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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 65,634

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Flip Flop!


It's wonderful to have a strong sense of hope again

Please excuse me while I have a complete freak out that Biden and Harris are speaking at my high school!


The Adults Are In The Room


Trump's Post Office Plan Exposed By Trump

Trump on the Post Office: "They don't have the money to do the mail in voting. Are they gonna do it even if they don't have the money?"

Trump says that without the Postal Service money that he's blocking, the election will be "greatest fraud in history."


Boob appears on Mt Rushmore at the Covid Rally in Sturgis, SD (visual warning)


-France: 0 -United Kingdom: 0 -Canada: 4 -Germany: 6 -Italy: 6 -United States: 1,450


'Where were you in April guys?' Sports columnist shreds GOP 'tantrums' over college football

A sports columnist on Wednesday hammered Republican lawmakers who are complaining about college football being cancelled even though they spent months doing nothing to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic that so far has killed more than 165,000 Americans.

Appearing on CNN, USA Today’s Christine Brennan argued that we could be seeing college football begin right now if public officials had done the necessary work to contain the pandemic earlier this year.

“What we’re hearing from all of these politicians, the temper tantrums that were thrown by people from Jim Jordan to Ben Sasse to Marco Rubio to Ron DeSantis, ‘We want our football!'” she said. “Where were you in April, guys? Where were you in may? Where were you in June?”

Brennan then speculated that many of these politicians are more worried about facing voter backlash instead of missing college football, although she said they have no one but themselves to blame if they take the heat for seasons being cancelled.

“We’re seeing people arrive to this too late when we could see the warning signs,” she said. “The Ivy League, five weeks ago today, the Ivy League canceled fall sports. Five weeks ago, they knew exactly what they were doing.”


What, your wife doesn't greet you at the door with a martini and a smile after a long day...?

What, your wife doesn’t greet you at the door with a martini and a smile after a long day in the paragraph mines?


Check the manual! You gotta read the manuals! They're the best manuals! Everyone says so!!

Brian Tyler Cohen sums up a Donald Trump press conference response to the virus:

Obama fought WWII but was forced to concede defeat because of the pandemic of 1917 and since then the cupboards have been bare. They couldn't even test for it because there weren't any tests. All the while our soldiers didn't have any bullets. No bullets. Could you imagine? No bu…

And no water. You buy a new house and the water doesn't work but Trump has fixed that. New water but old lightbulbs. The new bulbs explode. We want college football. The players want to play.

They say, "Sir--" and they're crying. You've never seen men cry like this. "Sir, we must

We won the Revolutionary War by taking the airports. We took the airports. And we had the biggest hurricanes, from the standpoint of wetness and water. So much wet. But that's what many people say. He's stuck in the basement. You have to wonder why. Person man woman camer

And they were spying on us. They admitted it. "Sir," they said-- and they were crying also. "We spied on you." The deep state I call it. And you get cancer just from standing near a windmill. And if you're a bird, forget it. Biden and AOC want to kill the birds. Check the manual.

Biden is confused but also an Antifa supersoldier who will turn your neighborhood into Portland. He is sleepy and diabolical and he didn't write that tweet. Ask him to take the test, he won't. The last five questions are impossible, the doctors fainted. Biden hates the suburbs.
He wants to hurt God. He wants God dead. But we won't let that happen. The Two Corinthians forbid that. Both Corinthians. Inject it into the body, is there a way to do that? We're looking into it strongly. We're taking a look. We'll have a big announcement on that. In two weeks.


Just sent for mine!

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