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Archives: March 4, 2005

U.S. Threatens Bolivia in Effort to Secure Criminal Court Immunity

Global Eye By Chris Floyd - Published: March 4, 2005

Why good doctors do bad things (Harvard U Gazette)

Negroponte has bad track record (Collegiate Times)

Krugman: Deficits and Deceit (Rips Greenspan and Repukes)

Stockbroker disses Santorum SocSec Town Hall (Letter to Editor)

Ari Berman (The Nation): Going Nowhere -- The DLC Sputters to a Halt

BLAST 391 National Media Contacts to Participate: Curtis virtual conferenc

CBS Evening News - Watergate Revisited

Haiti; One Year On...

Flamefest -- Nevermind, somebody killed it.

Please combine the these two identical posts...

I like to personally thank the admins and the mods for the good work.

Why did the Lounge Need to be Censured..Mod's locked as I asked..

Confused.. Why Lock? A Tyrant Cornered

I'm going to guess that Obama and Durbin are aganist this

Pls read our proposal for voter verified paper ballots for California...

KOEB (Thursday)

Rosenfeld: The New Voting Rights Movement Begins Here Today

Ohio School Levy vote compared to Florida (not Ohio) -- and get this

San Jose residents--we need your help Friday to save free speech!

Pls read our proposal for paper ballots of record in California......

Los Angeles Times (3/3): Governor's Agenda Losing Traction

Please write Star Tribune re Bill against professor Free Speech

Checking one's e-mail address to see if it's considered spam.

It's a miracle that I can sign on. windows xp tells me it Saturday

&@)!#@ing Allegheny County! I am MOVING OUT

What the Hell is going on with Kohl.

Have a go at the Dumbya Voodoo Doll!

16 days to Global Protest

A Student's Job is hard work!

Challenge to Cnet- PROVE there's a *coming crackdown on blogging*

Syracuse U. Dedication To 1500 "Faces of the Fallen" Soldiers

CNN can't have it both ways

Put a name to this quote!

U.S. Troops Deaths in Iraq Top 1,500

KO will be talking about Gannon ----------------sorry, ingnore, dupe

"Only the little people pay taxes"


we must stop the heterosexual agenda

Why do Repukes LOVE to point and call people "traitors" (Ward Churchill)

Why exactly are the FCA and Bible Clubs allowed in schools?

"Bring 'Em On!" Part-II ... Re:OBL

GREAT PHOTOSHOP on Bartcop....bush* 'Piratization' of Social Security

Who owns your e-mail

One Thousand Five Hundred

Keith Olbermann on Countdown will discuss Jefff GANNON!

Sam Sedar is great by himself



Zippo Upset by Federal Airport Ban

Am I an ignorant, tasteless dolt if I...

Fake banks lure customers online

Freepers are afraid the Clintons are going to take over the world!

The Problem and Delusion of Freepers

How Europe beat Bush on Iran and China

Info on Perkins, right-wing columnist who resigned today

Hello... Freddy Freeper here......

Chimp doesn't want us to follow the money

If it's bad for us to compare Bush to Hitler...

Help me remember? Please?

Does anyone know if this Falwell story is legit?

What is a corporation?

New World Media Watch....stories you won't read in the US press

"They can have our Constitution...we're not using it.."

Let's look at this honestly what would not only make Bush look good BUT

needs caption: the chimp acting up at the CIA today....

Media's role in BTK scrutinized - OMG!

DoD internship requirements--wtf?

Whistleblower Staff Blow The Whistle On Special Counsel

Sean Hannity hosts an online dating service...???

Bob Dylan's interesting political observations

Ann Coulter on Scarborough, "All we get is Klansmen and nuts to argue with

"The Iron Body Express" ROTFLMAO

Replay: Must See: Zappa/Lofton/Novak on Crossfire in 1986

Osama has been mention I notice a few times this past week and

Nightline 3/3: Vermonters, their war dead, and old-time democracy

Jon Stewert for Press Seceretary in '08

Chronology Of U.S. Intervention In The Middle East

Reinstatement of the Draft - my perspective

1500 US Dead via Iraq, USMedia: "Martha, Martha, Martha!"

I tell people who voted for Bush...

Joe Scarborough

CA Nurse's "kick Arnold's butt" And Man, deservingly so...

I just thought of a Catch-22 the bush administration is caught in

Rob Corddry is just destroying the media on the Daily Show.

Is al-Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

Ari Fleischer to guest with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

Question about the draft

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

They have finally admitted it. What took them so long.

Best. Daily Show. Ever!

We have more to worry about than HST's last word: "Counselor."

Kurtz: Media itself, not WH, damages press credibility

What can anyone share with me re: Canadian Healthcare vs. U.S> Healthcare?

Hey. I disappeared for awhile

US to build biggest prison in Iraq

Putin to Bush: My nuke is better than yours, nani-nani-boo-boo

Distressed American Protest Art Is Looking Anti-Bush Artists, Writers, etc

Greenspan is the poster boy for "hackery"

"Mr. Chairman, I have a question"

If I say things in the middle east seem to be improving, am I a republican

***LOOK*** Who has seen this "Esuvee" commercial with the Snuffalupagus

Illegal immigration idea......Am I crazy, or could this work?

When will the media start covering peak oil on a regular basis?

2001: oil fell below $17 a barrel. Now some analysts fear $100 price

WCKY out of Ohio-picking it up in Chicago-Check in if you're picking it up

Has Nancy Grace EVER thought an accused was innocent?

Batten down the hatches...Martha's getting out!!!

Family and Friends think I'm "Crazy"......Husband wants me to stop reading

Cuba ... In *'s Sights?

Transcript of Reid calling Greenspan "one of the biggest political hacks

Is there such a thing as a democrat who favors a "flat" (regressive) tax?

I'd like to start an Anti-War DU group.

Are the DEMS going to take over both houses in 2006?

So I hear there's been some whining in here

Did Lizz Winstead get fired from Air America last night???

How smart people will handle the new Bankruptcy law

What Is Wrong With Kansas; this among other things

So what happens to the Fundies when they aren't Raptured?

Can I come hang out with you folks?

Army misses recruiting goal (by more than 27%)

Center for Constitutional Rights Takes Case of U.S. Torture and ...

Activism Works!! US doesn't deport MA teacher!

France Opens Massive Pedophilia Trial

Bush to Meet Leaders of Canada, Mexico on March 23

Gay Ads Draw Ire in Mexico (from sick fundies)

China's Pearl in Pakistan's Waters (China in the Persian Gulf)

NYT/AP: Nation's Retailers Report Solid February Sales

War on terror more important than democracy in Pakistan

U.N.: AIDS May Kill 80M Africans by 2025

Fake banks lure customers online

China Lashes Out at Serious US Human Rights Violations

Syrians dig in as Saudis join calls to leave Lebanon

Pakistan to get U.S. planes this year

Vatican seeks intervention from State Dept.

At congressional hearing, reservists complain of health-care inconsistency

Head of Whistleblower Office Criticized

FCC's Powell Not for Cable Indecency Rules

(Reuters) Bush Shifts Emphasis on U.S. Social Security

NYT: Gene Therapy Is Facing a Crucial Hearing (technology disappoints)

Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse

U.S. must address global warming, Bush ally says

NYT: Homeland Security Chief Promises More Money to Protect Likely Targets

WP: Frist Revises Social Security Remarks, Urges Prompt Action

NYT: Labor Leaders Reject Rival Plan to Shift More Money to Organizing

Turkey deploys 1,357 troops in Northern Iraq

WA GOP Releases List in Voter Challenge (Rossi/Gregoire deathmatch)

Gibbons speech was plagiarized

Martha Stewart to Be Released From Prison

NYT: Dwarf Species (Hobbit) Might Have Been Human Ancestor, Scientists Say

Autism rises despite MMR ban in Japan

Navy Plans To Sink America - MSNBC

Rumsfeld Ill, but Continues Working

From Cuba, Three Dissidents Back Bush

Saddam's son Uday was poised to topple dad : controversial US journalist

Growing Speculation Hovers Over Bill Frist

U.S. Gag on Needle Exchange Harms U.N. AIDS Efforts

Indiana Man Charged With Trying To Sell Secrets To Iraq (US agents' names)

WP: Senate Democratic Leader Blasts Greenspan ("political hack")

Judge rules governor illegally blocked new nursing staff ratios (Arnie)

U.S. Used Banned Weapons In Fallujah-Health Ministry

Ma's taxes, drizzle, and bro: Sound like a new movie ?

