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Environment & Energy (Group)

This is a group, not a forum. Groups often serve as safe havens for members who share similar interests and viewpoints. Individuals who post messages contrary to a particular group's stated purpose can be excluded from posting in that group. For detailed information about this group and its purpose, click here.
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Poll: Should Deniers Be Allowed To Post In E&E? (Poll) [View all] 112 hatrack Jun 2014 Sep 5 13 56455
The E/E pocket reference guide [View all] 79 Dead_Parrot Feb 2012 Mar 2020 38 64001
Air Quality Map 5 OnlinePoker 8 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 6 342
Inside Florida's alleged flying squirrel smuggling operation 6 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin 5 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 4 261
Hidden rivers of warm water threaten vast Antarctic glacier 5 Judi Lynn 18 hrs ago 5 hrs ago 2 248
Chinese fishing armada plundered waters around Galapagos, data shows 1 Eugene 10 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 6 203
Looks like a turn has been made and the melt season is over 1 OnlinePoker 17 hrs ago 15 hrs ago 4 373
Rare Nevada wildflowers destroyed. 4 jeffreyi Wednesday 23 hrs ago 7 412
Birds 'falling out of the sky' in mass die-off in south-western US 3 Eugene Wednesday Wednesday 15 489
Scientists protest as Trump picks climate change skeptic for key NOAA post 0 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Wednesday Wednesday 7 224
EPA denies 'gap-year' refinery exemption petitions 0 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Wednesday Wednesday 1 146
Trump's Promise to Revive Coal Thwarted by Falling Demand, Cheaper Alternatives 1 mahatmakanejeeves Wednesday Wednesday 2 236
It's Not Just California. These Places Are Also on Fire. 0 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Wednesday Wednesday 5 302
'Facebook Ducks Disinformation Criticisms With New 'Climate Information Center' 1 appalachiablue Wednesday Wednesday 5 160
Trump Monkey-wrenches GOP Greenwash With Big Public Dump On "Messaging" That They Care About Climate 0 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 5 357
MSNBC - Excellent Interview W. Michael Mann On Fires, Hurricanes & Warming (7 Minutes) 1 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 6 272
Because Of Course: VT Gov. Scott (R) Vetoes Global Warming Solutions Act; Override Now Looms 1 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 4 210
Key Driver To This Season's Record-Shattering West Coast Fires: Long-Term Warming - 3F In CA 1 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 3 169
Head Of USGS, A Key Science Agency, Epitomizes The Trumpian Rot Within Government 0 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 15 362
3 Weeks After Laura, 13 Municipal Water Systems In Louisiana Partially Or Completely Down 1 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 5 181
Sally Looking More Like Harvey At Landfall: Warming Making Hurricanes Wetter; May Also Slow Them 0 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 5 258
Blahblah Business Roundtable Endorses Undefined "Market-Based" Climate Policy Blahblah 0 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 1 145
Fire in Pantanal Threatens Region with Largest Concentration of Jaguars in World 3 Judi Lynn Monday Wednesday 6 232
How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled 0 TexasTowelie Wednesday Wednesday 3 291
Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds have been found dead in New Mexico 8 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 26 1364
Humans are a pretty disgusting lot... 3 hermetic Tuesday Tuesday 11 514
Daimler to pay $1.5 billion in emissions cheating settlement with the US 3 sl8 Tuesday Tuesday 5 257
Smoke from western wildfires reaches East Coast; economic losses could reach $150 billion 2 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Tuesday Tuesday 2 218
Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Cave Bear Found In Arctic Russia 0 appalachiablue Tuesday Tuesday 4 223
Scientists baffled by orcas ramming sailing boats near Spain and Portugal 3 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 301
A growing business: Dutch develop 'living' coffin made of mushroom mycelium 1 sl8 Tuesday Tuesday 5 259
PNAS - "Our Estimates Confirm Modern Carbon Release Occuring Much Faster Than PETM Carbon Release" 0 hatrack Tuesday Tuesday 5 275
Cathy McMorris Shitbag: GOP Will Solve The Climate Crisis With Innovation And Clean Coal And Stuff 1 hatrack Tuesday Tuesday 2 247
Interesting that NSIDC graphics show "NO DATA" as we approach the seasonal Arctic ice low 3 hatrack Sunday Tuesday 5 236
A Look Ahead To What Forced Climate Migration Within The United States Will Look Like 1 hatrack Tuesday Tuesday 13 560
NCAR - Rain, Not Snow; Open Water, Not Ice; An Entirely New Arctic Emerging Rapidly 0 hatrack Tuesday Tuesday 5 207
California fires: Wildfires have burned an area almost the size of Connecticut 1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Monday Monday 3 278
Software Foils Poachers With Rare Rhinos' Footprints 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 7 294
