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Archives: January 9, 2019

An element of surprise would be nice at Trump's speech tonight

Los Angeles Teachers Strike Could Be Days Away

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel tells staff he's being suspended over Parkland response

Mission accomplished! CNN and MSNBC are leading with Trump's BS speech, not Manafort's COLLUSION

Abandoned Newfie so happy to be rescued.


VoteVets: Ted Lieu will give the Veterans' Response LIVE!

How Drumpt's lying speech should be evaluated tonight.

Harvard Law professor explains Don Jr. and Jared Kushner are caught on collusion

It's all an attempt to shut down what's coming

GF just said she'll watch Stormy with me

After Trump's speech the media will need to move on. Talk about other stories, Russian, Manafort

Poll: Voters blame Trump, GOP for shutdown

Nobody is forced to be a millionaire.

House Democrats Pledge Passage Of Expanded Gun Background Checks Bill

Is it possible to watch the clown show tonight

"I will be folding my underwear live on Instagram tonight at 9pm EST, if you want to watch"...

and really the crying bachelor??? Is this really why everyone is cutting their cable???

A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll

Television show ratings

Besides the money, how could the Pentagon and the military

Bald Cypress in Gossamer Gowns

I believe I may have become too accustomed to Trump's disgusting craziness. I'm sort

Damn Lucas!

Trump is nuts! nt

Pay attention to Twitler's framing tonight!

Those not watching. Netflix has some great alternatives!

Hometown paper to McConnell: 'Now would be a good time to choose to lead'

Predictions for tonight's Trump speech

There are few things in life that are as pleasurable as

Do not watch tonight. Do anything else. Jog. Ice cream. Whatever.

It's Bball night in NC, screw Trump

A drinking game for teetotalers during tonight's speech.

Someone said Trump should be on a 5 minute delay so

LEAKED! Video of Trump's Practice of Tonight's Speech!!!

What Hillary Clinton is doing tonight...

Virginia Democrats win special election to succeed Jennifer Wexton in the State Senate

Acosta: Trump advisers/friends telling him declare nat'l emergency to please base, even if illegal

Treasurer's Legislative Liaison Kyle Peters Right Man to Testify on Nepotism in State Government

Go to the gym or watch Trump?

Carl Bernstein: Trumps Fitness is the National Emergency

I'll be watching Trump's address tonight. I don't see any point in NOT watching.

For Polack MSgt....since we got a "Mother Fuyer" in the WH

Mending Wall by Robert Frost -- Still Relevant

So, Trump is Saying That The Lack of a Wall Is a Crisis That Justifies a National Emergency...

Hillary, just now: Want to fight back against Trump? Send support to orgs helping kids at border

I wish CNN or MSNBC could have a data feed of every LIE he is telling real-time!!

The rest of the world is watching the United States reality show.

Folks ..... this is THE big moment for Trump.

Will we be able to watch the Dem response online in real time?

Food stamps guaranteed through February, USDA says

South Dakota Legislators Enjoy 90% Raise

May trial date set in Harvey Weinstein criminal sexual assault case: court filing

There are going to be many theses written on Trump.

8 minutes?

The AFA Has Been Selling A 12-Disc DVD Set To Cure Porn Addiction With Military Footage

Pro-Tip: Switch channels AFTER Trump starts speaking, the networks see the drop-off rate.

Here are a few WATCH LIVE links to Trump propaganda speech....

Just think, Donald is having Ivanka crush up his Adderall right now!

The mysterious grand jury appeal reportedly tied to the Mueller investigation, explained

Mario Batali likely not to be charged for two alleged sexual assault cases in NYC: report

Can't we just buy Trump an "Easy Button"?

TSA union says airport screeners are quitting as government shutdown continues

Ex-GOP congressman to Democrats: Gear up to impeach Trump. It's your constitutional duty.

The lawyer who threatened to call ICE on people speaking Spanish is being sued for malpractice

Trump is fund raising off tonight's press address (from CNN)

PBS News Hour: Democrats respond to Trump address on immigration

'No sign the blue wave is abating'

What Ken Burns replied when asked if he'd make a documentary about dumdum

Paris nudist restaurant undone by scanty customers

NYT: Trump's Speech to the Nation: Live Updates and Fact Checks

***unOfficial Trump Political Speech thread *** please post here

It's Payday for Many Federal Workers. One Problem: There's No Paycheck.

Are yuh ready for duh-mutha-fuk-kuh?!1

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Deal or No Deal!

Has the media asked THIS question?

My prediction

Piece of crap. OFF.


I can't believe this shit.

"CLICK!" nt

Let the bullshit begin!

Medical support?

It's a *BUST* he's reading the usual CRAP!1 ha-HAH!1

Is Trump being green screened or is his 'hair' naturally luminescent?

Would someone please post when the MFrr is done?

*Churchill on WHUT now.

So, Bernie Sanders Is Going to Issue His Rebuttal to Both Trump's Speech and Democratic Response?

Sniff sniff

Chris Murphy's drinking game idea

Had he said 1 true thing yet?

Luckovich - And Mexico will grow it

Hey Motherfucker...what about the babies that died in YOUR interment camps

Dayum! Trump forgot "And God bless America!"

Headline over the Trump address on MSNBC: "Please stop watching this. It is nothing but lies

Oh so its all the democrats fault

Lester Holt: "The president repeating some of the dubious claims he's made in the past..."

Did they have him dope up?

"Blood and Soil, Blood and Soil, Blood and Soil"....

Mueller better be finished this year

Ok time to turn msnbc back on--waiting for Nancy and Schumer

Taking bets on how many lies he tells in 8 minutes...

A lot of sniffing and snorting going on

Dems block Senate bill on Israel boycotts, citing shutdown


Colonel Snort-a-Lot is done.

Who is American blood.

Sears workers demand hardship fund after Toys R Us success

thanks to those with the stomach to watch and report back...i am watching basketball (and DU)

Remind me why we need new leadership in the house?

Good Cop/Bad Cop - Speaker Pelosi is playing the good cop tonight and Senator Schumer is

The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty NOT a 30 foot wall

Sen Schumer: "Having failed to secure funding from Mexico

Tweet of the Day

Illegals attempting to enter our country...