If you've got herpes and need a date... Got to Herpes

"I'm in the mooooood for ...; Simply because you're ..."

Bush' new science policies:

So I'm addicted to Sex In The City.........

Right wing-leftwing word association game

Where's REV?

I See How You All Are!!!

I just had to share this...

Pen ink on leather - anything to do?

Who wants there Horoscope for tomorrow???

Let's have a contest!

Which movie is better?

So, I had a very violent outburst today

So, I had a very violet outburst today

Doctor Who starts Tuesday April 5th at 8pm on the CBC.


has everyone read a bushku?


For years I loved to clean and cook

Shoot me. Martha Stewart is back in the news for her frickin' release

Hilarious Freeperisms

Somebody's deodorant stinks!

I am out of work & I need an EBAY mentor...

The Lost In Space character most likely to be an effing FREEPER.

I'm taking my 9 year old son to Washington, DC next weekend

Bar full of Bikers or a church full of Christians?

Tell me about your wardrobe malfunction

NEWSFLASH: name not needed is a chronic liar!

Human Cannonball special on Discovery Channel

Ethical crisis

Healing Stones

Want to know your birthstone???

Movie alert: The Adventures of Robin Hood. TCM, 7 Central.

I have to tell you this funny story (it's short!)


Blatant, MISLEADING Fox teaser headline: "Violent Chimps Break Free"

I like the cut of your jib!

I'm getting a kiss! I'm so F'ing excited I could bathe every one of you!

I think I need a new hairdo. What do you think of this?

Mmm... Cake.



Al Hedges and LeftPeopleFinishFirst are getting Married!











Science fair crisis! Help desperately needed!

Oh, good gravy!


Should I have beer with my steak or wine with my steak??

Oh, wavy gravy.

What should my 500th post be about?


trogdor wins, the rest of you copycatters can pack yer stuff and go home


It looks like my cold's going away (THANK GOD!!!).

How many damn Law and Order series can there be?

You guys are freaking me out!

Say, how do I get into that thread that has nothing in the subject line??

Why did the Lounge need to be Censured?


Weird scenes inside the goldmine.

Why are some people so easily SHOCKED?

I'm going to London and Paris next week...what can I bring back for you?

The Worst Part About Moving Is.....PACKING!!!!

Shouldn't you be doing something?

When using moisturizer...

Who thinks Pretty Metal is making a comeback?

I love everyone except hedges!

Replace one word in a DUer's name with a car part.

Slipped into something comfortable (photo)


NT: Dwarf Human Brain, might have been bush's, scientists say.

Replace one car part with a DUer...

I'm coming to the Lounge to catch my breath

Slipped into something comfortable (photo)

I said no cats!


"The Great Dictator" is on TCM

Ahhh...caffeine...truly, the drug of the gods

McG? What kind of fucking name is McG?

Would you rather be Jesus or a Cucumber?

How do you get your own forum?

trying to find picture of George Pataki cover from National Review

More trivia- banana lore

The kids were not happy with the new tricycle designs

What should my 500th post be about?

I think I'm going to be banned from KOS

What does it mean to speak in toungues?


Congrats to antigone382!!! 1,000 Posts!!!!

Ghost Story Thread

Best One Hit Wonder..Stuck in the Middle with You...discuss



Martha Stewart made $4.5 million dollars a day in prison

Neko Case

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near??

Who the fuck ate my truffles?

I had a post deleted.

Why the hell am I getting an occasional pop-up?

What you looking at, fool????

They just plugged FreeRepublic on The Daily Show


How do you want your eggs?

"You did WHAT with the catnip?!?"

Daily Show.

Jerry Orbach fans. His last show is on tonight...Premier of L&O

Did you know how much your co-workers make $ ?

Ari Fleisher on the Daily Show tonight

Damn & Blast. Grrrr.

If you were given 6 months to live

Martha getting out in ONE HOUR!!!!

Why aren't you using fire?

Who ate the last of my miracle whip?

EUREKA!!! I Figured Out The Numbers For Last Night's Lost!!!!!!!

Judas Priest...Angel of Retribution

Confess! Who thinks of me as the annoying little brother of DU?

If you were given 200 years to live.

Thursday Night FLAME FEST: Hockey is better than baseball or football

A question.

Well THAT was embarrassing!!!

If I had a million dollars

ATTN: Ft Meade/Severn/Laurel/Glen Burnie Area DUers: I need a bit-o-help

Assign Martha to House Arrest at MY House

6666 posts. Is that more evil than evil?

Weird stuff in the lounge...some kind of computer code crap???

The only porno email my husband and I receive


My monitor is out of focus and there's no focus adjustment, Am I screwed?

Do you ever laugh at your own posts?

What causes B12 malabsorption?

I think I have the flu :(

Stereotypes all day long... Why LOCK Some?

Any experts want to help me with puppy potty training?

The Lounge is Boring Tonight

Who watched the new Law and Order tonight?

Is low-carb chocolate ice cream bad for my cat?

JImmyJazz is ignoring me.

Just a little off the top.

You have got to FOCUS

Who the MUCK rate my fruffles?

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. (very nice sunset.)

This is a cool pic.

Welcome Home Martha!

This is kind of cool: The 2005 HGTV Dream Home winner?

I touched Shananigans hiney!

Track your musical tastes!!


Can you decipher this Bush Sr. quote??

Opinions on Mark Twain?

Tell me something to cheer me up

Why aren't you using Firefox?

Steel cage match: WindRavenX VS Kathy In Cambridge

The lounge needs a low-pass filter tonight

One of the coolest films of all time - Pulp Fiction

Garbage Truck Compacts Homeless Man Sleeping In Dumpster (he lived!)

If Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris or Paul Dinello are here, I have a "?"

I'm home, sweethearts!

Tonya Harding to wrestle transvestite in Florida

Guys: I have a personal question for you. Just curious...

So no Belle and Sebastian calendar for me

Could System Of A Down quite possibly be the best band in the world??

What cartoon character most closely resembles your personality?

OK...Not To Be Crabby, But...I REALLY Wish The Ann/Man Coulter Jokes

A Lick and a Promise

Quiz: What Kind Of Drug Is Best For You?

Are there any celebrities on DU?

What is your favourite Captain Haddock epithet?

Per Kathy's request, tonight's flamebait: Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

Those pictures of the Red Tailed Hawk I promised are in a week early ;-)

Top10 Things GOPisEVIL Must Know Before Spending The Weekend At MY House!!

Question for the ladies

Guys, another personal question for you...

What is your favorite fish to eat?

I know the real reason Kleeb's been away

Which is better? Caribou or Starbucks.

Moms against Bush

My cat just gave my face a bath

What's your favorite Easter Candy (edited to include all my Peeps)

Whats your favortie Daily Show sketch?

Favorite Founding Father?

I'm watching baseball.

Life After The Curse

Patriots pick up Arizona cornerback Duane Starks

My kitty is on Catster

I posted under the pet name inspiration thread, but forgot to ask...

Bizarre pet photos

Astrologers, I need help

Astrologers: Uranus + Peak Oil = ??????

Astrologers: Welcome to the Spring Equinox.

More Pics. Cuz you can never have enough Pics!

Maybe I should turn in my moniker

Still a hero: JK helps teacher threatened with deportation

I posted some pics in the lounge, I don't believe in spamming

BLAST 391 National Media Contacts to Participate: Curtis virtual conferenc

Does Lieberman get a cookie for his voting on Bankruptcy amendments?

GannonGuckert Reward Increased to $20,000.00

Grassley Says Drug Importation Bill Will Be Passed This Summer!!!

The Chimp is visiting a BAD part of Pittsburgh on Monday.

Where the money goes.

Democratic "Resolution of Inquiry" to force Repubs hand on Gannongate

Should we email

We need to constantly link the GOP to the homophobic Topka Phelps movement

"She Has the Power." Gloria Totten and Progressive Majority. The Nation.

About the failing SS plan

My Fellow Americans: Your Social Security is under threat....

Senator Harry Reid: Sign our Pledge to Protect Social Security

Statement of Sibel Edmonds - 3/2/05

If you don't like my US flag display you can just call....................