Rare sight: Whale shark, largest shark in the world, surprises local spearfisherman off Southern Cal 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 4 461
Northern hemisphere breaks record for hottest ever summer 0 nitpicker Monday Monday 4 180
West Coast Wildfires Visible From Almost 1 Million Miles Away As Smoke Spreads Over 4,000 Miles 1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Monday Monday 2 294
Huge ice block breaks off Arctic's largest remaining ice shelf 2 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 3 324
Storms Off OR Coast Could Clear Air, But Will Strengthen Winds Throughout This Week 1 hatrack Monday Monday 3 234
Tillis (R-NC) No Longer Actively Denies Science Of Global Warming, Now Says That "Climate Changes" 3 hatrack Monday Monday 7 336
Coronavirus pandemic fuelling plant poaching in Philippines 0 Eugene Monday Monday 2 208
10C Worst-Case Warming Within Our Reach, And Within Just A Few Hundred Years 1 hatrack Monday Monday 8 247
Face Of NE Greenland Ice Stream, Which Drains 15% Of The Island, Has Collapsed Into Icebergs 1 hatrack Monday Monday 13 381
Mauritians Protest 'Failed' Government Response to Wakashio Oil Spill 0 Submariner Monday Monday 2 126
A pod of 'crazy' killer whales is launching coordinated attacks on boats, terrifying the sailors and 9 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sunday Monday 11 806
Humpback whales make 'wrong turn' into crocodile-infested river in Australia's Kakadu national park 1 marmar Monday Monday 5 512
Long kept secret, Canada's ghostly spirit bears are even rarer than thought 0 marmar Monday Monday 11 559
After 10 Years, UK Fails On 17 Out Of 20 Biodiversity Targets It Agreed To With UN 0 hatrack Monday Monday 2 164
Awww!! Sad Vlad!! Northern Sea Route Won't Move Enough Oil And Coal To Meet His Targets 0 hatrack Monday Monday 6 287
It's day four of living under the orange cloud 2 FreddyWhite Monday Monday 17 724
"It's Like He Drowned Someone, Put On A Whistle And Called Himself A Lifeguard" 2 hatrack Sunday Sunday 12 449
"Bezos Earth Fund" Structured As An LLC; That (Surprise!) Lets It Avoid Public Filing Of Tax Docs 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 2 233
Smoke From Forest Fires Temporarily Broke Washington State's Air Quality Monitoring System 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 3 221
Shitstain Brings His Lies, His Denial And His Anti-Science Idiocy To A Smoldering California Monday 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 2 253
British Engineering Institute Dumps Climate Talks After Speaker's Lying Hack Status Emerges 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 4 251
Gov. Kate Brown Prepared Plans To Deal W. Forests, Warming; OR GOP Threw Tantrums, Walked Out 1 hatrack Sunday Sunday 10 641
Good Rundown From Mongabay On How Satelites Capture Data On Amazon Basin Fires 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 2 186
Anecdotal, But NorCal/Nevada Birdwatchers Note Absence Of Birds - Vulnerable To Bad Air, Smoke 2 hatrack Sunday Sunday 4 257
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 sl8 Sunday Sunday 0 94
A Secret Recording Reveals Oil Executives' Private Views on Climate Change 0 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sunday Sunday 3 350
Study: 11% More Clinton Voters Than Trump Voters Evacuated Before Hurricane Irma Struck Florida 2 hatrack Sunday Sunday 2 410
Climatologist Funded In Past By Koch, Exxon & API Gets Senior Position At NOAA 1 hatrack Sunday Sunday 7 201
Return of Myanmar's smiling turtle (earthsky.org) 0 eppur_se_muova Sunday Sunday 5 235
Louisiana Constitution Amendment Would Free Oil & Gas Industries From Property Taxes, Forever 2 hatrack Sunday Sunday 5 291
Human activity has wiped out two-thirds of world's wildlife since 1970, landmark report says 3 sl8 Sunday Sunday 10 281
Big BP Announcement 9/14 Blahblah New Sustainable Direction Blahblah 2050 Carbon Free Blahblah 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 3 201
Oops! Secret Recording Shows Oil Execs Well Aware That "Clean" Natural Gas Hugely Damaging 0 hatrack Sunday Sunday 9 399
Heads Up! TD 19 Now Projected As Hurricane W. Landfall Near New Orleans On Tuesday 6 hatrack Saturday Sunday 8 507
Proposed Cargo Ship Uses Wings to Travel With Wind 6 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 8 528
Florida, Land Of Shit: Sewage Spills Growing Worse As Infrastructure Fails In Low-Tax Paradise 12 hatrack Saturday Saturday 15 704
In Case Of Questions, Break "I'm Not A Scientist" Glass, If You're A Trumpy SC Candidate 1 hatrack Saturday Saturday 2 314
Oh, Yay. Shitstain's Coming To California To Look At Burned Trees, Act Like He Cares 3 hatrack Saturday Saturday 3 249
Oregon Air Quality Index Hits 700 And Beyond - 301 And Higher Considered "Hazardous" 0 hatrack Saturday Saturday 4 363
As the Antarctic Peninsula heats up, the rules of life there are being ripped apart. 1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Saturday Saturday 7 265
In The End, Short-Term COVID-Driven Drop In Atmospheric CO2 Output Won't Change Anything 1 hatrack Saturday Saturday 7 198
After Laura, Southwest Louisiana Gleams With The Rainbow Shades Of Oil Slicks 2 hatrack Saturday Saturday 12 299
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