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it appears trump's shameless stunt is backfiring

I mean, from his perspective, the whole purpose of the photo op was to shore up support from evangelicals whose support is crucial and appeared to be waning. The somewhat anecdotal evidence seems to indicate it is not sitting well with religious leaders.

Let's hope this is another nail in the November coffin. I'm optimistic.


Even in the midst of the carnage and chaos ...

… you can’t help but laugh at the Dotard.

Infuriated by the idea that people saw him as a sniveling coward because he spent time cowering in his bunker, the Idiot chose to dispel that notion by making an appearance at St. John’s church....


I have never been to a protest in my life....until tonight.

I really love my teen daughter...she is the one who gets me to join in. (and I was the driver lol)

So we made our signs, my daughter had her first aid kit and her strategy if thing got narly....dude, it's TAHOE...our cops are mostly chill and the vigil/protest was coordinated by old hippies...I think we're safe.

but I went, and I yelled, I cried, I heard stories of local folks I didn't know who had experienced brutality and trauma because of their color.....


Just a note from Kentucky.

I've mentioned before that the Mrs. and I aren't leaving home very often (maybe once or twice a month) these days, no matter the whether the rules are being relaxed or not, since I am one of those old farts who is 'compromised'.

The KY primary is coming up and there is no way I'm going to risk my life by going to the High School gym where several precincts vote. So, I checked with the County Clerk's Office about who can qualify for an absentee ballot. Turns out you Google 'ky absentee ballot' which asks you what county you live in, you click on your county and it takes you to the home page of your county clerk. One more click and you are in the 'application for absentee ballot'. Fill out the form and you are done. And then....

Drunken Irishman

It was always about the Soul of America.

When Joe Biden launched his campaign in the spring of last year, he spoke of the Soul of America. Many didn't know exactly what he meant - or if it'd prove an effective campaign strategy against a president like Trump. After all, we heard, as spring turned into summer and then summer into fall before winter rolled in, that this election was about the future - not the past. Biden was too old. Biden was too tied to an old way. Biden spoke of not revolution but normalcy and, in some ways, idealism that just plain didn't exist. The opposition led many to believe that this election was never going to be about the soul of this nation - rather the upheaval of the political system. For the left, 2020 was as much a revolutionary campaign as 2016 had been for the right....


This may not have bothered me if it had occurred during any prior administration, but it

definitely bothers me while Trump is in power.

There are just too damn many "law enforcement personnel" on our streets without any visible badges, insignias or name plates that identify who they are and what agency or force they are with. Police? National Guard? Secret Service? Active duty military? Rent-A-Mercenary provided by Eric Prince? Who can tell? ...


I'm Sending This Week's News Back to the Kitchen; Too Much Fascism

Well, whoever had “it’ll get worse before it gets better” in the pool, congratulations, I guess. I’m happy to turn over your winnings so long as you can promise to deliver that second part. Anyway, the challenge before me right now is to get through this blog without saying “fascist” or “fascism” every other sentence. Wish me luck....


Things are so messed up...

It seems to be clear as day that the President had tear gas fired at peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op and I’m not hearing impeachment? Shit is that crazy when it comes to standards.

Immediate congressional investigations. It should be a pretty quick investigation. Chain of command for the order to fire. Did the order originate from outside of the chain of command. Wouldn’t planning this out be a pretty damn high crime?


A major political miscalculation by Trump in NC

North Carolina is swing State, one Trump barely won in 2016 (or was another stolen State)

The purpose for picking a State for a Convention is to pick up good will and some votes.

But Trump decided that an arena full of worshipers is more important than winning NC....

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President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address

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