Gannongate Swinging Open? New Move in Congress for Info

Going Nowhere The DLC Sputters to a Halt ( Nation article 3/3/05

I Need Help...

Was DNC Chair Howard Dean’s “Hotel Staff” Barb Racist or Racial?

Hey the Cali Nurses just kicked Arnolds Butt. in court ruling

(NY NewsDay) Daily Show 'reporter' pulls City Hall (Gannon) spoof

The National Review: Stem Cell research=euginics

What is being said about liberals?

QUESTION about U.S. Soldier death count.

Great Charts The bush econmic record

Pls read our proposal for paper ballots of record in California.....

Just heard on Keith Olbermann.....

Someone tell Ari Fleischer to crawl back in his effing hole.

Ted Rall Cartoon: Comparing Bush To Hitler (hilarious!)

Another bald-headed conservative fake "journalist" mysteriously resigns

Conason: "Bush's Reform Program Smells like Con Job"

College Republicans becoming very visible and aggressive on our

Action Alerts! Please DU these

Explain this to me about SS. Our employers match our payments in SS.

a letter to condi from Lloyd Axworthy (great read)

Dianne Feinstein's head sees the light of day!

Can the the bankruptcy bill be considered a Democratic acid test?

Rove Uses Campaign Playbook to Mastermind Social Security Fight

Who is the CA supposed Heavyweight that will take on Arnold??

Jim Gibbons, R-Nevada, too DUMB to write his own hate speech

Amy Goodman just put some whoopass on Tweety

Where do liberals and centrists disagree? What issues?

George W Bush 1998 Drunk Video

Would you support a "Draft Ralph" effort against Lieberman in 2006?

Martha ROCKS aren't we all safer now that martha went to prison!

Do you ever wonder how many traffic accidents are caused by

In 2042, there will only be 2 workers per SS retiree....?

Illegal immigration I crazy, or could this work?

Why are Americans so damn conservative?

Ain't life great? Now Bush is a liberal Democrat & the Clintons are war

DKos-How Bankruptcy Saved My Life

TNR: Local Yokels

Recycled rhetoric.......Sidney Blumenthal......on Social Security

A Less Super Superpower

Did the Buck Stop Anywhere at WorldCom? (NYT-Business)

JIngoistic sentimental crap

Iraq insurgents seize initiative

Afterthoughts : Desperate Martians now wooing Venusians

The Super Macho Patriot Brigade

Military Families Speak Out (site LINK-press items, et al)

The Real Story of the Insurgency

GOP pedophilia & S&M trysts: Long history going back to Bush 41 & Reagan

Viguerie: "Still Thundering after These Years" /RW Direct Mail King

Phyllis Schlafly needs help

Ralph Steadman on his friend, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Iraq suicide bombing campaign: a reactionary diversion

KS Atty Gen Kline - huge abuse of office, privacy of women

The Right-Wing (nut) Express (the conservative $$ machine)

Common Dreams: New Water Bill in Senate . . . Offers Wrong Solution

How the CIA Created Bin Laden

Bush a hypocrite to lecture Putin :Andrew Greeley

(PINR)Trying Times in Darfur

U.S. Threatens Bolivia in Effort to Secure Criminal Court Immunity

Buzzflash :NYT's Editor Keller/GOP Hypocrit of Week! /Excellent Read!

New poll finds Bush priorities are out of step with Americans

DKos- Maryscott's Outrage-Senate Bill 256-Bankruptcy

When Democrats Join the Dark Side - Propping up the Republicans

Online Petitions. Sign Them and Pass Them On, Please. Thanks!

Activism works! Victory in Boston! Thank you, Senator Kerry!

Censure Rep. Johnson

What have you given up for your activism?

Gannon on Maureen Dowd. Bwahahahahahahaha!

When Good Search Engines Go Bad - Is Google's new AutoLink a force for evi

Mexican Monarch Numbers Down 75% From 2004 - Reuters

If "Clear Skies" Fails, ChimpCo Will Cut Standards W. Administrative Rules

Forest Fires Have Potential To Render Climate Efforts Moot - Reuters

New Midocean Vent Ecosystem Discovered - Atlantic Site's Chemistry Unique

Tillamook County Dairy Farmers Give rbST, Monsanto The Boot

Penn State Study - Economic Models Neglect Abrupt Climate Shift Potential

Green Burial

unimportant question

Could we have a delete button?

hi everybuddy!

How long will the "Fun be over"

Ahem, Skinner, I know you're busy, but...

How do you feel the groups system is working out for DU so far?

Is the n****r word verboten even in an explanatory post?

Combining threads for duplicate stories is a BIG improvement.

Have you ever considered this?

Skinner! Can I change my name and not tell those

I'll wait for answer to Andy's question

is there any way mods can close this (almost 500 posts!)

This poll was at 92 yes's . Then I voted yes and it was still at 92

I've got a question- I'm curious about something.

I Second Andy's disappointment with the locking of Gannon Wrinkles part 6

Another dumb question

Please consider reopening the Gannon Wrinkle threads

Why was the Gannon 6 thread locked????

information on deleted messages

Can this thread be pinned?

Wrinkles thread

I got called out in GD


Just the inverse.

Militants Clash With Palestinian Police

'Sharon is a war criminal'

Dive bomb attempt in 1974

George Will - 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist?

Chicago Sun-Times: Lincoln-Way board member quits Illinois wins again

Daily Herald: Candidates defend 5-acre zoning

Daily Herald: Hale: 'Only an idiot' could think I did it

If you like high school football...

State Journal Register: State lawmakers see trouble with eye piercings

Possible ID match of killer of judge's family?

I think I'll order a Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza for dinner tonight

Andy how are you? Just found an interview you did with a Japanese web site

State controller wants $15,000 ethics fine cut

Ohio Rep. Davis admits election violation

VIDEO - Daily Show: Media Manipulation and Rob Corddry Spoofs "Gannon"

Voting a straight party ticket DOES NOT include a vote for president in:

Did I just hear what I think I heard?

LAT: November E-Vote a Success, Panel Says (Spin Alert!)

Trickery used to check out voters' signatures: Washington State

Where are we with Votergate?

WA-Gov: GOP Front Group Tricks Voters into Providing Signatures

San Diego to ban write-in votes after write-in candidate wins

GOP votes

If they crackdown on political blogging - what does this mean for the DU?

Friday 3/4 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

people whose votes were switched on electronic machines

I have a great idea to win the vote; but don't know if it is legal?

Voting glitches haunt statistician

MoveOn STILL doesn't get that GOTV won't work if there's election fraud...

The Oregon Smoking Gun

MoveOn: "Kerry didn't get elected"

Invitation to brainstorm: election justice movement's Beanie Baby ?

AP (3/3): Judge rules governor illegally blocked new nursing staff ratios

Too late to redistrict for 2006, some say

Hate Crime Investigation At Tamalpais High School

Platform hearings, testimony, and Convention petitions

Romney Should Resign: Boston Phoenix

Red Sox sink from world champs to the bush league

who's up for reading about hypocrisy from the fright wing?

I visited the House of Charity in downtown Minneapolis today...

Best Pizza in the Twin Cities

Recovering a dead hard drive using dd

What are userfaultcheck and kernelfaultcheck?

Can anybody recommend good anti-virus software other than Norton?

Help Wanted - Ohio GOP Job Openings for Two Regional Field Directors

Bush coming to Columbus March 9...protests organizing?

Onorato wants lid on appeals of property values Casey In; Hafer Out

Re: Bush Visit to Pittsburgh Monday--Any Protests Planned?


Casey enters U.S. Senate race; Hafer withdraws

AAR in Texas...more cities

Feedback, please. Flyer to support County Hospital Funding Bill.

Senator Feingold's mother died Wednesday

Fox Cities DUers

If Rove had met with the editors of the NY times right before Bulge-gate

Social Security: smoke screen for Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & ....

Daily Show video clip-Dino Iron Body

A look at the political contributions of Credit Card Companies:

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

should we boycott NetZero?

Oh No! I Missed Dan Rather on Lettermen. Anyone have video?

Predict the February Jobs Report

The hatred of the right blogs

Women's Army Corps (WAC) Director, COL Mary Hallaren: RIP Dear Lady!

A rethug shares his opinion of our dead troops

Who profits from the interest on the national debt? Is it the Chinese or..

