Issue in 9th Circuit

This was actually the best August jobs report in six years...

My gut feeling/honest first impression of PO's speech -

Mitt Romney responds to jobs report with glee

I just have to say that, despite all of its faults,

EUROZONE CRISIS A new war of religion

The biggest convention mistake...

The second amendment is irrelevant-

Michael Moore: "President Romney" - How to Prevent Those Two Words From Ever Being Spoken

With Their Food Scarce From Drought, More Animals Try Dining in Town

Mitt Romney's income vs yours at

Japan's Fukushima operator to release more video on disaster

Opponents of Malaysia Rare Earth Plant Promise to Protest


Japan Axing Nuclear for Renewables Means Missing Carbon Goal

For Farms in the West, Oil Wells Are Thirsty Rivals

Florida man, "obsessed" with Fox & GOP, threatens to kill liberal girlfriend.

Romney to air 15 new offensive ads in 8 battleground states

Tell me if you can't see the stress on Kristen Stewart's face.

Mitt’s Mom on her husband, George: “He was a refugee from Mexico, on welfare…”

The best advice Kerry gave Mitt:

Doubling down on the $716 billion Medicare lie and prorating it.

The hilarious moment a stark naked man walks out of the woods and interrupts a TV interview

Sorry I haven't been here much- I've had your back in Dallas.

The job numbers are not as bad as they look...

DNC addresses seniors' issues with speaker Carol Berman

There is an anti-DU facebook page?

Media reaction to speech, jobs report is so predictable, so tiresome.

Morning Joe: "Game, Set, Match" re Democratic advantage to date.

this sunday on m$nbc's talk show it's Meet the Mitt

What are your top five?

God is back in the party platform, but religion remains an issue for Democrats

The Rude Pundit - DNC Day 3: Barack Obama Hopes He Hasn't Lost You Yet

Catholic bishop convicted of shielding priest

I'm using Seamonkey as a browser and email application and

V for Vendatta 2012 (Meter's off, but suggestions welcome....)

Eastwood Says He Balked at Sharing Speech With Romney Campaign

Anybody else receive this email? Need help debunking it.

I was told that Michelle Obama is starving our children...

What if pedophiles were born that way?

Where are the DEM superpacs?

A Christian Voice for Barack Obama

I believe that, George W Bush's likeness should be placed on a coin...

Digital Domain Closing in Port St Lucie, FL

Mitt's ad blitz: "carpet-bombing campaign of silliness"

FYI---Try not to post full blog pieces by bloggers, etc.

Why is an LA County Assistant District Attorney Using His Blog to Libel Me?

A waste of money

Dolan spoils the party

I need a good comeback for my delusional cousin on Facebook

Rebel Wilson: The comedienne/actress who played a bit role on Bridesmaid.

Romney rolls out swing state ad blitz

Thom Hartmann: GOP Jobs plan - Outsourcing?

Boston University report hockey players’ “culture of sexual entitlement,”

Report: Illegal immigrants boost Arizona economy

A tribute to the "laureate of American lowlife"

Truth Comes Out, CEO Says Stupid Consumers Deserve Hefty Fees

Egyptian Immigrant want to be reclassified as Black

Romney was just on MSNBC talking questions

Hey Willard-I Have A Question For You

Rights advocates cheer ruling against U.S. government Guantanamo abuses, secrets

Front page of the Tampa Bay Times

Tweet from Roger Ebert

Where can you find the numbers on government jobs added or lost month by month?

MSNBC just reported that more people watched Bill Clinton than the NFL game!

I need you're opinion.

Newspaper front pages

Raw sewage spewed on airline baggage

VERY Encouraging! Searches For "REGISTER TO VOTE" - DOUBLED - Nationwide When Obama's Speech Ended!

Transgender delegation makes DNC ‘especially historic’ (plus 70% increase overall LGBT delegates!)

Laughing My Ass Off!


I'm old enough

Night everyone, see you tomorrow....

Great article on past Presidential Convention BUMPS

Freegans: The Refined Art of Dumpster Diving

Chris Rock Has A Crystal Clear Analogy For Undecided Voters

Wait a minute - isn't the Daily Show suppose to make FUN of the DNC Convention?

a biography of the day--Frances Moore Lappé

Obama defines the election as a choice between social Darwinism and citizenship.

