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Man gets 27 years in botched plot to bomb Colorado police station

Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker under criminal investigation for drugging and raping a women in capital

Bank of England blocks Maduro's $1.2 BILLION gold withdrawal - report

Jeff Kent, WA Republican party committeeman, "proudly supports our great president, Donald A. Trump"

Beto Sounds Lukewarm On 2020: 'I Don't Want To Raise Expectations'

Real wages fell 1.3 last year (On Van Jones). So much for tax cuts lifting


Narcomantas left in Guadalajara accuse politicians of being directly involved with narcos

TRUMP: "We reached a compromise"

Where is McTurtle???

Watching Godfather I a few days ago, I was surprised at how violent it was and how much Italian

GOP voters must have the attention span of mayflies.

Nostalgia for me, Joan Baez - Copper Kettle

Which way human traffickers turn, according to President Donald Trump.

the refugee caravans from central america bring this song to mind

Meanwhile, at the catnip dispensary ...

5 dead after shooting spree in Louisiana

shop for CBD in NYC?

Pie Day

Any border security deal must have a strictly enforced e-verify

With Deadline Looming, Border Security Talks Face Hurdles in Congress

Three year old Casey, lost in the woods, says he made a friend. A BEAR.

I LOVE this Apple commercial, great song!!

'Pelosi does not mess around': Democratic speaker emerges triumphant from shutdown

Forbes article about "... The Call For A Capitalist Reformation"

Smaller government? Some Trump supporters cheered the shutdown

My feral colony I feed and care for...

Living in America

GOP on Twitter trying to frame Dems as responsible for the Gov. shutdown.

Harris picks hotbed of anti-Trump movement for campaign launch

Democrats guide to regaining control of the W.H and US Sen. if Brown(OH) is on the 2020 DEM ticket.

Steve King compared himself to Brett Kavanaugh in his first town hall since his House punishment

At UN, US urges all nations to end Venezuela's 'nightmare'

I was at a Walmart Neighborhood store - not by choice - Almost all Gillette

Gauging support for Bernie in 2020

Bridge over Troubled Water (from The Concert in Central Park)

Everybody Else's Business: Coup Fever In Venezuela - OpEd

Paralyzed Kitten Changes Her Foster Mom's Life

Our Values: A Shining Example of Democratic Party Ideals

Trump is flipping out again 32 mins.ago!

Why isn't Trump's "duct taped women" rape fantasy no getting more press?

CNN WTF headline "Did trump cave or was it a master stroke". Come on, MSM!

So the same people who are upset how the FBI took down an indicted felon

I'm going in to work Monday and tell the boss that I'm going to have an emergency in 3 weeks,

Apparently The Key To Preventing Future Shutdowns Rests With TSA Screeners At Reagan Airport?

Are Trumps fantasy of prayer rugs and duct taped women in the desert from a movie?

Oh my word.

Trump has hermetically sealed himself in a bubble with Ivanka, Jared, Miller, and no one else.

Why a military spat between Japan and South Korea could snowball into crisis

'It was like a public execution': American retail workers face mass layoffs

Going to be really nasty weather here in Sheboygan...

After Watching Active Measures

PayScale Report on Real Wage Growth runs Counter to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data

I think we are missing the most damaging aspects of the shutdown to the right...

Nico: "Janitor Of Lunacy" 1971

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again The Other Favorites

Small Faces - Itchycoo Park

"Footage showing 22 Jan loss of #Russia Tu-22M3 "RF-94159" has apparently emerged"

Joyce Vance points out some erroneous speculation regarding the Stone indictments.

Important message for those fortunate to have GOOD senators and reps:

Meet our new rescue, Bria! (Pic added, sitting next to Koda, this AM)

Fly, My Pretties, Fly!!

Alisa Liu, 13, becomes the youngest woman's figure skating champion in history

US economy lost at least $6 billion during shutdown, S&P says

Via "Office Space" and Photoshop, a visual representation of MAGAts in the wake of Trump folding.

Just Watched Fahrenheit 11/9 And Am More Depressed Than Ever.....

People that work for US government contractors are not going to get back pay

Worries remain for U.S. government contractors as shutdown ends

Steve Martin is Roger Stone on SNL. Ha!

An extraordinarily high neutron capture cross section has been discovered in a zirconium isotope.