In Iraq, Numbers Tell a Sad Tale

Have all countries used violence to promote their interests?

The Draft, the Media and Rove...

Drafts Show Allbritton's Pursuit of Pinochet

Sundance, 8am,CT. "Grass". Documentary


Cut & Run & Screw Hillary & Lieberman, vote with bush, LOSE my vote

Gas in Kansas City up 16 cents overnight.

Brent Bozell said Ken Lay slept in WH while Clinton was President - LIE

China's Tit-For-Tat with the Chimp

What does it mean to be patriotic to you?

Global Tobacco Treaty w/o the US (of course)


No war threat confronts Russia

What are some of your favorite quotes about government and patriotism

King George wants to try the diplomacy thing again

Was AARP blackmailed by ROVE/US NEXT to support Bush Medicare Proposal?

Hypothetical: If we get out of Iraq in the next few years, will history

CNN headline: bush launches SS Blitz

President's goal is phase-out of Social Security.............Josh Marshall

VIA Cease and desist on nude Jenna Bush pic

Martha Stewart is using the press better then the Bush administration

Bob and Tom knuckleheads call Michael Powell a Nazi Lebanese friend is psyched

Venezuela detects several US battleships near its coasts

Malloy just smacked down another freeper liar

Censorship at its worse - Again What Liberal Media

Required Reading

Stephen "Steve" Johnson, EPA. Not a Household Name . . . Yet.

Another beautiful morning in Baghdad

VIDEO - Daily Show: Media Manipulation and Rob Corddry Spoofs "Gannon"

Senate votes down Dayton amend. to limit credit card interest rates

Anybody else see Ari Fleischer lie last night?

Oh sorry arnie......... Nurses "kick your butt"

GI Special Website

Government Patents [To Control Us]

We have become the enemy ..... for a very simple reason. We want the truth

At least 50 bills now in Congress relate to Bankruptcy

Wow, who did the head job on that poor 9yr old Bushbot?

I see some similarities between the Axis and Coalition of the Willing

Sudan outraged at namesake dye


What was the article about HST being killed that Imus was talking about?

Nice article, even more so because this is a small Nebraska town.

Delay not worried about Abramoff's 'problem'

My God's bigger than your God . . .

Is America Going Broke? (Macleans Article)

Good anti neocon site

Martha Stewart, one last time...

Syria Out of Lebanon: Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Today is my birthday. Ask me anything.

Another teacher having sex with her this is disgusting!

The once great Philadelphia Inquirer ran the 1500 dead GI's

Colleges & Universities - how do conservatives reconcile...

March4th-Govt. under US Constitution begins (1789) FDR inaugurated (1933)

Liz Winstead and Air America...

Is the damage BushCO is doing to America irreversible?

Who believes what Sec "SnowJob" says about Oil ? ---- $53.85 barrel

Warning! Sweaty Simian PIX >>>

House votes to allow religions to discriminate in faith-based initiatives


Maximum Pain is Aim of New US Weapon

new EPA boss: Master of Science (M.S.) in PATHOLOGY

FLIP-FLOP! "Bush shifts emphasis on Social Security"

"Grave Medicare Ills Await Attention" (Your propaganda for the day)

Judge releases DCF document in Schiavo case

hehehe...Martha all over the news....

Know Thy Enemy!!!

Does Anyone Know When the new BK Laws Will Go Into Effect?

Need help capturing a webpage before it goes into the memory hole

Why I support gay marriage and my issue with my own logic.

Good blogsite for news and opinion pieces

DAY 4.....local DC reporter STILL not allowed into White House gaggle

The inalienable right to life and energy becoming unprofitable.

"Gas prices might increase 24 cents the NEXT FEW DAYS"!!

My rant of the day: OIL!

Bush Uses 9-Year old to sell SS Reform...I COUNTER!!!

Hmm, Bush being hypocritical about Syria/Lebanon

Gay couple bashed in Santa Fe, N.M.

It's Official - CNN found to be more funny than Comedy Central

Jobs of the 21st Century.. Can you measure up?

is it just me or...

self delete

"Supreme Court: Deep questions about hostility towards religion"

The REAL 9/11 hijackers

CNN compares Martha to Jimmy Swaggart, Ashleigh Simpson & Janet Jackson

I'm really tired of women getting the shaft by the right wing.

* and historical voting rights march same time in Montgomery, AL

Bush Calls on Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon

BK: You always hear about judicial activism, but what about

Good morning to Andy Stephenson!

Do you think this is a possible scenario?

The brief argument against consumption tax?

CNN's Bill Hemmer endorses Greenspan as our economic savior

For Iran the "Signals" are clear

The tortured logic of the neo-con

Tort reform is such a crock.

The Pugs should read the Bible before they legislate on BANKRUPTCY

Tart reform is such a crock.

Electrical discharge weapons for crowd control.

Anyone know what's happening with Al Gore's TV channel?

Key Iraq wound: Brain trauma

I've seen recent stories about Iran

Fleischer on Gannon, Rathergate on (yuk) Scarborough

MSNBC preempting KO rebroadcast for LIVE coverage WAIT for Martha Stewart

After Iraq, what Du'ers actually buy the Iran threat

Respecting Authority

Take the power back!!

Exxon Mobil to welch on royalties to Venezuela

Negroponte: deranged and without shame

Bush's legacy: the signature wound of the new century--TBI

Rude Pundit wants Fed. Faith Based $$$ for New "No Pants" Church

Bush wielding secrecy privilege to end challenges to anti-terror tactics

The US ran constant commercials in Iraq

Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestinian elections

Another blow for bloggers: No protection of sources says California judge.

LTTE in They Day: When You Really Think About It, Bush Is OK

1502. At least.

Chavez tells US "no oil if you get crazy"

For DU MDs...

Republicans are doo doo heads

Real Time with Bill Maher (tonight, March 4)

Bush to be in Columbus, Ohio March 9 - protesters get ready

10 Commadments

Anyone listen to

B**h's voice now sounds like a drunken minister to me... do you agree?

Which Credit Card Co. is the least offensive?

GREAT CARSON MONOLOGUE: What Democracy Means To Me

Exactly how reliable are those tax preparation software

What is your position regarding immoral laws?

Poor Chimpy -- no one is buying his bullshit

W.'s Stiletto Democracy ...Maureen Dowd

Did you just hear what Novak said regarding Trent Lott?

Buzzflash audio and editorial...Bill Keller NYT, hypocrite of the week.

If it's not about oil than what's it, oil, about?

NCLB: How does this sound to you?

Simple solution to the question of flying the confederate flag.

4 March 2004: what will the news dump be today?

I have a great idea to win the vote; but don't know if it is legal?

Did Jeff Gannon bend over Tony Blair?

If the 10 Commandments were America's legal foundation... (D.C. Simpson)

These videos of insurgents confessing make me nervous

Anyone see / hear this during bankruptcy reform debate?

The Case For U.S. Withdrawl Of Troops From Iraq


Dean not pictured well in Grand Rapids

Stilhettos at Six!!!!! Rice alert - PBS News Hour tonight

Finally! My mom sees the true colors of MSM!

Where Is Our Abbie Hoffman? Where Are Our Anti-War Leaders?

New bankruptcy bill won't allow you to stop a sheriff sale at last minute.

Oooo....these are great bumper stickers/t-shirts!

Blessed Are The Warmongers

Dan Rather just said 4 troops killed today...I can't see any mention

Gannon Wrinkles Part 6

ARGH! Where's that damn 60-day, 60-city schedule?

Terminally ill people should be allowed to die with physicians' help.

Soldiers aren't still dying in Iraq! They had an election!

Is Dan Rather's last CBS Newscast next week?

Study shows 41% drop in number of black Army recruits since 2000

MSNBC's Scarborough gave airtime to anti-gay activist Jael Phelps

Tom Feeney rears his ugly head....holds party to make funs of Dems.

Bush looks ill today >>>

Statement of Sibel Edmonds Before the House Committee on Government Reform

Can someone explain GAS pricing to me?

"Privatization" ::: A Dirty Word On FauxNews!

How did I miss this one??? Rush defending Saddam!!!!!

So will anything ever come of the Gannon story?

How can bankruptcy changes be retroactive?

Should the DNC run an ad campaign promoting Dem's in Congress as

Become Republican

Aren't Liberals supposed to be open minded?