William Rivers Pitt for Buzzflash at Truthout: What Clinton Left Out Last Night

And The Day Came When A Young Man With Two Moms Spoke At The DNC

Romney on defensive after Kerry called him out for not thanking the troops

I am sad to have had to post this on Facebook

Soooooooo, now all of a sudden Mitty answers questions from the press, although

Democrats Retreat on Civil Liberties in 2012 Platform

Yes, Virigina, there are sluts for Obama (funny campaign button)


Google doodle celebrates Star Trek

Montana medical marijuana activist gets probation in federal drug case

About Clint Eastwood, you gotta ask yourself...

The Delusional thinking and hate mongering just keep getting worse

Before you debate Barack Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself!

Fred Wertheimer and the Endless Battle with Dark Money

Humphrey's 1968 DNC Acceptance Speech

Wells Fargo forecloses on home without a mortgage, seizes owners' possessions

Are Chinese Banks Hiding “The Mother of All Debt Bombs”?

Would you choose a 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek' universe?

GOP Congressman Tells Voters That Comparing Immigrants To Dogs Was Really A ‘Compliment’

In my 35 years of following politics....

Serious Question ...

Does it seem like the M$M is opposing Obama?

How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened

SO - any word on when Mitt Romney will release at least 10 years of tax returns?

President Barack Obama, explaining Republican policy...

I'll forever regret, voting for one single republican in my entire lifetime.

All "Middle Class", what about the poor?

Voter Guidelines and Registration Forms FOR EVERY STATE RIGHT HERE! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

a biography of the day-queen elizabeth 1 of england--happy birthday!!

The election is likely going to hinge on the economic data released in October and Nov 2

Let's win

Have you ever been loyal to a particular kind of fart?

LAT OpEd: "CORP TAX CHEATING HURTS ALL OF US-Romney shows contempt for a basic principle of tax law"

Tonight he gave the speech of his lifetime. Kudos John!

quotes of the day--elizabeth 1

HOW PATHETIC! Romney Defends Not Mentioning War, Troops In Convention Speech

HTC Patents Challenged by Apple Probably Valid, Judge Say

I resented the bigot who closed out the convention,

Sandra Fluke....A great career ahead for this woman, possibly in politics?

Romney: ‘Can You Think Of Any’ Promises Obama Has Met? (image heavy)

Papantonio: GOP Trying To Make Obama Fail

Fact check on Bill Clinton's speech....WOW

Romney (now w-VIDEO) to WHY He Didn't Mention The Troops Should Make ALL Americans Vote AGAINST Him

Conversation with a jackass teabagger

James Taylor at the DNC: "I don't get it, I'm an old white guy and I love Barack Obama!"

Song lyrics you've heard a thousand times, and then found out you got them wrong.

Prince Harry Heads to War in Afghanistan

An apology from a (former) homophobe

Annoyed at Yahoo...

Have you seen this Ann Coulter tweet?

The Destruction Of Coastal Habitats Releases Carbon Into The Atmosphere

Deep-see Canyons Are Reshaped by Fish Trawling

BTW, we're now at 1.54 million square miles . . . thought you'd like to know.

Have you *ever* voted for a GOP candidate? If so, why?

We will have a landslide win ...

Warners determined to get her wrong: The CW Is Developing A New Wonder Woman Series

Miss Me Yet? (a comment from David Corn)

Turns out the Tea Party was right about Obama being a Socialist...

Alien Life May Be Found Within 40 Years Claims Royal Astronomer To The Queen

Potus giving a great speech in Portsmouth, NH now! msnbc

Is continual exposure to hateful propaganda child abuse?

Gallup -The President 48% His Challenger 45%

Go to Google and make yourself a rudiminetary lathe.

Gallup: Obama approval up to 53%

Joe Biden Portrayed as Key Deal Broker in New Bob Woodward Book on Obama

Gallup has Obama at 52% approval today!

Media should ask Romney for policy details, which is campaign says would be "suicidal" to release

Here we go: Mrs. Greenspan wonders if jobs report negates the convention...

Obama Bounces Up to 52% Approval, 48% to 45% Over Romney

Yeah, where are the jobs!!!!