Wall songs for the fun of it.

The Secret World of Amazon's Power Reviewers

Bernie - Latest Punching Bag on Latest Breaking News. Guilty of EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.

Danzi: "Sinfonia Concertante for Flute, Clarinet & Orchestra"/Respighi: "Concerto Gregoriano"

Right wing astroturf in Alberta. Is Russia behind this or are they all just

Shutdown Leaves Base Cracked

Hanson: "Merry Mount Suite"/Dobrowen: "Piano Concerto"/d'Indy: "Symphonie sur un chant montagnard"

'Saturday Night Live': Will Ferrell Reprises George W. Bush To Skewer Trump (WATCH)

I was curius about the T-Shirt that Dan Savage wore on Maher yesterday

Steve Martin Nails Roger Stone on SNL: 'Pardon Me!' Cold Open

Pink Floyd - " MOTHER "

"She destroyed a President within a month of taking office"

Authorities seek man in arson fire at 'Pizzagate' eatery

In the wake of Trump's #ShutDownCaveIn, here's a NEW letter from 9 year old Dylan, A.K.A. "Pickle."

A Nuclear Deadline Grows Closer. Will Russia Meet Its Obligation?

A question for people who have worked in higher end restaurants.

Quorum? We don't need no stinking quorums. (GOP dirty trick)

What Stone could do next

watched blackklansman for the first time tonight

National Democrats target 5 Texas GOP congressmen as 2020 cycle begins

SNL: Tucker Carlson Cold Open

Looking forward to return of business

Why Muslims from around the world should remember the Holocaust

Cannabis "SIN-see" (aka Seed Free) bud must be stopped in BLUE WAVE NEW MEXICO! ANY PICS?

SNL: Weekend Update

Trump: 'Roger Stone Didn't Even Work for Me Anywhere Near the Election!'

Texas officials flag tens of thousands of voters for citizenship checks

Holocaust survivor remembers: 'I was a living corpse'

Police say Florida bank attack that killed 5 was random act

A friend a infantry vet a teamster licking his spoon

Holocaust: Told in the first person

As it ponders where to put a Confederate plaque, a Texas state board faces backlash for removing it

One in 20 Britons does not believe Holocaust took place, poll finds

Likely 2020 Dem contenders to face scrutiny over Wall Street ties

Holocaust remembrance in Germany: A changing culture

How will generations that didn't experience the Holocaust remember it?

Georgetown psychiatric hospital facing whistleblower lawsuit, state fine

SNL: Air Traffic Control

Far-right activity at universities rising as more young people deny Holocaust, experts warn

Whitehall civil servants consider martial law in the case of a no-deal Brexit

After Stone arrest, is Mueller probe targeting Austin's Alex Jones?

Flashback: Lindsey Graham said if Trump gave in on border wall it would mark "end of his presidency"

International Holocaust Remembrance Day:Have you ever been to a Concentration Camp or met a survivor

(Jewish Group) 'Of course, it's all the Jews' fault!'

Remembering The Gay Victims Of The Holocaust, Whose Persecution Is As Relevant As Ever

Which committee(s) in Congress will summon McConnell to testify (if any)?

Texas Health Resources begins layoffs, expects to cut more than 700 employees

So Pompeo wants Conventions followed for US diplomats in Venezuela

Editorial about Trump: You Can't Get There From Here

Regina Hall Really Wants Gay Men on Her Next "Girls Trip"

It turns out you don't have to argue w/ Trump supporters

Historic buildings at Sam Houston Park in Houston need care

The government is 'planning for martial law' after a no-deal Brexit and everyone is worried

'Do not expect to see special counsel Robert Mueller make any attempt to flip Stone.'

The final journey: A terminally ill cancer patient's nearly 2-year trek down the Mississippi River

$115 million nuclear contract draws scrutiny on Perry; ties to Russia

US Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina enters hospice care

Maine House special election candidate has made racist and misogynist posts

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Math Hissteria Edition

This Is How A Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly

Can the rest of the world get the UNSC to declare that Don the Con

Albert J. Dunlap, one of the worst CEO's in History, boards train to hell

The importance of knowing the difference between your and you're

The theme today is the danger of Democrats gloating per Alex Witt..🙄nt

It's -8 here right now!