"Deficits and Deceit": Krugman exposes Greenspan's political partisanship

Is America the best country to live in?

CDC: the FLU is killing Americans everywhere....(bush* major mess)...

Attention bankruptcy lawyers and those wanting to file for bankruptcy!

WV Agency Scraps Women Vets Statue

Senate Debate on Minimum Wage 2:30 Monday

Whoa Condliar looking more scarier than usual

Why doesn't Brian Williams have to apologize and resign for

How did "Bloggers" call Gannon's mother and brother?

Did they QUIT teaching Driver's Ed?

How many DU'ers have family - soldiers - in the Middle East?

"We've talked to black kids about it."

Are Americans that frivolous and superficials? I am disgusted.

I am livid! A medical doctor treats me like a truant schoolboy in letter.

Your Friday afternoon layoff report. Real people, real jobs.

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 7

'this is a Republic, not a Democracy, what the fuck does that mean?

Please post unconventional (legal) ways to make money here.

Official * 60 day / 60 stop MAGICAL MISERY TOUR tracker

Rep. Sam Johnson's "Nuke Syria" remarks were made at official church event

Frivolous Lawsuits My Ass... I'm Sick of This Bullshit!

Which politicians are truly on the side of working class people? For real?


Speaking of whining...Democrats do nothing but whine and complain -

"Town-hall style meeting" is sort of like "cheese food product" >>>

Will you be on the streets on the 19th?

CNBC online poll: Is Greenspan a political hack?

Want to know how much of a cash cow credit cards are for banks?

A quote from Full Metal Jacket that sums up conservative thinking re: Iraq

BREAKING: US forces kill Italian secret service after reporter is freed

why it's important -- no, CRITICAL -- that you contact your Senator . . .

Republican hypocrisy on Bankruptcy bill -- action needed!!

They shoot allies, don't they?

I demand this be erected at the Supreme Court & Scalia can "turn his head"

Australian news: World in 'grave danger' from bird flu

Bible question

Wait just a fucking minute. The new bankruptcy law means that if a person

Al Franken interviews Stephen Colbert of the Daily Show


Well, Oregon paper says they did not sell photo to USA Next,

Just so you know: Your X-rays are being "Nighthawked" to India

Illegal immigrants are people

The Day After Tomorrow Coming?

'Rebels' can't identify Confederate flag!

Which Southern state should we concentrate the most on?

If gasoline was $10 per gallon, would this be a good thing or bad thing?

Is the confederate flag American or unAmerican?

8-Year-Old Arrested After Alleged Trantrum

The Left Shouldn't Uncritically Support the Iraq Resistance

Anyone going to see "Gunner Palace" (Iraq War Movie?)

Dead Messengers: How the U.S. Military Threatens Journalists

Sean Hannity just can't stand the truth (see the video) -hahahaha

What Astroturf (fake grass roots) groups could the left make?

Who do you think was behind the JFK assassination?

US troops dying faster in Iraq...

Bush in Westfield, NJ Protest - Pics.

The most important issue facing Americans: our vote being counted

"Trillion Dollar Baby" | the high cost of TOONs

A Banana A Day-who knew?


Question from a US citizen regarding

I know we got into bloody awful fistacuffs over this last week

What single issue will most influence who you vote for in May?

Negroponte Nomination Bemoaned

Garbage Truck Compacts Homeless Man Sleeping In Dumpster (he lived!)

bush tries to reassure cia

Ukraine's former interior minister found dead

U.S. used banned weapons in Fallujah – Health ministry

New Online Magazine Urges Jihad in Iraq

US backing down in abortion row

US to build biggest prison in Iraq

Trial Begins for California Man Accused in Deaths of Nine of His Children

Venezuela's Vice-President Says U.S. Is "Out Of Control"

Riggs, PNC Settle Lawsuit Brought by Shareholders

Chimps attack California Couple

Swedish TV blunder: 'Pope John Paul has died'

Vatican envoy, R.I. native, to be bishop of Vermont

Backup Plan Is in the Works for 'Clear Skies'

Bankruptcy for governments considered

Vegas mayor defiant about telling students of his love for gin

Army, Army Reserve miss February recruitment goals

House passes law allowing religous discrimination by federally funded orgs


At congressional hearing, reservists complain of health-care inconsistency

U.N. Calls for Probe of Colombia Massacre

Assassination of millionaire banker leaves police baffled

US illegally paid $1.5bn to farmers

Saddam's arms dealer awaits fate while selling wine in Chilean countryside

Bank to pay $461m over WorldCom

(Wash.) Official resigns from group after anti-gay comments go public

Women fear losing rights in new Iraq: AP

Catholic church condemns Tory 'conspiracy theorist'

8-Year-Old Arrested After Alleged Trantrum

New flotilla of 'ghost ships' could cross Atlantic to UK

NYT: Strivers Sharpen No. 2's for Different College Test (new SAT v ACT)

Bush Selects Steve Johnson to Head EPA

Gannon a 'phony' (Ohio Dem says Gannon 'Twisted' words to intemidate)

Emergency War Funding Wins Backing-House Caves On War Spending

Leaders push case for Casey in Senate race

GOP: Voting Machines Be Damned

Falwell leaving hospital today

Breaking: Bush* names Stephen Johnson new head of the EPA....

Beijing Clamps Down as Parliament Delegates Gather

Feds Sending More Agents to New Orleans

California: Univision exec leading donor in support of special election

Former richest man in world arrested

Chimps Maul Visitor at Calif. Sanctuary

WP,pg1: In Rebuilding Sudan, Birth Often Brings Suffering and Death

U.S. payrolls rise 262,000 in February

London mayor labels Sharon 'war criminal'

NYT: Yale Cuts Expenses for Poor in a Move to Beat Competitors

China's Military Spending to Rise

Kenya wants an apology from Britain

Mother of slain son urges gays to unite against discrimination:Shepard pri

Marines Employ Iraqi Mercenary Force to Crush Rebellion

NYT: Chinese Censors and Web Users Match Wits

Iraq insurgents seize initiative

Chimps critically injure sanctuary visitor

China issues human rights record of the US

Ukraine May Keep Troops in Iraq

China's Policies Turn To Highlight Common People

Johnson(R-TX): Nuke Syria? Just a joke

Senate Votes to Ban Canadian Beef

AP: UNC Faculty Decry Western Cultures Program

Army General Expects Iraq Deaths to Fall

NYT, pg1: For Role in Suicide, a Friend to the End Is Now Facing Jail

U.S. Forces Fire at Freed Reporter in Iraq

'I just want to survive and go home with all my body parts'

Radiation threat follows tsunami

U.S. Forces Fire at Freed (Italian) Reporter's Car, Agent Killed

Rather discusses Guard story on Letterman

'Daily Show' Mocks Gannon/Guckert [E&P]

Gannongate Swinging Open? New Move in Congress for Info [E&P]

Schumer Could Derail Contentious Bankruptcy Law

Bush Says No to 'Half-Hearted' Syrian Withdrawal

U.S. Forces Kill Italian Agent after Reporter Freed

Indonesia poll finds tsunami aid boosts US support

Bush Pardons Bootlegger and 7 Others

Bush pardons bootlegger and other

U.S. Detention Centers In Iraq Filling To Capacity

US troops fire at freed hostage

Your Friday afternoon layoff report. Real people, real jobs.

NYT: Village Gang-Rape Sentences Are Upset by Court in Pakistan

Credit Card Firms Won as Users Lost


How to track a PC anywhere it connects to the Net (Carnivore)

Three Guantanamo Officers Suspended in Conduct Probe

Report Urged Action Against General (Boykin) for Speeches

Wal-Mart pledges $5-million to hospital

Bush Budget Would Add $1.6 Trillion To Deficit

Vietnam War victims of Agent Orange poisoning sue US chemical companies

Drug Makers Are Still Giving Gifts to Doctors, F.D.A. Official Says

Hitler tested atomic device, German historian says

Millions at risk: WHO warns of avian flu pandemic....

Iran threatens to end nuclear treaty with EU

Bush Says `Drastic' Action Needed to Save Social Security

Italy suspects U.S. snatched missing imam

War on terror more important than democracy in Pakistan

Smuggled Chicken Feet Could Carry Bird Flu.........