Warren leads first Daily Kos 2020 straw poll

my local fox19 in Cincinnati actually aired the rebuttal

Good rebuttal

Missed Trump's speech tonight.

Pelosi and Schumer stood firm and did not budge ONE INCH.

Am I the only one that wished Schumer or Pelosi referred to him as Mother Fucker?

Ed O'Keefe (barf) sez nothing substantial from either side to end the shutdown.

On tRump lies tonight the over-under is only 3.5??

All he cares about are *RATINGS* & prolly got them - but he *FLUNKED*!1 - He'll FUME!1

The only proper Democratic response to Trump's word salad

Trump's unequally dilated pupils?

A boring night is a huge loss for the president.

Is there a transcript of the Dem response? Please post link. nt

Steven Beschloss Tweet has awesome Senator Schumer quote

impression of trump:

Did you see how Trump mentioned how he wants to promote reasonable gun control measures

Trump and congressional leaders set third meeting over shutdown

What about cartels using drones and GPS to fly illegal drugs over Trump's wall.

I am an historian of Mexico.

Restoration of voting rights by felons marks shift in Florida

One word: LAME.

You can list Trump's lies here: I'll start.

Best thing tonight wasn't Pelosi/Schumer, but msm talking heads

One thing that bothered me tonight!

Republican senators skeptical of using national emergency for wall funding

Maggie Haberman is on CNN (and her magnetic personality) Are you ready for the excuse?

So, people killed by immigrants are tragic and scary but people killed by citizens, not so much!

My takeaway from tonight Chris Cuomo had lunch

AOC on Rachel reporting how shutdown is impacting ability to do her job- can't even get laptops

Who slipped him the Valium cocktail?

Paul Manafort's Lawyers Appear to Accidentally Blow the Door Open on Collusion

Here is the real deal. Trump, Pelosi and Schumer all hit on it.

AOC on Rachel Now

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 10, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Sword and Sandal

Networks got snookered into thinking he was going to announce something big

Compare and contrast

I hope his speech at the "State of the Union" only last a few minutes?

Holy shit AOC is ripping Trump a new one on MSNBC

Mills Won't Return Mural To Labor Department Lobby

Well, I'm convinced. The wall will solve all our problems.

AOC - you are a breath of fresh air

Making Russia Great Again. Tweet of the day

Vicente Fox: "Senor Trump don't be so stubborn. Mexico will never pay for your focken wall."

What Is Mike Pence Even Doing?

There's one time a wall is appropriate.

Looks like he just wanted use the unfortunate tragedies of the families hurt by criminals who

Trump's speech -- just more of the same

AOC Mood

Tonight is Luis Gutirrez' first appearance as a CNN political analyst (at least since I've seen)...

I wonder if trump* was planning on declaring an emergency, but was pressured out of it

Undocumented Immigrants crime rate lower than the average Texan!

Joshua Tree will temporarily close to address shutdown damage

So will Stephen MILLER get blamed for this crap event?!1 --------buh BYE!1

Rachel Maddow's breaking down the latest Manafort revelations

Check out the fighter on Maddow- AOC on Fire!

What did he say? I didn't watch.

Navarro just handed Santorum his ass!!!!

Why Are National Parks Still Open? Nobody Knows.

Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting charged in separate case

Full transcript, Pelosi & Schumer response to Trump speech

What the networks should do at the State of the Union Address

They didn't offer this sport when I was in high school

I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar.

I would love to hear what "Sopranos" creator David Chase thinks about Trump as POTUS

George Takei to potus: Only 1 of these two things is actually getting built, brick by brick:

"at the request of Dems it will be a steel slat" - uh, we don't *REQUEST* no crap, you SHIT!1

The first 10 minutes of tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell show are guaranteed to make your head explode

Steve Schmidt is hitting out of the park in MSNBC right now.

Sign the petition March For Our Lives background check bill:

You know that scene in Poltergeist.....

Prime Time is Trumps nap time

Holy Shit - he's afraid of Elizabeth Warren

PBS NewsHour, Fox, and Fox10 Phoenix broadcast Bernie's Response tonight ... N/T

BREAKING: Trump didn't want to give speech or go to border

Trump Conned The Networks....

The Daily Show: Here's What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency

so what happened with bernie's rebuttal? did it happen? nt

To those complaining that the networks covered Trump's speech...

Republicans are desperate to co-opt the democrats in approving Trump's wall.

DC water board jokes about shutting off water to White House amid shutdown

Seth Meyers: The Government Shutdown, the Bird Box Challenge - Monologue - 1/7/19

So, lots of you are watching the various post mortems. Thoughts on what happens next?

MSNBC and CNN ran chyrons promoting Trump's speech. Choose your favorite.

I'm Worried That Some Of The Comments From The Talking Heads About Trump's.....

Lounge PSA

Pop-ups on new laptop

I'm not very creative, but I wrote a poem I think is pretty good. Here it is:

Pelosi and Schumer response to Trump speech


meanwhile - Marshall, TPM "Bigger Than People Seem to Realize" (re Manafort)

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Hayes Says Trump Doesn't Understand the Government Shutdown's Consequences

Trump Appeals for Wall, Citing Misleading Statistics of Crisis and Crime Along Border

In fact it is fictional....

TSA workers should be paid for the jobs they do on time, period

Opus Dei priest converted GINGRICH, SANTORUM, BROWNBACK, KUDLOW - and groped for a near million

Lindsey Graham Praises POTUS Oval Office Address to Hannity: 'The Most Presidential I've Seen '

Something much better than Trump to see tonight...

Cracks emerging among Senate Republicans as Murkowski calls for end to shutdown

The Daily Show: Here's What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency

Anyone here watch the Fox News reaction to tRumps address?

Tomorrow's NEW YORK DAILY NEWS front page

Wednesday's NY Daily News cover.

Hogg to Trump: 40,000 Americans dying annually from gun violence '.. good' national emergency

When Bilbo grabs the hobbit-leaf from the left handed tin

Cher shares her thoughts on tonight's Stephen Miller...err, I mean "Trump" speech.

All of the Broadcast Networks Gave Trump Free Air Time to Raise Money for His Re-election Campaign

I often talk down Bernie Sanders.

In 1938, Nazis wanted to know if 'The Hobbit' author was Jewish. He responded with a high-class burn

William Butler Yeats: how did he know?