Thin Lizzy Singer Would Have Objected to GOP Using Band's Music, Mom Says

Charlie Crist was talking to Florida..very respected there

Everybody Now Has To Hammer Rmoney On His Tax Returns....

From the Duchess St. Rollins

Boom! Obama +3 in Gallup today

Go to Youtube and see a real lathe

Hellz NO, Romney’s Plan Won’t Work

Footprints in the sand

Someone yelling "You LIE" in the middle of Romney's speech in IA?

Romney: Didn't mention troops because he didn't consider them important

Obama is talking to a large, raucous crowd in Portsmouth, NH right now. Referred to Bill Clinton as

Effect of Jobs Numbers on Presidential Race Is Uncertain

Childhood virus RSV shows promise against adult cancer

Let's get something straight, politics is ugly shit. and worse....

Willard Romney Is Beginning To Annoy Me And My Remote Is Broke

"The ROMNEY-KOCH Handshake: Network TV CENSORS Revealing Moment"

"old people are stinky, spike their drink" Mitt Romney

This woman is the reason I am a Democrat!!

Romney on MSNBC in Orange City now

Real Man Behaving As Such. Does something nice for his birthday

Romney on the defensive about his Romneyshambles trip

The First Family

Even Fox News is losing patience with Romney campaign's lack of specifics.

HOLY PRESIDENTIAL BOUNCE! Gallup Daily Tracking poll has Obama Approval at 52%

Jack Welch: He is an ASSHOLE and he can't spell!! Check out his Tweet about the Presidents speech

Uncedrtain uncertaintly

"If you have to make a special effort to point out the black people.."

My father had a run-in with Mitt Romney years ago.

Get Your War On take of DNC

I'm thinking of Congratulating the Republicans for making HISTORY

Well this is it - Today's the day! Wish me Luck

16 year


Handed out to passengers on a flight

Romney once again claims credit for saving auto industry...

Arghhh! Andrea Mitchell is at it again...

Clean Coal Clean

John Lewis at DNC voting rights

Can you predict the future? Asking for your thoughts/opinions.

We Have Eva Longoria And Kerry Washington. They Have Phyllis Schaffley And Ann Coulter

Thom Hartmann: Hypocrite Paul Ryan Requested Obamacare Funding

Savannah State getting 70 1/2 points (largest spread ever)

This is what small town politics should be in the day and age of internet discussion boards.

General Motors adding 500 jobs at first in-house tech center

Obama Convention Speech Sets Record for Political Tweets

I Don't Always Endorse A Presidential Candidate But When I Do....

Romney on the troops: "you talk about the things you think are important."

Those James Carville ads about the Cocktail Party - -

Unemployment falls to 8.1 percent; jobs up 96K; 368K drop out of market

Ex-SEAL who wrote book on bin Laden gets written off by cadre

Clinton Tattoo

Shocking no one, Mitt Romney is a dick to our troops

The irony of Mitt Romney

Care to show some DU interest in this poll?

Oh, it's on Eastwood. The truth of why that chair was out there.

Shit Apple Fanatics Say

WTF? Another gun nut shooting up my neighborhood

The DNC was devastating for Mitt Romney

I received an interesting note from Mike Johannes today.

!!! Duckworth v Walsh Debate !!! Tuesday October 9th !!!

Up for a challenge?

Colombia's Supreme court was 'persecuted' by 'Uribe regime' .

Colombia's Supreme court was 'persecuted' by 'Uribe regime' .

I'm getting really sick of this

Boeing and the race to the bottom

I think the DNC made an abysmally wrong decision about Dolan.

RobMe says that he won't allow his campaign to be dictated by fact checkers..

Queen Ann Romney tells women what they really care about...

Bert really looks pissed...

An officer and a Muslim Zionist

Remember ... Gallup's is a seven-day rolling average...

Democratic Convention Beats Pro Football In Ratings

What Do You Think Is the Right Path Forward?

What to watch for: A user's guide to Campaign 2012

'A staggering shift' on the politics of foreign policy

Pledge of allegience "a uniquely Republican thing", R-NV Dist 2 Congresscritter

Zach Walhs comment

So did they ask Dolan or did he invite himself?