FDA Seizes Batches of Two Glaxo Drugs (Paxil CR & Avandamet)

Guard unit that questioned Rumsfeld getting armor

Banned NFL jerseys list causes uproar

Canadian police alarmed by booming marijuana trade

Declaring victory, US drops abortion line at UN

Italian Journalist Released In Iraq

Allawi confirms still in running as cracks emerge in Shiite list

U.S. May Aid Iran Activists -LAT (State dept has funds waiting)

Russian Defense Minister: Moscow Will Go After Terrorists Outside Borders

India offers Venezuela refinery stake, eyes oilfield

Polygamy meeting crowded

1,200-page prison abuse tome released

Bush Denies That Private Accounts Are in Serious Trouble

US bars Nicaragua heroine as 'terrorist'

House Backs Elections After Catastrophe- (tin hat theories?)

Hundreds protest Bush visit to North Jersey

Nevada Lawmaker Defends $3,000-a-Month Consulting Contract With TV Station

Lawmaker Asks Bush to Seek OPEC Oil Price Cut

Afghanistan on Verge of Becoming a Narcotics State, U.S. Report Says

Religious groups take a leading role in Schiavo right-to-die case

Four U.S. soldiers killed near Baghdad (1506)

Analysis: Study shows 41% drop in number of black Army recruits since 2000

US Draws Jeers for Abortion Comments at UN

Bush Points Out Govt Spending Social Security Funds Now (must read)

Key Iraq wound: Brain trauma

Tampa Tribune: Word Slips That Castor Won't Run In 2006

Republican media adviser found dead

SEC looking at ChoicePoint trades

Georgia abortion bill (24 hour wait) goes to governor for signature

Dollar Falters as Jobs Fail to Inspire

Gas prices jump (Indiana: 24 cents all at once)

US troops fire at freed hostage

Casey enters U.S. Senate Race; Hafer Withdraws.

Iraqi claims Iran, Syria against democracy

Somalia's secret dumps of toxic waste washed ashore by tsunami

Chavez: No oil if U.S. 'gets a little bit crazy' (AP)

More Seek Help for Marijuana Addiction

Al Qaida- "Chaos".... George W Bush**- Maxwell Smart... Laura-Agent 99

Dude! We have to go. I just sharted.

Searching phone numbers

Jay Leno's hair

Jimmy's new in town.

G'night all! I love you.

What is meant by the term "Jim Crowe"?

I got a job, I got a job, I got a job, hey hey hey hey!

Any BC DUers see the NHL Lockout Hockey commercial

Oh Joey Lawrence. What happened?

I just know Sarah Consonant is a member...


Spice Girls are NOT cool.

".....He hates these cans!!

Guessing game

Cheer me up too, while you're at it...

Who's a patootie? (As in cutie patootie)

bubble bath time

Whassup, night owls?

"I gave at the office"

I'm 98 posts away from getting out of the 700 club! Ask me anything!

Speaking of BC duers, how many of us are there these days?

Freudian truck?

Goodness it's late.

Has anyone noticed, there's a bit more pop-ups getting through on Firefox

I am almost at 2000 posts..well, not really..but ask me anything!

Documentary of *s life on TBS right now: "The Jerk"

100 Greatest Cartoons

Anybody know of a good comedy?

I just know Sarah Vowell is a member.

I may be addicted to DU, but at least

DU, I need to whine and get a hug!

A letter my Dad sent to Bu$h

soooo... what's in my Latest newsmax emaiL

I just discovered I like soy milk.

I saw this headline and got excited

this thread sucks...

125 Year Old Woman May Be World's Oldest

I need help with a question

I am back

S.Lanka to tax winter jackets, other unsuitable aid

Coming in from London

Anybody watch the new Law and Order show tonight?

It's the New Zoo Revue-oo-oo, comin' right at you!

Any fans of the comic strip GPF?

Check this - funny and cute pics alert

Remembering Richard Manuel

I never realized how much I love sax

Coming to a Fox Channel near you: America's Next Top Fake Reporter

Austrians thrown by Jackson medal

Police Arrest Woman After Finding Her Hiding In Septic Tank

I hear there's been some wining in here.

Good Morning, Sweethearts of the Lounge!

Martin Scorsese unlucky 7?

Little Town Basks in 'Napoleon' Attention

i don't wear birkenstocks - am i bad LiberaL?

cat survives 10 mile trip on car roof

Interview today at 2:00, wish me luck, please

Gonna Quit My Job. Anyone need a good Science Fiction Novelist ...

Have you ever been experienced..

The "Can You Say 'Embouchure'?" CAPTION

Hilarious Movie Review For "The Jacket"

Well, folks, I won't be working the day shift in the Lounge anymore.

Martha's free!

Late night picture run...

Liz Winstead and Air America...

93% Of Boston Cab Drivers Don't Wear Seat Belts

I love it and I need it

Heartless Bastards

Fun in the sharktank

When I’m holdin’ your wheel

Woman Drives 10 Miles Down Interstate With Her Cat On Roof Of Car

My son was called an undercover black brother, what does this mean

Is there something better than ofoto?

Lost - Okay, this is weird

Anybody ever try any drigs?

Post for us a pictograph of things you like (and rhyme it if you can!)

Swedish TV blunder: 'Pope John Paul has died'

CONFESS!!! who here had a romp in my room?

The Good Samaritan, 2005

I Want Your Honest Opinion On Something....

I don't know if you heard or not but...

WTF? I just hit the 5000 post mark--it's taken me since 2001!

Bruno Ganz in "Downfall"- Tell me this movie doesn't look good as a M-Fer!

For those interested in posts by Liz Edwards and Chris Heinz....

JODIE FOSTER is baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!

"King of New York" v. "New Jack City"

question for people with dogs (made me angry)

Good morning DUmmies!

for a whaLe of a DUer

Recovering alcoholic DUer's check in here please.

Question about mentally disabled workers

Pentagon Flag That Flew On 9/11 To Be Auctioned Off On eBay

I confess, I love the word "buttload," as in...

Apartment Gripes: Any Advice

I haven't heard anyone say "hock a loogey" for a while.

They were digging a new foundation in Manhattan

Something nice that you never did for a person you met...Tell us, please

Talk me out of it, or tip me over the edge

What is your favorite color?

Go Google yourself!

I just know Sarah Vaughan is a member.

For the beer drinkers here:

I've Lost 20 lbs This Month

I'm doing paperwork. Ask me anything.

check out these chin people!!

Click this link to see an explicit sex picture:

Welcome to DU Fantasy Island - what is YOUR fantasy?

ETAwful: I'm waiting for your rendition of "People"

At 3 pm I will be signing off DU for awhile.

Gang of Four 2005 US Tour Update

I found Matcom's fanny!

I am sitting here whiling away the morning on DU because...

Chimps attack California Couple

What a shitty way to get caught.

How do you discourage religious solicitations to your home?

What does transgendered mean exactly?

Breaking News: Wat_Tyler has been arrested for making death threats

The worlds worst surgeon:

Step Right Up

my spam keeps getting more creative every day

Lunch for me will be....

Create your own google picture montage - Try "talon news" for starters

why was i not informed

It is time to break up WalMart.

Dear God, why have you forsaken me????? Nancy Grace now has HER OWN SHOW

I have to ask. Do you think my neighbours riffled through my delicatessen

Admit you're a witch, or we'll hang you...

MARTHA-day one of freedom* a pictorial tribute

I just got off the phone with my best friend in Maine!

Holy Sh*t - underpants arrested

When Clinton was President did you

I need new music

All of you who can make it ought to go to the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Texas man kills friend after Jerry Springer related argument

is it just me, or does this guy look like Tim Matheson?

Who's your favorite money loving executive? Mr. Drysdale or Larry Tate?

What's wrong with this picture?

Wait till you hear this one...

who wants to see some skin?

I like my sig line too.

KEVIN COSTNER is baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

sucks to be me!!!

The New Political Correctness 101

I have to ask. Do you think my neighbours riffled through my delicates

What was the highlight of Martha's prison stint?

Post your favorite bit of trivia that puts it all in perspective...

Did you think it was spelled "Rosco Pico Train"?

I Lost 260 Pounds in 1979

Neil F'ing Armstrong

I'm starting a movement to burn all of Beware the Beast Man's records

"Rumor Has It "-Rob Reiner directs "The Graduate" ~ sequel Anniston stars

So. So you think you can tell Heaven from hell.