Make no mistake, we have a real leader in Nancy Pelosi

Aaron Rupar captures a video moment from tonight's speech that you'l treasure over and over and over

Erdogan Snubs Bolton Over Comments That Turkey Must Protect Kurds

Maggie Haberman, via "advisers inside Trump's orbit," smears lipstick all over the pig. He was calm!

Maine Lawmakers Propose Expanding Background Checks For Gun Sales

Bryan Ferry w/ David Gilmore - Is Your Love Strong Enough

I'm feeling grateful right now

What Donald Trump Jr. did is a felony. Trump Jr. broke the law.

Msnbc saying emails were sent to raise money for his campaign right after his talk. Legal?

Hey Republicans, did you feel it? That shaking was a sea change that just happened.

a shiny new modern wall?

Mills remains cautious as lawmakers propose changes to Maine's gun laws

Nasa spacecraft spots gaseous planet 23 times the size of Earth

Trump administration downgrades EU's status in US, without informing Brussels

Trump just tweeted "Thank you for soooo many nice comments regarding my Oval Office speech"

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 11, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Early Year Biopics

Hearing on Portland's paid sick leave proposal draws overflow crowd

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 12, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: The Fly

We were told he'd run America like a business. What successful business shuts down like this?

David Frum of The Atlantic--perfect take on the speech!

What is America going to do about its Trump problem in 2019?

Homicidal malevolent drug mule flummoxed by Trump's border wall.

Stephen Colbert tweet:

John Pavlovitz nails it (as usual)

I was so happy to see "Story of the Weeping Camel" added to Amazon Prime

Palmer Report cred?

Tennis champ Navratilova: Communist propaganda 'pales next to' Trump's 'lies'

Trump's speech: All the best parts!


Watching The Speech again on Rachel rerun and it is actually comical. He truly is a joke!

I love Adam Schiff. He always manages to distill an issue right down to its essence.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Sean Spicer, Caitlyn Jenner, Tanya Harding, and Stephen Baldwin walk into a house together

N.H. Family To Receive $1,000 A Month From Presidential Candidate Running On Universal Basic Income

On second thought - Trump did very well tonight. Look at the cue card he was working from

Historian: Trump's wall idea comes straight from 1924 KKK rally.

N.H. Lawmakers to Consider Statewide Bans on Plastic Bags, Straws

Tweet of the night:

Did you see Rude Pundit's Tweet about Stephen Miller? (edited thread title)

House votes to make sexual harassment training mandatory

Bath time for doggos.

There's a Wall Between U.S.

turns out HIS SPEECH WAS A FUNDRAISER for his reelection campaign!

Jerry Jones reportedly spends $110M more on yacht than he did to buy Cowboys

Sen. Mitch McConnell has a problem - And it's Donald Trump

compilation of all the huffing and snorting

Tom Waits - Old Shoes & Picture Postcards

Watch Elizabeth Warren on Rachel here

Turd Box

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on The Rachel Maddow Show 1/8

Democrat wins Northern Va. state Senate seat vacated by Jennifer Wexton

David Chase Says What Tony Soprano Would Think of Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC: Botched Redactions Expose New Details Of Mueller's Paul Manafort Case

Republican reps promise 'resistance' to House gun rule

Accidental, Explosive Disclosure In Robert Mueller Probe - All In - MSNBC

Rashida Tlaib: The Senate's Anti-BDS Bill Is an Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech

Veteran Burlington councilor Jane Knodell loses Progressive endorsement

Representative Adam Schiff On Border Speech, New Russia Revelations - The Last Word - MSNBC

House Democrats demand Treasury explain rollback of sanctions on Russia oligarch

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's Presidential Address

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/8/19

President Donald Trump Uses Oval Office Speech To Raise Money For Reelection - The Last Word - MSNBC

Rosenstein expected to depart DOJ in coming weeks once new attorney general confirmed

Five bills that have a better chance in Montpelier now that Gov. Scott can't stop them

St. Louis County prosecutor mum on reopening Ferguson case

State lawmakers join forces against offshore drilling

Jay Peak will be for sale 'within a few weeks,' says federal receiver

Counseling bill is discriminatory

Do Two Texas Brewery Closures Signal Trouble For The Craft Beer Industry?

Colin Allred Says Wall Money Would Be Better Spent On Infrastructure Inside the US

Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi woman 'given refugee status'

Kevin Hart continues half-hearted apology tour with demand that people accept that he's changed

Gay rights pioneer Bayard Rustin, mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., came out to fight homophobia

The Trump administration is planning a far-reaching rollback of civil rights law

The Trump administration is planning a far-reaching rollback of civil rights law

One of the first things this freshman Congresswoman did was hang a trans flag outside her office

Opinion: Donald Trump's Oval Office address was a missed opportunity

Whoopi Goldberg: Here's my advice re AOC

The Panhandle-Plains Museum, One Of The State's Best, Is Fighting For Its Life

(Jewish Group) Can We Finally Admit That Jews Can Be Both White And Oppressed?

Border wall speech: Trump is losing the macho game of staring himself down in the mirror

Retirement and low pay caused Texas agencies to lose nearly 29,000 employees last year

Austin's Kirk Watson elected Senate president pro tem

State tells judge armed Austin man should have been allowed in City Hall

Elections have consequences.

When you're so full of shit...

Border wall speech: Trump is losing the macho game of staring himself down in the mirror

Cracks emerging among Senate Republicans as Murkowski calls for end to shutdown

Title company that lost record $706M Bexar County verdict loses bid for new trial

Martina Navratilova response to 45 oval drivel

Scientists urge Gov. Abbott to accept climate change science

Rosenstein expected to depart DOJ in coming weeks once new attorney general confirmed

Yes, we have no pesos. We have no pesos today!

Israel awards Patriots owner Robert Kraft the 'Jewish Nobel' prize

A Trump Morsel

Rick Wilson: Trump speech "can most accurately be seen as the death twitch of The Wall cult."

Ayanna Pressley criticizes Trump in first speech on House floor

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

7 Takeaways From President Trump's Oval Office Address

Almond Milk Labeling Not Deceptive, Federal Court Says (veg group)

Judge issues gag order in former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger's shooting case

Obama quote misused on FB by the Rethugs

Kamala Harris ranked as Most Progressive Senator...

