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A quick Google search indicates that, so far, the IRS has distributed $218.4 billion in

stimulus payments.

Supposedly, 2.5 million jobs were "created" in the past month.

Unless my math is wrong, that comes ton $87,360 per job.

The payments end in July.

And, Trump just made a $10 million ad buy to brag about how he has "saved" us and how the economy will now "take off like a rocket ship".

Carry on.

If you haven't seen this, please watch: (credit Kingofalldems)


When I watched this grown-ass man assault a CHILD who was posting notices of a George Floyd protest event, rip her flyers from her hand and then turn and attack the guy who was videoing his rage, I was reminded of something my dad used to say about such punks.

Dad would have sighed and then stated that if he'd have witnessed what the guy did, they'd have had to take both him and the bully to the hospital in the same ambulance. Someone would always ask "Why in the same ambulance?" And, then Dad would squint just a little and say " 'Cause my right leg would be knee-deep in his ass!"

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

If you disobey an order from an unidentified armed person who wears no badge, patch or

other insignia indicating they are LEO, what law have you broken?

Are we to the point where dressing in camo and brandishing a firearm makes a person "the law"?

If one is threatened by one of these unidentified gun-toters and shoots them with their lawful concealed-carry weapon, would that not be justifiable self-defense? (i.e., "Who knew?)

Barr and the boys are playing with fire.

Dear Mr. Trump, sir: We were all real happy out here in Red Murika to hear that you

have built your wall around your WHITE House! Now those un-American thugs with their embarrassing signs will not be able to disrupt the important work you're doing for us 24/7.

Could I be so bold as to offer a suggestion? In addition to the stone towers which I am sure are already on your drawing board, why not dig a deep moat just outside your wall all the way round the WHITE House? We all know you have "drained the swamp" in DC so why not put all those evicted alligators to good use?

Put 'em in the moat, sir!

Once installed, the gators wouldn't cost a cent to maintain because you could just feed 'em all the libtards they can eat! That's quite a "two fer", isn't it, sir?

Well, got to go now. There's a militia meeting tonight and it's my turn to bring the Biden silhouette targets.

MAGA, sir!

Did Plato know Trump? "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools

speak because they have to say something."--- Plato

To the many decent people still working within the federal government who have witnessed

criminal conduct, unconstitutional acts, perjury, lying to Congress, self-dealing or destruction/concealment of evidence by officials of the Trump administration: the ball is in your court.

9Most of this nation and the world are by now painfully aware that Trumpism is a malignancy that, left unchecked, could usher in a new version of the Dark Ages which would spread a pandemic of fear, despair, suffering and death. Some of you could help stop Trumpism in its tracks by simply sharing with the world what you know; what you've seen and what you've heard.

Speaking out would likely cost you your job, but when the future of our democracy is literally at risk, does that really justify your silence? Trumpism is determined to tear down the government we know and have taken for granted. Will your job even exist in a totally Trumpian America?

Do you want anyone named Trump to be responsible for your child's life and safety? For your grandchildren's?

Stand up. Speak out. Bear witness to the perfidy and corruption that is part and parcel of Trumpism. I believe that a grateful nation will provide for you and yours.

This may not have bothered me if it had occurred during any prior administration, but it

definitely bothers me while Trump is in power.

There are just too damn many "law enforcement personnel" on our streets without any visible badges, insignias or name plates that identify who they are and what agency or force they are with. Police? National Guard? Secret Service? Active duty military? Rent-A-Mercenary provided by Eric Prince? Who can tell?

I recall that when Putin invaded Crimea, he did it with Russian soldiers who did not wear regular Russian Army uniforms. They wore identical drab green uniforms without any insignias to identify them as Russians. And, Trump apparently consults Vlad frequently, most recently the day before yesterday

I think any armed personnel patrolling American streets should be easily identified by members of the public. "Secret soldiers" should not be permitted to serve in any capacity.

It struck me the other evening that I have been guilty of stereotyping. I have on

several occasions posted universal condemnations of ALL Republicans and have used a broad brush to paint all of them as being greedy, arrogant, hypocritical racist frauds. But, that was wrong. Some Republicans do not deserve to be described like that and I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to them-------BOTH of them.

Boy Howdy! Trump's tough talk in the Rose Garden and his military ambush of peaceful

protesters last evening sure worked! Yessirree, there are no protests taking place anywhere in America today! I guess they are all just feeling "dominated".

That Trump is a real badass, isn't he? No protests any----------------

Never mind.

Matt Gaetz talks like a man who is absolutely convinced he has too many teeth. nt

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