Citizen lobbyists enter Maine's halls of power to represent the poor

Twin explosions kill 20 people at Philippines cathedral

Hillary is not the object of their frustration.

Any good psychiatrists out there?

Interesting thing about AOC and Pelosi during the shutdown

Polish far-right trial raises spectre of 'false flag' tactics

Hey---hee-hee-hee---Trump sup---ha-ha-ha---porters, are you---HAW-HAW-HAW!---

Brexit : The Andrew Marr Show 27/01/2019 with Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney

UK firms plan mass exodus if May allows no-deal Brexit

What rich people look like.....

World Para Swimming Championships: Malaysia stripped of hosting 2019 event


Only black woman in Vermont statehouse quit after harassment by white nationalist -- who showed up to

The truth is quite often not "balanced". We are not obligated, when discussing the

Tiny Stray Puppy Falls From The Sky -- And Somehow Survives

As Brexit looms ever larger, it's goodbye prime minister and goodbye UK economy

Just did my taxes...there is going to be a lot of pissed people

Trump Twitter rants about 'voter fraud' as his 2020 re-election prospects dim

Follow the Lies

Are some sins unforgivable?

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy

I believe the shutdown ended because of the started to affect the rich..

Most Americans say new Dem majority should publicize Trump tax returns: poll

Trump, workin' HARD on rigging 2020...

Sanders targets black voters in South Carolina

World Para Swimming Championships: Malaysia stripped of hosting 2019 event

I worked for Trump and all I got..

More arrests/indictments coming this week

To Keep African Swine Fever Out, Denmark Is Planning A Southern Boar(der) Fence

NBC/WSJ Poll today - Trump approval 43%. WTH?

photos from @KamalaHarris's first trip to South Carolina last night: & Oakland CA launch...

Quote of the week

Clear Majorities Want Trump Investigated

Kelli Ward to Lead Arizona Republicans

Meet the new majority whip, Jim Clyburn (D, SC-6)


Rick Wilson vs. his cat 😂

Rick Wilson vs. his cat 😂

Pelosi Emerges from Shutdown Stronger Than Ever

To the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself*

Americans fault Trump for chaotic government shutdown, as more believe US is 'on the wrong track'...

More than 25K strike at Mexican border factories

Mulvaney: Trump will secure the border 'with or without Congress'

North Carolina 3-year-old Casey Hathaway says he hung out with a bear after he vanished ...

This polar vortex coming is going to be really bad

KKK Robe Sells for $3,000 at Auction

Bernie Sanders Challenges the Government Shutdown - Thom Hartmann

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Warns Loss Of Journalists Will Send Democracy Crumbling

You're Known By The Hat You Wear

Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God (recced by Laurence Tribe this morning)

Newest, clearest pic of Ultima Thule - lots more detail - see Glamrock's post below for the pic

Former CIA Director: Trump Campaign Collusion 'Quite Evident'


Another reason I think Bernie will have a tough row to hoe if he runs

Crazies on those both sides

What is the "real reason" Trump agreed to "open" our government?

A Conspiracy Theory That Makes Sense - Joe Conason

Green Mountain College to close at the end of the year

Mr. Burns channels Wilbur Ross

Looks like Trump wrote to New York magazine in 1992....

Trump claimed women were gagged with tape. Then Border Patrol tried to find some evidence.

"White House Doctors Unsure When Pelosi's Foot Can Be Removed from Trump's Rectum"

Corsi says information about him in Mueller indictment against Stone 'is accurate'

"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential

"Trump's approach to governing seems to be, essentially:

Follow the Lies

"Both Sides" NO MORE!

It's understandable that Trump has no idea what year it is, or who the President is.

Castro: Third-party bid by Schultz 'would provide Trump with his best hope of getting re-elected

One of the Islamberg plotters launched a search of "Muslim enclaves" from tweet by far righter

Gay rights in Egypt?

Today: Burton Cummings great voice: Undun

'Why Are They Always So Loyal?' Trump Was Convinced That Dems Would Cave

Note to Medicare Doctors: About that cognitive test...

Has anyone used the Amazon Alexa skill "Virtual Trump"?

Ann Coulter says she made a mistake on Trump: 'I'm a very stupid girl'

''Governing'' By Turd

Rubio: 'I don't think shutdowns are good leverage'

A Review of the Problem of Brine Disposal Connected With Desalination.