"And there are 75 languages spoken in the schools here!" R congressman in CA....

Last night on Last Word

'Bernie calling out invisible wall in the USA to prevent workers from achieving the American dream'

Interfaith vigil at Rhode Island State House lays out goals to fight poverty

Donald Trump Jr. Says Border Wall Is Like A Zoo Fence Protecting You From Animals

New MGM Springfield could be headed toward job cuts

NY: After 'disastrous' 2018 showing, 11 GOP county leaders call on state chairman Ed Cox to resign

Tlaib comment: the MEDIA is making it a distraction. And cannot let it go...

New Mexico commissioner seeks higher cap on oil royalties

They did not shut down "the government"...

**Rod Rosenstein plans to leave Justice Dept. in a few weeks**

The garbage men keep leaving large stickers on my curbside garbage

Man caught on video licking doorbell for more than 3 hours

"Like a pawn in a game": Furloughed workers react to Trump's speech

Oh sure, blame the teachers!

Trump's real message may have been 'Republicans, please stick with me'

This mistaken non-redaction conveniently lets co-conspirators know what Mueller shared

Trump Channels Hannity and Lou Dobbs, Fearmongers for the Wall

The Daily Thread

Southlake couple accused of forced labor called her 'dog,' 'slave,' woman testifies

Trump Privately Said His Border Visit 'Not Going to Change a Damn Thing': Report

Trump's next moves on the shutdown

The Rundown: January 8, 2019

This Month in Comics: December 2018

The Webcomics Weekly #17: Paper Unicorns and Electric Sheep (1/8/19 Edition)

Trump Used Oval Office to Try to Create a Crisis

FOX & FRIENDS: Sarah, why did you dramatically inflate the number of people on watchlists...

When Trump demands free air time for a speech, the networks should insist it be submitted on tape

Beto O'Rourke: US-Mexico border 'one of the safest places in the United States'

Treasury Department Chaos Leads to Exodus of Key Staffers

SHS tells Fox & Friends that she claimed 4000 terrorists because one is one too many

Trump's Speech Was Like a Doomed Hollywood Remake

.@SenatorLankford says he doesn't think Trump's campaign boss giving polling data to person...

Donald Trump outdoes himself: Even more racist lies than critics feared

Chesapeake Bay health worsened in 2018 for the first time in a decade, report says

What About the Terrorists?

BREAKING: Rosenstein will leave in coming weeks (MSNBC reporting)

Jon Hotchkiss Be Less Stupid - There's NO Border Wall

Democratic Investigations Start Slowly

NY Daily News Front Page Blasts Trump as Crying Baby -- NY Post Hits Dems as 'Dr. NOs'

Funny - Lifehack on buying shoes

Someone at the AP needs to be fired

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads DU?????

A wall from DC to North Dakota

Did trump think he would wake up this morning to the Democrats handing him 5.7 Billion dollars?

Great moments in mouth breathing: Trump's speech

WH Slams Pelosi And Schumer Rebuttal As 'Pathetic,' 'Sad,' 'Ridiculous'

Today, as the first black Lieutenant Governor of our state, I will be gaveling in the 100th session

The Big Boom, Folks - By Josh Marshall

What's the most important quality for our 2020 Presidential Nominee?

USDA Races to Use Budget Authority for Food Stamp Benefits in Shutdown

Loudoun County: Boysko wins 33rd Senate District special election

Harris Shutters State Campaign Cmte. In Another Sign Of Her 2020 Intentions

.@SteveHeretick just dropped a full-blown marijuana legalization bill.

I am glad I wasn't the one who noticed the racial demagoguery in Chump's speech from the jump

"Even my lies have lies." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Huckabee Sanders

State air board backs Buckingham compressor station for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Manafort revelations prove Trump campaign was 'open for business with the Russians': CNN panel

WAPO OP ED: Fact-checking President Trump's Oval Office address on immigration

Not now, BuzzFeed

'This is a five-alarm fire!' Dana Bash crushes GOP for shrugging off new Manafort revelations

Happy 78th Birthday, Joan Baez!

Albuquerque Housing Authority: Federal Section 8 money safe for now

BTRTN: Toasted Wall Nut... Oval Office Speech Shows Weakness of Trump's Hand, and his Character

Trump Takes Over Television to Tout Imaginary Immigration "Crisis"

Hawaii Is Having an Invasive Species Crisis. Chefs Want You to Eat Them.

Trump: "Fmr Presidents Support Border Wall;" All Fmr Presidents: "Nope"

BTRTN: Toasted Wall Nut... Oval Office Speech Shows Weakness of Trump's Hand, and his Character

Sen. Marco Rubio warns Trump a border emergency could embolden a future Dem president on climate

Fair and unbiased Donald Trump speech poll. What would you give it?

dumps steel fence won't keep anybody out, almost anyone would be over it in three seconds

The Manafort polling data revelation could be a sign of why Mike Flynn wasn't sentenced

Lockhart tears into Santorum on border: 'I don't think the American people need a lecture from you..

Ayanna Pressley on Trump shutdown, Brava!

Channel 9 sits down with Mark Harris in one-on-one interview

Fairfax County Public Schools holding hiring event for furloughed federal workers

GOP seeks health care reboot after 2018 losses

Trump in a corner: This is what you get...

Actual footage of me coming home from the pub and getting into bed.

Democrat wins Northern Va. state Senate seat vacated by Jennifer Wexton

Me sneaking past my boss's office when I'm late for work.

1950's Trump wants to build a wall to save the world

2 women sexually assaulted transgender woman in North Carolina bar bathroom, police say


Kremlin says we won't use detained ex-U.S. marine as a pawn

Ocasio-Cortez Dances -- And Drives GOP Geezers Wild - Gene Lyons

Trump is threatening California now.

He must have just had another hit of Adderall.

Just leave us alone, Scooter!

New documentary "Unfit" about mental health of Dipshit

A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at the Border Wall

I want to hear what AOC has to say. And Whoopi. And Michael Moore...

Trump says he's cut off FEMA funds for California wildfires in bizarre and misspelled Twitter rant

"Darkening Skies": World Bank cuts forecast for world economic growth in 2019

Rosenstein to leave once new AG confirmed.

Play this song while you do your housework...

What can we expect if Barr is confirmed?