Formula One season is about to start! Who's gonna win the opening race?

All my base are belong to JimmyJazz

Jimmyjazz won't return my tools!!!

I wish I was as popular JimmyJazz

JimmyJazz ate my baby!

Jimmyjazz crack corn and I don't care!

Help me escape the 700Club, ask me anything

I just sent JimmyJazz a DEATH THREAT!!!!!!!!

The dingo took Jimmyjazz, the dingo took jimmyjazz

One day, Jimmy Jazz will vanish.

Guess who is an asshole?

Has anyone noticed more suspicious folks posting recently?

Don't say anything interesting while I'm gone

Jimmyjazz picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue

Should I cash the check?

NO peaking- Who is this?

Woman Accused Of Naked Dog Wrestling

Must-Have Accessory: Electronic Ankle Bracelet

Canadians can be trashy too

Uh oh, Its JimmyJazz time

8 Year Old Arrested For Temper Tantrum At School

So what the hell is going on here?

I was mulling a little about Extremist Thought

RIP Martin Denny

Post your "youthful indiscretions" here!

Calling all IE experts. Need help.

JimmyJazz owes me money

CONFESS!!!!!! Who here was on Romper Room

LOL Hell, Michigan has a university...

Jimmy Jazz asked me to marry her

This whole JimmyJazz thing is just a flash-in-the-pan.

insert "jimmyjazz" into a song, movie, or book title

Divorce court is the most gangsta most people achieve in their life.

My cat is mad at me because

jimmy jazz is coming to see me

JimmyJazz ate my strudel

End every sentence with " my pants, JimmyJazz."

DU Group: Members of the Left-wing Conspiracy

Which Tom Waits songs are these lyrics from? - quiz


The Most Honest Politician in America is a Democrat

We forsake you

What do you guys think of frigid women?

Need A Link To The Fat Kid At His Computer Singing to that Techno Song

From now on, I want you all to call me 'Loretta'.

It's a mighty hard row that my poor hands have hoed;

Does Kick-ass-Bob really kick ass

Why does Doktor Evil's gal sing with a Marlene Dietrich accent?

The Official "Use 'JimmyJazz' in a Famous Quote" Thread

She's here! She's here! JimmyJazz is here!


JimmyJazz belongs to all of us.

Well I hear you in the morning...

How could someone destroy themselves like this:

Why did Bob Dylan sing with an Oklahoman accent?

JimmyJazz to star in revival of "Cabaret" on broadway

Caption Chimpy doing the Hokey Pokey

Are you into weird facts? Check out this website...

Why can't we start a vast left wing conspiracy?

Camera angle and placement are EVERYTHING

well I am outta here till I get a handle on the new job

Take that!

Excuse Me! What does a person hafta do around here to get some attention?

I never compliment strange women on their looks

Latest Martha Stewart update!!!

What's New Pussycat?

Most succinct description of a woman in song lyrics?

Jacko & Chimp: discuss

Post your favorite Zell Miller quote

John Jazz

Pssssst, somebody tell Stephanie it's 62 in the shade at havocmom's

The "elperromagico insists on getting attention" thread.

Isn't it embarassing as hell when you go into a store and act

My new Hush Puppies are hurting me!

A picture of a pathetic man

That "Kleeb" is an imposter. I'm the real Kleeb!

God Dammit!

JohnKleeb to star in revival of "Caberet" on broadway.

What is the problem with you English? Were you raised by Pigeon?

Your favorite bit from Chaplain's The Great Dictator

I've got the ramblin' blues.

Oh God! I LOVE my Satellite Dish!

No one will be watching us...

Still trying to look for counseling.

Official Kleeb Seance Thread-- Let's raise him from the sick!!


No one will be watching us...

What is the saddest movie of all time?

So I took off Kleeb's top like you said - what now?

If your name is patricia, would you rather be called "pat" or "patty"

Just think...

I found out what my special purpose is for!!!!!

I just got a call from "Jeb Bush"

Has anyone tried hypnosis?

Who would win in a wrestling match?

I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good.

Excuse JJ! What does a person hafta do around here to get some attention?

Best Web?

She's A Lady


I just bought my first MP3 and I'm just so effeing amazed by technology!

I just ate some fat free Ruffles, and the roof of my mouth feels like...

On this day, 204 years ago, Thomas Jefferson became President.

Those Florence Henderson Denture Commercials On AAR

I think I killed Kleeb!

Where can you download movies?

"The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"?!

So I took my top off like Kleeb said... what now?

Still trying to find a counseling center.

Yowza! Who gave me a star?

Wow! Happy 125th birthday to the world's oldest person

Who was a motormouth in high school?

Why does Jesus always look like Ted Nugent?

Men only compliment a woman's looks if they're trying to sleep with them.

the lounge is full of not quite sex threads


Do women like to be called 'strange' by hot men?

Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world

Why does Snoop Dog need an umbrella?

Best comeback to a troll, ever!

Is Santa's Little Helper the dumbest dog on TV?

Do any of you have bottled water delivered to your home? Dispensers?

WV State Representative severely beaten outside gay bar

Why does Jesus always look like a bearded lady?

Silk, Milk or Other?

So I finally get this piece of metal stuck in my tongue, yeah?

Scenes in a movie that you KNOW the Sh*t is about to hit the fan.

How much would you pay for this house?

Warmest greeting to all you evilDUers freezing yer hinies off!

"If a man you don't know suddenly gives you flowers"

JimmyJazz wants me to live with her!

Wohooo Propaganda Day!

Who wants a slice of Shabbat Shalom cake?

Priest involved with St. Louis exorcism dies

We only need $33,000 more to save Toby! Make your donations today

What happens if I hit "post message" after typing this question?

Women love to be called "hottie" by strange men.

Wonderful flash animation.

I've decicded my parents can kiss my ass

OK, I have been here for over 2000 posts but still don't know how to

When Monkeys attack!

Does an Angelica dessert wine get chilled?

Should I post a running tally of days until Bush captures bin Laden?


It's time to say goodbye.

Your very first date with a bearded lady...a good or bad experience?

Once again it's Friday Afternoon - list your poison for tonight!!!

I honestly thought they were going to be bigger than the Beatles.

Martha Stewart Got Home And Her Cappuccino Machine Didn't WORK!!!!

It is easier to wear shoes than to carpet the world.

WHOO-HOO! 4-day weekend! Any Mass, or Conn. State Duers

The Bloody Gloomy Bear: Is this a cool gift for a 2 yr old boy? Or scary?

Are you lactose intolerant?

Speaking of stalkers, strange men, and etc.

Quit Complaining About Your Job

Tiny EELS Netting Higher Prices Than Caviar

How to make NASCAR more interesting

whats the best tooth brush?

What Frank Zappa song are you?

I support Martha Stewart.

Speaking of Jodie Foster--what is your favorite Jody Foster film?

After 34 days worth of "not tonight" I started at the gym today

Give me your 90s catch phrases!

Another group I'd be ok with the death penalty: Microwave Popcorn Burners

Who would name a little baby....

It's 2:42 in Hell, MI. Time for another Q&A with MrScorpio

What's New JimmyJazz?

29 posts to 4000! you know the drill! ; -)

Women of DU: What would you think of this?

As an adult, have you ever phone-wise hidden from another person?

Any special plans this weekend for you?

Is there anyone who DOESN'T need one of these?

I'm downloading a Fred Durst video....

The Bar is open - Let's have a ball!

My *baby girl* kitty is probably about to die at home alone.

WOMEN: I gotta know this, for real

Which RA is the bigger DU flirt?

Ich bin ein Berliner

Will whoever is doing the rain dance please stop?

My 2 year old son impressed me today.

Appendixes suck, oh and I am back

What was your favorite Childhood show? Not Animated.

Budweiser - The Fuhrer of beers??


So there's this ship full of dead people.

Why did the Beatles sing with an American accent?

Today is my birthday. Ask me anything.

Bootleg concert trading

Caption this!

What's your LEAST favorite household chore?

Just type the first thing that comes in your mind!

Fans of Sims 2

Why do Beatlist propagandists make fun of Noel Gallagher's bowl cut?

As an adult, have you ever physically hidden from another person?