Wherever I Lay My Hat

What is important to him? Is it only Money?

I'm honestly shocked - I thought he was going to walk.

Dolan got to address an empty auditorium after the networks dropped coverage,

Where'd the time go? Obama girls now young women

U.S. Consumer Spending Climbs Close to a Four-Year High

CNBC: The stock market has done better under Obama than with any other recent president.

Watch parties draw crowds after Obama venue change

So what are the chances the GOP will lose the House?

You need to know about this: So called "social welfare groups"

GOP Hispanic Outreach director busted!

right-wing fundamentalist intentionally distorting Obama's words to make him appear anti-Christian

CarMax founder endorses Obama

EU mulling ban on (Israeli) settlement products

Vision for the future: Republicans vs Democrats

Julian Castro has an identical twin

Race to save Alaskan Arctic archaeology (BBC)

Lawmaker Calls For Sanctions Against NFL Player Over Marriage Support (Read the reply!)

Hey MSM - QUIT spinning numbers!!!

*** Beware the flooded washes *** Search on for missing woman in flooded wash on NW side

We Need to Move Forward..

Fossil records {horseshoe} 'crab' death march (BBC)

House Dems File Brief Against DOMA

Can the Godless Market Evolve Beyond Bumper Stickers?

#16trillionfail? Paid Twitter tag to criticize Obama backfires for Republicans

Romney's new reason for not mentioning the troops in Afghanistan!

Heritage Foundation promotes family planning and solves child poverty, too

BREAKING: Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down, Allows Local Officials To Set Early Voting Hours

Thom Hartmann: Can the RNC & DNC just leave God alone?

R.E.M.: Fox News Not Authorized To Use 'Losing My Religion' During DNC Coverage

Myths About Industrial Agriculture

What's for Dinner - Friday Sept 7th

Romney's housekeeper handels the laundry list .

Wouldn't it be something if, after months of telling us no president has ever been reelected...

Approval Up 7 points since Monday!

Dear "Disappointed" Corporate Media,

Judge in Pakistan grants bail to Christian girl accused of blasphemy


The NYPD does it again -- do we all feel safer now?

BREAKING: Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down, Allows Local Officials To Set Early Voting Hours

The Chávez Election

The 2012 Election Will Matter

Will a Ryan/Romney administration become known as "The Greatest Depression?"

Connecticut priest rebuked for role in cousin's same-sex wedding

Mitt Romney will attend the NASCAR race Saturday night in Richmond VA

My website's been updated. Can you help with a contribution for lawn signs?

Eastwood tries to explain the chair...

The administration that repealed DADT deserves more time. Dolan's garbage...

How Oldsters Beat Youngsters in a BMW Assembly-Line Test

Pennsylvania Wants Voters To Show ID ‘If You Care About This Country’

It's early but indications are Gallup is beginning to see a bounce for Obama...

Secret Service investigates Ohio teen's tweet about Obama

Argentina torture victim identified

Argentina torture victim identified

Four Middle Schoolers Found Guilty Of Gang Raping Teen

Laydeez and Jennermen, let me introduce the wierd world of Cassini

Would someone please FLUSH The Cycle?

Why does Obama refuse to blame GOP obstruction for the economy

Really????? Not important? From a Military Mom to Romney

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb ....

David Axelrod: Mitt's Governing Partner.

Okay, here is Romney's Map (IMO)

Romney Endorses Ultraconservative Steve King

Occupy DNC

Health Care Costs: It is a Corruption Problem Not "Waste"

FUN: Madonna Endorses Pres.Obama at Concert in NYC, With A Tattoo

The biggest lie that this convention uncovered

Assistance Please... I need a reference on how many days the Dem's controlled both house/senate..

Outsourced Jobs Were American People, My Friend !

Any good lip readers here?

Can't seem to find a Group to talk about 3D television.

FiveThirtyEight Blog: Effect of Jobs Numbers on Presidential Race is Uncertain

Huffington FUCKING Post save us

Dear Jim Robinson: The Conventions are over. Romney is your candidate so I ask you this....

Romney: Afghanistan War Not 'Important' Enough To Mention In Acceptance Speech

Photoshop Fun: Where in the world are Skinner & EarlG today?