'We have the umbilical cord': Harvard Law professor explains Don Jr. and Jared Kushner are caught...

Kamala Harris reportedly ready to jump into 2020 race, lining up East Coast headquarters

Can D.C. Shut Off The White House's Water For Unpaid Bills?

A crazy theory regarding Manafort

Can D.C. Shut Off The White House's Water For Unpaid Bills?

The new Russia revelations are more consequential than Trump's newsless immigration speech

D.C.'s Taxi, Uber, and Lyft Drivers Suffer Severe Cutbacks in Pay During Shutdown

What does it mean that Rosenstein has announced he is leaving DOJ?

Kevin Hart Says There's No Way He's Hosting Oscars in Defiant Interview: 'I'm Over It'

Do you already have a preferred Democratic Candidate for 2020?

Former Insys CEO to plead guilty in opioid kickback case

I'm bracing for a political thermonuclear bomb long about mid February

This is a compelling and straightforward reminder

Elizabeth Warren has something Hillary Clinton didn't

In our Travelbak Machine - 1999 comes up on the Ironic Meter

One more Russian contact: Here's why it matters - By Jennifer Rubin

Diosdado insists on dissolving the Venezuela National Assembly for "treason to Fatherland"

DC Water board debates whether they can cut off White House service after Trump admin misses payment

You could make a fortune charging a buck a throw on these

Shutdown impasse: Trump heads to the Hill after Oval Office address

Other Then Lawrence O'Donnell Has Anybody Else Mentioned Trump Using The Speech As A Fundraiser.....

Democrats should call a press conference:

Here's the original tweet before Dufus corrected the spelling.

Just announced on MSNBC....A Democratic Press Conference.....

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, sets lying POtuS straight.

Safety Last, the 1923 Iconic Silent Film just released for Public domain

Go get him, Jackie!

Trump's New Easy Tax forms?

Chrysler Building, a Famed Slice of Manhattan Skyline, Is on the Block


What regular investors can learn from Bridgewater's stellar 2018 performance

Given tRump's Oval Office immigration fiasco, major networks must change.

Theresa May suffers Commons defeat over Brexit plan B

Couldn't bear to watch all of 45's "speech" last night.....

Pelosi and Schumer news briefing coming up shortly on C-Span

Man Hears Roars Coming From Well -- And Can't Believe What He Sees

"Mr. Trump, here's your trash." Reps. Jared Huffman and Jackie Speier deliver trash...

Ezra Klein: Trump does not actually want the wall. He wants the fight ABOUT the wall.

Thoughts about Trump's speech

Donnie, Jr. posts article touting that "Ford Cancels $1.6B Mexico Plant, Adds 700 Jobs in Michigan"

Take Trump's Speech Of Last Night & Substitute Gun Control Where He Talks Of Border Security.....

My 94-year-old parents had things to tell me this week.

Schumer's tweet does not bode well for Trump getting his $5B at lunch today, as he predicted...

"Forrest" fires...apparently the shutdown wasn't enough to slake Trump's bigly kingly thirst.

What's Up With Men Who Don't Wear Coats in Winter?

Donald Trump Delivers a Wet Fart Oval Office Address

Strange speech, this guy has some real problems

Pic Of The Moment: Media Organizations Debut Advanced Fact Checking Computer

"Forrest Trump" is now my nickname of choice...


Not content with taking America hostage Chump terrorizes the Golden State

Record number of migrant families arrested while crossing U.S. border in December

A traitorous conspiracy

Look. Misspelling aside theres an easy fix to Forrest fires

Doesn't shutting down the Federal Government create more of an emergency than not building a wall?

What did Morning Joe have to say about the prez's speech and Dem rebuttal?

About 20 Glacier National Park employees are volunteering today at the local food bank.

About 20 Glacier National Park employees are volunteering today at the local food bank.

TV hosts say Trump speech lacked news. Dems say told you so.

He didn't have a meltdown on camera, so all is well.

"Why is everything a drama with you, Tony?"

Trump is not the type of guy you let in, on your evil world domination plans

The Reluctant Bigot?

57% of those who tuned in gave speech a positive rating. ERROR - FROM FIRST STATE OF THE UNION!

Smokey Bear made it to the Rose Parade during the shutdown, but now all trips are off

Arrest warrant issued for R. Kelly's former manager for threatening to kill father of victim

Pelosi And Schumer Humiliate Trump In Front Of The Entire Country

Surviving R Kelly is a watershed moment for women of colour

How to put ones foot in the mouth...................and then 4 weeks later start whining............

Cover of today's NY Daily News newspaper

Sberbank. Under U.S. sanctions. Ck! Has office in N.Y. Ck! Has Coding school. Ck! Trump. Ck!

Fox's trending "news" today--drunk daughter fractures fathers skull.

Col. Davis: GOP Senate says we can't afford $1.1 billion over 10 yrs for vets agent orange benefits

In case you missed the #TrumpAddress last night, here's the abridged version ;)

Democrats' Response Beat Trump's Oval Office Address in Preliminary Ratings

How Trump could get out of his predicament with grace

Rob Reiner: An illegitimate POTUS pushes an illegitimate crisis.

Your Daily Greenwald, "Mueller is the REAL bad guy" Edition:


Trump terror strikes California ... Burn baby burn!

Where is the teleprompter outrage?

This isn't on Trump. It's on Moscow Mitch McConnel.

Stephen Colbert denounced his own network, CBS, for airing Trump's lies tonight

Why is Kirstjen Nielsen heaing off to Davos if we're in the midst of a security crisis/emergency?

Dear Donald Trump: CA owns 3% of the forrests

The media remains complicit...

Hope this is not true: But my bet it is.

Regardless if we are talking about Federal or state land, we are talking about American land

TV Ratings: Democrats' Response to Trump Speech Outdraws President in Early Numbers

Mnuchin to brief lawmakers on easing sanctions against Putin ally

Seth Meyers from 1/8/2019

The kitchen of the future - do we really need this stuff?

O'Rourke hits El Paso streets to rebut Trump's immigration address

I'll play the devil's advocate

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker Ignite Romance Rumors After Night Out Together

Trevor Noah, still dealing with having lost his voice, has fun with a phone voice synthesizer at Tru

Graham: Trump's AG nominee Barr will let Mueller probe finish

James Corden noted that since Trump sits on a couch all day tweeting he's basically unemployed.