If you were granted the power to travel back in time

DU absinthe drinkers...what brand do you recommend?

I think this is a beautiful picture!

Who's your favorite Founding Mother?

You're head will explode trying to comprehend this Fundie Protest Sign

Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett and George W. Bush...both acid flashback victims?

Hey CARNIVALE fans...

What makes posting on the DU Lounge fun for you?

Your very first date...a good or bad experience?

What instant changed your life the most and how?

Best Insults In Song

how long will it take for me to be ballsy/uteri-y enough to post this

Something nice that a person you never met did for you...Tell us, please

What's your favorite 'business speak' your company uses?

Time to shut down JLo!

Vatican envoy, R.I. native, to be bishop of Vermont

My God's bigger than your God . . .

Help me out here, believers...

A question for Methodists re: Rep. Johnson's "Nuke Syria" comments.

Does One Have To Believe Jesus Was Divine To Be A Christian?

Catholic church condemns Tory 'conspiracy theorist'

Hobbit saga ends with human connection

Review of Crichton's "State of Fear"

Invisibility Shields Planned by Engineers

New Yorkers Support Gay Marriage

Call For Independent Investigation Into Practices Of Bush Appointee

Harris Polls

Montana Senate Approves Limited Gay Couples Rights

The Economist, of all places, calls for end to "don't ask/don't tell"

Judge: OK To Ban Gays From Frat

Swiftboat firm admits stealing photo for anti-gay anti-grandparent ads

Gays Need To Be More Visible Matthew Shepard's Mother Says

Outrage Over Official's Slurs Against Gays, PWAs

School helps girl student change to boy

Anyone watching Stones vs. Suns right now?

Group trying to purchase entire NHL. Firms made pitch to owners Tuesday

Pirates open up can of WHOOP-ASS on Yankees 9-6.

Zounds. I'm watching Derek Lowe pitch in a Dodgers uniform


Red Sox sink from world champs to bush league.

Henry's last snow photos of the year...

Do you let your dog or cat sleep on your bed with you?

Post Your Pet's Picture Thread! (Again, since I finally have chi pics)

Vet bills. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Holy cow--my Mom was wrong about what time I was born!!

House votes to allow religions to discriminate in faith-based initiatives

Post-traumatic stress 4 to 5 times higher in Iraq....

Chance to be unifying Kerrycrats

I read the news today, 3/4

Reid has a petition to sign--Pledge to Protect Social Security

Is John Kerry going to be on Cspan anytime soon?

Appendixes suck and its good to be back

Self-Delete- wrong forum

The Daily Show/ Dino Iron Body/Gannongate/ Video

Who would you have voted for in the primary if all of these candidates

Senate Dems are doing right thing on bankruptcy bill.

Something I Noticed On The Morning News Today

"The crazies have taken over!"

What Did Saudi Arabia Get?

Bush* just named Stephen Johnson as new head of the EPA....

"i'm against the death penalty -- look what happened to jesus"

Positive Dem Flyers for College Campus and elsewhere!

"And that's the way it is, for this date, March 3, 2005"

"Today" has some little twerp Republican on saying he will be

Forget the title in this article; there are good points made in it.

Senator Byrd's remarks

Question: If stopping bin Laden is 'the greatest challenge of our day'

The bank (republican) owns you!

Perry camp: Radio Program Caller was Hutchison aide

What's this I'm hearing about a yacht?

Heal thyself on human rights, China tells U.S.

Santorum shifts left for '06 run -The Hill

Become a Citizen Cosponsor the Democratic Agenda

Liberal Oasis: Why The GOP Isn't Losing Badly Enough

Why do we need a Social Security plan?

15 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War

GOP: Voting Machines Be Damned

gee, look at all the bankruptcy law amendments by the Dems

Has anyone checked wrestiling/fetish sites for Bulldog / Guckert ads??

I'm looking for a photoshop pic of Shrub in a confederate uniform

What will be this Congress' "Have you no shame" moment?

'Maybe those neocons weren't so nutty'

Post 9/11 anti-terror measure directly from the Weed

Let the Idiot have his invitation only "Town Hall Meetings"

how about that Pulpit Tax?

Reid calls Greenspan a "political hack" - Go Harry Go!!!

Hey, are any of the dems going to go out and hold Town Hall

If you are interested in Nevada's Village Idiot, Gibbons, try this one...

Republican hypocrisy on Bankruptcy bill -- action needed!! (GD repost)

Anyone notice Gannon in Fellowship's Ivanwald?

Ariz. Minuteman Project to be watched by Latino activist group

I just called my GOP congressman about the bankruptcy bill.

Oprah goes for Barack

Christian Right Wants To Transform American Culture

Democrats to air radio ads where Bush pushes Social Security.

Hillary leading Kerry 51 to 33 percent in MASSACHUSETTS

how do we get Democracy Now in every market in this country?

I find it quite disturbing that Bush is now getting credit for...

blacks are being bought and sold again

Great read on the Bush bubble:

Hil: Give G.I.s their due

JAmes Baker says time to address global warming!

Think it's not all about the bottom line now for the Corporate Media?

Can any or all of these hurtful policies be overturned in the future?

Bush and bin Laden

You always hear republicans whine about judicial activism but

We have to give Santorum, Romney, Owens, et al equal time.

Anyone have a source

Imperial Presidency

Dems Must Turn the SS Debate Into A BROAD ATTACK ON CHIMPY

Well, either our bitching accomplished something or the Dean

What do those stickers/vanity plates with the blue horizontal stripe mean?

Amputee, Wounded in Iraq, to Return to Active Duty (in Iraq!)

There are hypocrites, and then there is

It feels like August 6th again

Shouldn't we support the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon?

If we had a strong union movement ?

Is anything coming up for a Senate vote today or Monday?

Staged protests are poisoning the well of Social Security reform

Bush Admits Today How he is SPENDING Our Social Security Contributions

Check out the guests on MTP on Sun. Might be worth watching.

Stock Market Rallies: Shades of the 1987 Crash.

Brent Seaborn joins RNC as Deputy Director of Strategy.

What did they do with the Social Security surplus ?

A modest proposal for SS

My SS salvation plan

Atrios has taken Lieberman off his "SS Hall of Shame" list

Are anit-woman threads a ploy to divide and conquer?

GOP wants govt. to work with churches but NOT to help the poor and sick?

Defeating Bush: Admission of Mistake finally Heard!!

Suppressing the lessons of Hitler

RW attacks Kennedy min. wage

Bob Casey, Jr. for US Senate (Fact is he'd be a great Senator):

"When Junk Interrupts Junk," Norm Solomon

I forgot to tell you all about a phone call I got a few days back

Democratic Party Financing?

Ridiculous that a pro-lifer is the best we can do in PA senate race!

Stand for Peace March 19

Remember Kent State ?

the US will never move towards "renewable energy" .... they can't anymore

The Republican Party is so "anti-Christian"...

Who are we going to invade next? Iran, Syria, N. Korea, or France?

Well, Saudi Arabia is on board for the next war!!

Great rant from KoS -- includes Dem bankruptcy bill votes.

Any Jerry Springer fans out there?

Kerry helping raise money for Hillary Clinton

US forces "mistakenly" shoot at car carrying released Italian journalist.

Fox Poll: What grade do you give President Bush ....

Sister Called From The Protest Of Bush's Jersey Talk. Arrests Under Way!

Repug Media Advisers Death in Fisher's Home not reported for 6 DAYS!

America is waking up == Bush's S.S. plan is dead

Would you help a friend run as a Republican?

Greenspan a hack? How the Fed plays politics with interest rates

deep shit ahead

Blogs: Democrats out number Republican 2 to 1; Political muscle undeniable

Bush to visit Columbus, Ohio next week, get ready protesters

Brian Williams must go!

Raising the minimum wage to $10/hr would solve SS "crisis."


Member Of Congress Calls for Nuking Syria

Bernie Ward Rocks

Does Clark have a special appeal in the West/Southwest?

A question regarding SS in respect to rest of debt owed ??

Please sign Reid's pledge to protect Social Security!!!

Sy Hersh spoke in Louisville last night - and he scared the hell out of me

Friday Fantasies.

Our Nation is Addicted to Fear -- Is There a Remedy to Bush's Drug?

Sign these petitions. Pass them on. Please. Thank You. :)

Steroids in baseball...