Robert Reich: The Jobs Report and the Election

My number one reason to keep Mitt Rmoney from the White House...

6,000 turn out for Obama in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Funniest Obama Speech Criiticism Yet, IMHO

Darth Vader, Math heads upset Einstein's field theory.

Which first lady/potential first lady do you like least.

What Caused the Yosemite Hantavirus Outbreak?

Which first lady/potential first lady do you like MOST.

American Patriot Supplies-Flags, Knives and so much more

Actions speak louder than words...

Mittens tells Iowa he will create 130,000 jobs in state without saying how...

Tavares police officer under investigation for Facebook comment about presidential assassins

Dow Ignored Today's Job Figures

Romney wants as partner Congressman who compared immigrants to dogs

Madagascar journalists take refuge in S.African embassy

How the news really works

Chile criticizes army chief who said gays, poor people, Jehovah's Witnesses are morally unfit

Chile criticizes army chief who said gays, poor people, Jehovah's Witnesses are morally unfit

A military mom is pissed at Romney's statement about the military not being important

Obama convention glow dimmed by grim jobs data

Under Pressure, Mitt Romney Fleshes Out Plan For Afghanistan

HRC: 'This is what inclusion looks like'

3rd Yosemite visitor dies of hantavirus; 2 new cases reported

Romney is Kidnapping Children!

Bounty suspension (Saints) vacated by panel

"As a matter of fact, he hardly even mentioned jobs and the economy," Romney said.

I believe the republican campaign is a coup d'état. The Kochs plan on buying the government

Need help finding an article about reaction to music as you age

Most Common Military-Spouse Job?

US Suspends Anti-Drug Radar Support in Honduras

US Suspends Anti-Drug Radar Support in Honduras

CNN garners highest cable ratings on final night of DNC, 3.5 million

Poll: Obama approval up 7 points after DNC

Five DeMatha players removed from program after incident involving prostitutes

US points to 'gross negligence' by BP

Bolivian President Evo Morales denounces US for refusing to extradite former leader

Bolivian President Evo Morales denounces US for refusing to extradite former leader

It Is Cheaper to Live in Honolulu Than Brooklyn

Job gains in an election year...

How to spot Media Morans in the next few days

Krugman: Obama made the case for a second term.

BIG Problem Obama site redirect - don't get fooled!

How long will the GOP keep the election from being certified..

Utah man plans "this is the song that doesn't end" 9/11 tribute

Quick! Go to and click around n/t

Sea burial for Armstrong, Navy man to end

Report: Arbitration panel overturns suspensions against players in Saints bounty scandal

Fond du Lac Man Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Girl in Belize

First Lady Gets More Online Views Than Entire RNC

Jim Terr's REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 12th - The Hamsters

Obama: Employment numbers would be better if Congress acted (LA Times)

Last weekend to capture your "Orange" entry--(we need some more entries)

oh lookie here Mr. Ryan:

Facts about Romney and Ryan

Trashy Love Triangle Leads To Revenge Airplane Bomb Hoax

Did I stand up for intolerance by making an intolerant statement?

Why can't getting a gun be as difficult as getting an abortion? edited...

It’s not enough to give 18 million hungry Americans “opportunity.”

Ann Coulter novels

State and Local Government Payroll Employment

Link to archive of my appearance today on Brian "The Hammer" Jacksons Blogtalk radio show

Key witness fails to appear in federal probe of congressional race (UPDATED Fri: 10:30pm est)

Shouldn't the Obama campaign be making ads out of Clinton's DNC speech where he called out

Secret Service investigates teenage girl's Tweet about assassinating President Obama

Excellent resource for discussing the issues...

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 7 -- What's On Tonight -- Prison Biopics

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition $10 sale on Steam

New theory unifies dark matter and dark energy

**News Item: Romney already taking time off for debate preparation 1 month from now**

When a Repuke points out the "disappointing" job growth, tell them this:

Anyone have the results of this one?

Why are republicans allowed to rewrite history?

Ohio Senator (Sherrod Brown) wants to restore Delphi pensions

Where is Eric Cantor? You know, Mitch's side kick. Is he brooding because Rmoney

Socialists want abortion in Ireland, guess what that makes pro-choicers according to Tea Partiers?