Jimmy Kimmel makes a "commitment to truth" that is just hilarious.

Man who signed affidavit in 9th District investigation arrested on drug, weapons charges

Kellyanne Conway attacks yet-to-be-conducted polls for making Trump look bad in the future.

Why "Neoliberal" Is The Epithet Of The Right Wing -- A History of Who They Come From

OMFG. He's going batshit in the Oval Office. The stock market has gone up 30% in the last year?!?

Prospective uses of emergency power - Sack Cartoon

Manafort revelations could put Kellyanne Conway under Mueller scrutiny: campaign data expert

People Bet On How Much Trump Would Lie In His Oval Office Address And Won $276,424

Opinion: Trump won the night. Schumer and Pelosi lost. (not MY opinion)

You know this Orange Anus wants the wall

Trump; "Virtually every Democrat in the last 15 years has approved what we're asking for"

Woman in 14-year coma gives birth

People coming up from the south are coming because of US policies

Democrats' Response Beat Trump's Oval Office Address in Preliminary Ratings

Trump is why so many of us are afraid of clowns

Hey Media, a MARGINAL tax rate is not equal to a "tax rate." Get your shit together

"Lucy Negro Redux" Nashville Ballet World Premiere

WEEKEND SNOW ❄️: The forecast is becoming clearer. (DC area)

"My threshold is that I can't make a deal with people who are unreasonable"

Trump tried to play a normal president on television. The result was very strange.

'Not a whole lot of red lights': Beto O'Rourke leaning toward 2020 run

Speaker Pelosi demands California GOP leader Kevin McCarthy join her in condemning Trump!

Bank economists forecast slower growth in 2019

Poll the 70% tax idea, see how it shakes out.

Speaker Pelosi demands California GOP leader Kevin McCarthy join her in condemning Trump!

Randy Feenstra to challenge fellow Republican Steve King in Iowa

Republicans SAY we have the "Greatest Healthcare System in the World"...

Wednesday TOONs - Self-Serve Galoshes Edition

She Stood Up to Cuomo. Soon She'll Be the First Woman to Lead the N.Y. Senate.

German police cast doubt on details of attack on rightwing politician

Wrangling Spaghetti squash

There's a madman in the White House and our hands are tied

The TEA Party has it backwards.

Guatemala: court blocks president's expulsion of UN anti-corruption group

Guatemala: court blocks president's expulsion of UN anti-corruption group

Border Protection officer's union sues Trump administration over shutdown after missed paycheck

Seriously - has there everr been a worse Oval Office address given?

Use Resistbot to send messages to your Senators. It's easy.

I swear, I've officially reached Silent Screaming status.

Trump nominates acting EPA head, an ex-coal lobbyist, to run agency

Trump nominates acting EPA head, an ex-coal lobbyist, to run agency

Why Fighting Fake News With the Facts Might Not Be Enough

Trump says emergency declaration coming without border deal with Dems

Angela Davis Says She's 'Stunned' After Award Is Revoked Over Her Views on Israel

WATCH: Trump argues that we need a border wall to stop migrants just driving right across in their..

Deficit spikes 41 percent in first quarter of fiscal year

Trump's Oval Office address was a pure propaganda opportunity. Networks shouldn't allow it next time

Furloughing of hundreds of FDA inspectors has sharply reduced inspections of nation's food supply

Jan 10 - Bernie Sanders, Elijah Cummings, Ro Khanna, to introduce bills on prescription drug costs

Feeding the Furloughed

Do you think Trump knew this when he chose Barr for AG?

Jan 10 - Bernie Sanders, Elijah Cummings, Ro Khanna, to introduce bills on prescription drug costs

Law firm that represented Russian interests part of mystery Mueller subpoena case

Report gov shutdown experiences to UCS

FDA says most food inspections halted amid shutdown

Wonkette: Chuck 'N' Nancy Grounded America For 2 Weeks And They STILL Beat Loser Trump In The Rating

Prime Minister's Questions: 9 January 2019

Funny how no one is talking about the illegals working at the Con properties

Dems Take Aim at Trump's Global Gag Rule in Bill to Reopen the Federal Government

"Silence encourages the tormenter, never the tormented".

NC farmers struggle with government shutdown

Did anyone else notice the end of the Oval Office Addres?

Welcome Governor Lamont!

There won't be any "please make my tiny mushroom diсk look bigger" wall.

"What? Me? Just checking the wall, mate."

Forget the wall. Trump is the national security crisis

Trump tried to sell his wall on QVC last night like it was a mailorder frozen steak at Sharper Image

wapo: why do Russians want us election polling data?

Trump escalates threats to cut off FEMA money to California

Jeff Weaver will not return as Bernie Sanders' campaign manager in 2020

Stephanie Ruhle asks, "Where was the national emergency 11 days ago?"

Brooke Medicine Eagle newsletter January 2019

U.S. orders wildlife refuges to staff for hunters, despite shutdown

**Pelosi beats tRump in ratings**

James Lankford is either a useful idiot or Fifth Column(ist) and so are the voters who elected him

Captain Queeg is about to declare the missing strawberries a national emergency

Tom Reed (R-NY) will keep his paychecks during shutdown because he doesn't like publicity stunts

Cambodian jailed for three years for insulting the king on Facebook

A secret LEGOverse:

Jeff Weaver will not return as Bernie Sanders' campaign manager in 2020

Woman breaks into police station, wanted to date cop

Kevin McCarthy's Family Has Benefited From Gov't Program Reserved For Minorities

"Democrats do not want to be in this battle in districts where I won, where there's sanity"

MSNBC is letting Trump lie live on TV again. I'm watching Judge Judy now.

Baldie, pants on fire, claims that illegal immigration has decreased because of HIM alone.

Looks like Steve King has a primary opponent already - with a big name

How come ReTHUGs didn't give themselves the money for the wall?

Looks like even the usual stoic, serious Patrick Leahy is taking shots:

For your GOP friends and relatives: the conservative Cato Institute explains the wall

There's Going To Be Some Major Track Work On Yellow And Blue Lines This Weekend

Austrian train workers rescue wild goat buried in snowdrift

This guy's built little houses for his rescue chipmunk all over his apartment 😍

Today, the first female Marine graduated from Winter Mountain Leaders Course.

Since Donnie Shit for Brains was fundraising off of his "address"

Trump Has Defeated Himself

I know they won't do anything BUT

MONDAY at 12:00 PM: Iowans To Tell Governor, Legislature - 'Keep Your Promise, Respect Our Retiremen

Gonen Segev: Israel ex-minister admits spying for Iran

does anyone use the web browser seamonkey and do u have problems seeing pics on du?

Respighi: "Ancient Airs and Dances Suite, No.2"/"Variation on a Theme of Franz Schubert"/

Factchecking Trump's Immigration Address

Food stamps, housing subsidies and other services for America's poor at risk as shutdown drags on

House Dems to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. first in Russia probe

NFL drops appeal over dementia claims in concussion case

LIVE Jan 10, 11:30AM - Sanders, Cummings and Colleagues Announce Legislation to Lower Drug Prices

The Quintessential Cypress Swamp

Last Pitcher to start both games of a double header

LIVE Jan 10, 11:30AM - Sanders, Cummings and Colleagues Announce Legislation to Lower Drug Prices

Democrats Start Investigative Gears, but Slowly

This wall is needed for national security...

'We're struggling': Federal shutdown is impacting everyday Americans in unexpected ways

Elderly, conservatives shared more Facebook fakery in 2016

Iran says it is holding US Navy veteran

House Intelligence Committee is restarting the Russia probe - Don Jr gets 1st subpoena

A shut-down government actually costs more than an open one

Rollerboard luggage is ALWAYS the best choice...

Keep calling McConnell's offices DC: (202) 224-2541--he has BLOOD & DISEASE on his hands now

Secular Rescue Story: Durba's Escape


Syria Kurds say 8 foreign jihadists captured including US teen

Pilot: Shutdown adding new risk to air travel

School official who allegedly told trans teen 'You freak me out' could keep job

Five takeaways from Trump's Oval Office address

Is the wall more important to the GOP than tax cuts?

Shutdown will not impact February food stamp benefits: USDA

Democratic Response Got Higher Ratings Than Trump


Trump claims right to declare border emergency, Democrats to test Republican resolve

Any other Cult survivors on DU?

Conservatives prefer toxic masculinity over what's actually best for men's health

Former Insys CEO pleads guilty to opioid kickback scheme

Self-described Proud Boys member thought his brother was a lizard -- so he allegedly killed him

Someone seems.....testy

Trump asked Pelosi if she would accept wall and when she didn't, Trump walked out of the meeting

Shutdown prevents taxpayer money paying for religious indoctrination of students

Senate Finance chair says no to giving Trump more tariff authority

Schumer and Pelosi are describing a disturbing meeting.

Need help with keto cooking.

Finished reading email from Harley Rouda who was sworn in last week.

Venezuela's Maduro warns of 'diplomatic measures' against LatAm critics

Steve Schmidt: "Where are the Pesos for the wall?" (Epic Rant)

Has Mitch McConnell abandoned ship??

What a totally unexpected and shocking surprise: Pence is blaming Democrats for ALL OF IT

It's OFFICIAL the US Government is Trump's hostage

Here's to the Religion Group - DU's Most Active Discussion Group!

**BREAKING** Rosenstein will stay on until Mueller submits report!

DC water board jokes about shutting off water to White House amid shutdown

Kevin McCarthy describes Trump as remaining calm

Fuck them.

McCarthy is LYING to the press, saying Pelosi said NO to border security. She said NO to the WALL.

Why should the Dems negotiate for something that will never be built?

Fire fighters union rips into Trump over threat to withhold FEMA funding from California

Trump Regarding Border Security

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie to divorce after 25 years of marriage

Coast Guard told workers to have garage sales to cover lost wages

Mineral Co. judge issued warning over refusal to preside over same-sex weddings

If "Border Security requires some sort of barrier"...

West Virginia judge issued warning over refusal to preside over same-sex weddings

Trump calls meeting with Pelosi and Schumer a 'total waste of time'

Trump "slammed the table," walked out of a meeting and called it "a waste of time"

There IS a crisis.

Without recounting, and assuming you heard the D and R comments, who do you believe?

I am waiting for a comment from Steve Schmidt.....

He just walked out!

LOL. I think those jackasses actually believed Pelosi would agree to a Wall.

So Now He Is Blaming A Humanitarian Crisis On The Dems....

I think it is time to put some pressure on Ernst

"Men are so emotional. This is why they don't make good leaders. Needs to calm down and smile more."

Schumer calls on Trump to withdraw Barr nomination

Pence just told us to call our Senators and Congressmen

Meet Mark Herbert: The Story of Broccoli Brothers Circus

Feeding the Furloughed

Just got this from Michael Moore, via Facebook. He has a good heart.

I just LOVE our Democratic Field, yes I LOVE any and all Democrats running or even thinking of it

The White House Press cowards

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Singlehandedly Shifting the Overton Window

You have to understand Trump's strategy for negotiations: He walks away.

More Bullying Found In Areas that Voted for Trump

While the media was asking the white hair liar (Pence) some really stupid questions

In social media, always refer to "Trump's Christmas Shutdown". Hammers how grinchy cruel he is.

His Walkout From This Meeting Today Was Part 2 Of His Plan To Shift Blame To The Dems.....

Kelly Ann O'Donnell is one of the persons who attempts to normalize this fucking lunatic

Either he folds or we fold.

The wall was a mnemonic device to keep Trump focused--plain and simple. And now this is happening.

Pelosi on Trump: "He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money. But they can't"

I am so upset that Unindicted Co-Conspirator is angry!

52 Places to go in 2019

-45, like my soon-to-be ex-husband, is a narcissist

Jeff Weaver won't reprise role as Sanders campaign manager

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have already been arrested!

Federal shutdown threatens programs for sexual assault victims

how much do you think it would take to bribe the PINO to just walk away?

How cute! Do you remember the scam-artist who tried to frame Mueller for sexual assault?

People are doing what Trump said and calling their Congresspersons

House Dems order acting AG Whitaker to testify by late January

FOIA Follies: FAVORITE records denial ever. Agency withheld records because,...