Ohio Secretary of State apologizes for trying to stifle early voting

Nicaraguan Pastors: We Will Die Or Go To Prison Before Giving Up Kidnapped Child

I have donated and posted here since 2004

Turner Classic Movies is showing 'A Face in the Crowd' at 5:45 pm eastern standard time

Sat., Sept. 8: The 1-yr anniversary of Obama's "Job Act" Address

Well, I made it to retirement age today.

Where is Paul Ryan? Is he in hiding?

I just noticed more evidence of an improving economy:

DU, darlings! A wonderful new Challenge this Friday: The Beautiful Era!

Voyage to the edge of the universe ....

photoshop opportunity?

Paul Ryan Does Not Lie!

Obama takes slim post-convention lead over Romney: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Ann Romney urges women: Fight for joy, vote for Mitt (speaking at riding academy in VA)

Ohio SOS has CAVED!!!

Mitt Romney: It Gets Better

Chris Matthews just let a right wing guy LIE ... UGH!!!

Meet Rep. Steve King, Romney’s New ‘Partner’ In Congress (hint: he's not a big fan of puppies)

DNC gave POTUS a bounce so awaiting deluge of negative GOP SuperPAC ads starting in 3...2...1....

Ryan: Strip Fed of mandate to maximize Employment

Making the rounds on facebook. Guess where Romney's campaign buttons were made?

The OTHER 1%

Gadz Chris looks ill...Fighting something for sure..Get Well soon Chris Mathews!!

Welcome to DU! Here are four Groups you may not know about.

To those who think NFL football players are dumb! NOT! Read the most awesome letter you'll ever read

Obama campaign mobilizing thousands of lawyers to combat voter ID laws, voting restrictions

So Excited! Proposal accepted!

Ann Romney Declines To Answer Questions On Gay Marriage, Contraception

Ron Christie and "the fact of the matter"! I hate when he talks and uses that

Obama needs to use this line

Glenn Beck is truly losing his mind,now someone in a restaurant

Classic, History

The lowest form of GOP humor

"There are some things private industry cannot do that only government can do."

For your amusement: Cat-shaming!

View of Obama crowd in Iowa City

April DeBoer And Jayne Rowse, Michigan Lesbian Couple, Battle State's Marriage And Adoption Laws

The River That DID Run Red: Residents Of Chinese City Left Baffled After Yangtze Turns Scarlet


The private sector is always more efficient than government

The Onion Gives Up

If Hannity calls 96,000 jobs gained in a month deplorable,

Tweety comments on how Biden is a literalist LOL

Tweety: This guy isn't human

David Rivera: The Shit Has Hit the Fan - Witness M.I.A. - Cuban American politics..

GOP platform unified theory - dark matter meets dark energy

Looking for 2 cartoons I can't find.

I had the Pear dream again. I think I'm insane


Obama Unleashes a Barrage of Truth and Honesty that Leaves Republicans Defenseless

The moon in the daytime with a 3.5m telescope.

State Farm to increase homeowners’ rates by up to 20 percent

How anti-Semites protect themselves

Seen on Facebook: (Speech Wars!)

PPP will be in the field all weekend to see the effects of the DNC Convention

August, 2008 - 210,000 jobs lost. August, 2012 - almost 100,000 jobs gained.

Song playing as Pres. Obama left the stage at the convention last night.

FDR accepting Dem nomination - 1932

Romney: left troops out because you don't do a "laundry list" and you include what's "important"

Lets DU this poll its been freeped

Health Care Reform Rebates For Health Insurance Costs Rolling In

Funniest Pictures from the 2012 Conventions

Meet the members of the Congressional Science Committee Who Don't Get Science.

Fave Moment at DNC - 2 chicks kissing and a cops comment

Need a sense of humor - somebody was very disrespectful to me today.

Medicare is a shared risk insurance system with premiums based on the ability to pay.

Ideas for exploiting chickenhawk Romney's 'you talk about the things you think are important'

Judge Hatch apologizes to victim

Great. Breast Cancer Prevention May Lead to Breast Cancer

“If You Can’t Afford Health Insurance, Hope That You Don’t Get Sick”

Larry Flynt Offers $1M Reward for Mitt Romney Tax Returns

Get your gay pen, your gay paper and sit your gay ass down and write this guy a thank you card

Could Angel-A work with an American cast?