Sunset amongst Bald Cypress

They need rip the Band-Aid off, now

Trump offered Schumer and Pelosi Butterfingers, M&M's and Baby Ruth's

Already reeling from tariff war, some farmers aren't receiving government support checks amid shutdo

Steyer won't run for president in 2020

Federal shutdown could delay Paine Field passenger flights

Not only call your Congressional Reps, WRITE letters to your local papers...

Durbin says Trump whined that he didn't want the meeting with Pelosi and Schumer today.

Law firm that represented Russian interests part of mystery Mueller subpoena case

Forest ranger's retirement is blocked by border-wall standoff

Gov. Inslee pushes public health insurance statewide

Does this depress you? When did it start??? (kids can't walk home from school alone).

What if Obama had declared that our healthcare was in a state of emergency?

Fox News' Shep Smith and Andrew Napolitano agree: The Trump campaign colluded with Russia

Defeat Joni Ernst Fund!

Milbank: Dr. Spock diagnosed Trump's problem years ago

Next time you rob a bank and the cops show up, try this argument..

Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Roommate's $10 Million Winning Lottery Ticket

Kellyanne Conway attacks polling numbers that don't even exist yet

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-1: Game Of Groans Edition

A wall in the middle of our city would kill our culture': Laredo resident

Gov. Cooper urges Hurricane Florence victims to sign up for STEP

Twitler got TKO'd by a pair of ... NanChucks!!

Who's not compromising?

They lied about Vietnam, they lied about Iraq

The Humanitarian Crisis in the Oval Office

Ginsburg Misses Oral Arguments For Third Day In A Row

Chuck Todd- More people watched Chuck And Nancy's Rebuttal Than Trump

Dan Rather is pretty funny. His latest:

The Republican defense when the trials begin:

Trump's Oval Office speech 'did not change 100 minds'

Pence says Trump 'passed out candy' and didn't raise his voice in shutdown meeting

#BoycottFoxEndShutdown it's the only way

Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

Stormy Daniels says 100K (!) people watched her fold her underwear during Donald Trump's speech.....

Charges: Man harassed, assaulted lesbian couple at Seahawks game

State college GOP Federation revokes recognition of far-right WSU group

Coast Guard advises furloughed employees hold garage sales, babysit to ease financial woes

I think MF-45 Might not realize

Leading cause of death in Russia...

This nails Trump in WH meeting today! It's the George Costanza Negotiation Strategy.

Is this acceptable office attire?

Cartoons 1/09/19

The 'Motherfucker' refused to negotiate...

Liberal Redneck - The God Damn Wall

article from John Schindler, very interesting if true

The moment Putin decided he wanted Trump to be president.

California Republican begs Trump to stop threats of cutting off money for his fire-stricken district

Jeh Johnson is an interesting sleeper candidate for vice president.

Tarrant County GOP set to vote on whether to remove vice-chairman because he's Muslim

Folks, it's not Adderall that tRump has a problem's THIS:

NBC: Rosenstein Will Stay Put Until Mueller Submits Report

"unmute this"

Nancy Pelosi gets a delivery of 10,000 roses, thanks to an online fundraiser

A simple reason why fighting for the "WALL" is the stupidest idea Trump has ever had..

Luckovich-R Kelly-I believe that I can fly

Shutdown impasse: 8 House Republicans break with Trump on shutdown strategy, back Democrats' plan...

If House gets trump's tax returns, the senate wants a copy also

The U.S. Doesn't Have a Border Crisis. Trump's Campaign Does.

Trump did not bring in Manafort who then went to the Russians

Hey Chuck Todd.................FU

The Times' Oligarch Switcheroo - By Josh Marshall (NYT screwed up...AGAIN!)

Three-Day Woodstock Festival From Original Organizer Coming This Summer


Trump Attorney General nominee has 20-year friendship with Robert Mueller -- and wives do Bible study

Meet Jahana Hayes, Connecticut's newest member of the House of Representatives!

Time's Up, Women in Film Slam Skydance for Hiring John Lasseter: It 'Endorses and Perpetuates a Brok

Oh wow. Bette Midler nailed it!!

Quid Pro NO!

Wednesday evening laugh!

"Easy to be Hard"

Turtle Soup: McConnell "didn't say a word at the meeting," per Dick Durbin

Trump thinks "to negotiate" means to bluster, bully, and bribe.

Is there anyone in the Trump family who isn't completely clueless?

Hong Kong Moves to Make Disrespecting Chinese Anthem a Crime

Regarding the incredible skill Trump demonstrated meeting with Pelosi and Schumer. (Sarcasm ahead)

Country Fried Steak or Southwest Chipotle Sandwich?

Caption Trump's photo

What's for Dinner, Wed, Jan. 9, 2019

Police: 2 assault transgender woman in N. Carolina bathroom

Did anyone see The Rookie last night.

trump thrives on 'Sadistic Power'

Federal judge strikes down Iowa law on undercover ag workers

Federal judge strikes down Iowa law on undercover ag workers

Tornado touched down in Pa. on Tuesday: National Weather Service

Stephen Miller....

trump is using McConnell to break the impasse, using him to save face and vilify the dems

Rump Shutdown Argument Shutdown. 0-3

My Apple Watch just told me trump is batshit crazy. I didn't know there was an app for that. But

Author Stephen King...

A wall will make human and drug trafficking worse

Michael Flynn limited to 20miles of DC or 40 miles of Middletown, RI per new court filing

Why does the media continue to cover the wall like it's a real thing?

8 House Republicans break with Trump and vote to end shutdown

El Paso has consistently been one of the safest cities in America.

This is probably how it will all end up going down.

Before & After Pittie stories. They'll break your heart then mend it again.

It's all their fault

"Because then you won't give me what I want"

Hey Mexico! See what kind of mess you have made by not paying for the wall?

Where Is He? -The one legislator with greatest control over this outcome is Mitch McConnell.

Tennessee Flat-top Box

Gov. Gavin Newsom orders 'reinvention' of troubled California DMV

Boom : Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him millions

I'm trying to imagine what $5.7 billion could do in terms of REAL national security.

When more repubs break from tRump...and they will...

If MF RUMP continues with the wall Bullshit i hope

Metal Free Thermochemical Water Splitting at Unusually Mild Conditions.

House Democrats Want Answers on Admin's Decision to Lift Sanctions on Deripaska Companies