What is the Sarasota, FL area like for LGBT?

Need advice on which food processor to buy!

Did I hear this correctly last night? I think Obama said that Joe Biden had been

Ann Romney Declines To Answer Questions On Gay Marriage, Contraception

Anne Richards keynote address at the 1988 Democratic Convention.

The Pragmatic Progressive asks this - What is wrong with this picture?

Mitt Romney: Draft Dodger, Chicken Hawk and Warmonger

National Police Union Turns Down Romney

Mark Weisbrot's Shame

Another good poll for Obama:Reuters/Ipsos poll

Fired up!!!

Who is Sohail Siddiq? Is he a terrorist???

Write letters to your Congress

So, how did I accidentally trigger my webcam?

Bill Mahers guest tonight

quotes of the day-- Frances Moore Lappé

Why Romney Won't Release His Tax Returns REVEALED

Have you ever had to convince someone they are a Democrat?

Dana Milbank: Obama has begun advertising in Georgia! Maybe that poll from last month is real. What

Please donate for President Obama

today in women's herstory

Jeeeez.....did Romney just say, on MSNBC, that Afghanistan isn't important??

Pinocchio's evil twin

Sarah Palin thinks John Kerry diminished himself...

"America's Flight From Fiscal Reality" by Jeffrey Simpson at the Globe & Mail

Obama in Iowa City stream

Check out this website - Someone has been keeping track of the do nothing Congress doing nothing!

George Soros owns

No nerds, no birds

The wolf is opening the gate: Larry Flynt offers $1M for Mitt Romney's tax returns.

Charlotte man charged with threatening president on Twitter

I wish MSNBC wouldn't use the word "Omentum" in their chiron.

World Premiere: Introducing the Discovery Channel Telescope

Embarrass the Queen ? Off to Afghanistan !

35.7 million viewers watched the 3rd night of the DNC!

Google is Star Trek themed today!

Weekend Economists' Spaghetti Western Sept. 7-9, 2012

Martin Bashir - Finding details on Romney tax ‘reform’ essentially a wild goose chase

To Those Who Want to Go Slow on GBLT Issues

7 Ways to End the Deficit (Without Throwing Grandma Under the Bus)

Kirk Cameron: On faith, those gay comments, childhood stardom and a visit to Naples

I just spent $40.00 on a towel! Ask me anything!!

Spent the whole drive home yelling at my radio

Madonna backs Obama, literally

Religion and the Democratic National Convention

Martin Bashir - Where’s the vision on Afghanistan, Mr. Romney?

As summer folds, let's review. Your favorite potato salad recipe?

Tom Petty 'Got Chills' When Democratic National Convention Played 'Won't Back Down'

N.J. Town Overrun With Anti-Semitic Graffiti, Other Messages Of Hate

What’s next for Robert Finn, the first Catholic bishop convicted in sex abuse cover-up

The Afghanistan-Shaped Hole in the Presidential Campaigns

Wisconsin: Walker tries to ban protest signs, 200 show up to protest with signs

I guess CNN's position is pretty obvious

"MYRTLE BEACH!" With Thanks to Skinner & Earl G. for that Incredible DNC Journey!

368,000 people stopped looking for work...

The Duchess is now being cyber-stalked and threatened

Martin Bashir - Paul Ryan may have jumped the shark

WTH Douglas Co schools go with anti union measures

“They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”: Chris Kluwe Explains Gay Marriage

Does everyone here realize that at the Republican convention Clint

Craphammer - On Clinton's DNC Speech

This is How Dems Do It

And let's not forget why the economy is not doing as well as we wish...

Good News sources? Anyone have suggestions?

Article about Anti-Semitic Graffiti has comments that are nearly ALL anti-semitic and racist

Wow, ex-Reagan Treasury staffer on "empty chair."

Just now during the Nationals game...

Charlotte Convention party continues...

How reliable is RCP polling ? Dalton vs McCrory

A Tribute to the fabulous women speakers at the DNC!

Encounter with President Clinton

'Unprecedented,' 'Amazing,' 'Goliath': Scientists Describe Arctic Sea Ice Melt