Mulvaney claims there are a lot of Democrats claiming the are for the wall on Face The Nation

Why do so many of Trump's friends, associates and relatives lie so much? Answer is simple: They are

Do we have a drug addict running the country?

Desperately Grasping For Relevance, Davos Invites Teenage Activist Greta Thunberg To Speak

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Tangled up in politics

America already paid for a wall, Mr. Trump.

What was the co$t of the 35 day shutdown?

Rep Ted Lieu: Why would both Russia and @realDonaldTrump fear the Steele Dossier?

Roger Stone calls indictment 'thin as p--- on a rock'

Curious to know how many members of this group still post here? Not a poll, just a check in


Profiles in Crazy, XLVI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Stone: I'll talk to Mueller about conversations with Trump

A most xlnt toon for our times...

Iowa teen accused of raping 1-year-old won't do jail time

Mulvaney won't rule out military action in Venezuela

Hahaha Just saw a clip of Jeanine Pirro on Fox. She sounds like she's doing Cicely Strong doing her!

Collins predicts lawmakers will agree to barriers, 'but not to the degree' Trump wants

Some Van for a Sunday morning.....

One of the funniest things ever heard on NPR. 70 seconds

Just saw on the news they caught the guy in Louisiana who killed 5 people.

Well! It did not take long for Trump?

Joanna Conner -Walkin' the Blues -Enjoy the guitar solo

Does Roger Stone have so much shit on Trump...

Florence Knoll Bassett, Pioneer of American Office Design, Dies at 101

Here's a link to Roger Stone's fashion website; a real knee slapper!

trumps gift to his "friends", maybe?

Another DUer made a great suggestion: Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton

Even birds love music

Fox News is a Republican breeding factory that produces fucking assholes only.

Cat saves other cat from vet

Need a good laugh?

The U.E.S. - SNL

Trump/Faux News story about 58,000 non-citizens voting in Texas corrected by Tribune, Mediaite

Venezuela: All you need to know about the crisis in seven charts (BBC)

Robot food delivery to your college dorm!

Roger Stone supporters?

Native Americans join groups in El Paso protesting border wall

Norway Is Far More Socialist Than Venezuela

Norway Is Far More Socialist Than Venezuela

According to Facebook

Daniel Dale apparently discovered where Trump got his ridiculous numbers on illegal immigration cost

Fox and Friends claims that nobody watching their show cares about Trump colluding with Russia

I know this is scary, Try to imagine you are a Trump voter and

I see no way Trump will sit down with Mueller for an interview.

Seth Abramson: Stone's thoughts on cooperating are evolving already.

Private pupils use mockney accent to seem less posh, says ex-head of Harrow

My Pence Chart

Homeless man sentenced to 6 years passing fake money to buy food

Clinton not ruling out running in 2020 (CNN)

Math says to me that Sanders has a shot at winning the nomination

Emergency powers in three weeks.

you will witness righteous fury

The Young Black Conservatives of Trump's America

This Soup Deserves an Award.

"We've seen the Mueller report and it's spectacular"

Ex-mercenary claims South African group tried to spread Aids

Just received my 401k statement.

Howard Schultz candidacy is Trump's 'best chance' in 2020, says Julian Castro

Sunday Van Halen

Truck doesn't hold up to alligator who will not yield.

Speaking Black Dialect in Courtrooms Can Have Striking Consequences

The WaPo "fact-checker" needs to check his own facts

The National Crisis That Happened Last Week But The Repugs Ignored It.

just saw this corden/shaggy video for first time

What do you think the response will be from trump supporters if he is charged?

Former U.N. Expert: The U.S. Is Violating International Law by Attempting a Coup in Venezuela

Former U.N. Expert: The U.S. Is Violating International Law by Attempting a Coup in Venezuela

Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts Says He Won't Visit White House with Team

''Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we pledge to never forget ... ''

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 27, 2019?

Jeffery Wright just gave us a lovely image

The silent majority of Democratic House freshmen

ACORN and the Firestorm (Independent Lens/Alabama Public TV)

Trump commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day by tweeting a photo of himself.

"The Flood" a first novel by Ian Rankin

Does anyone know how many years Roger Stone is facing ?

Training camps open in less than three weeks and Harper and Machado are still unsigned.

Heavy duty AC fuse difficult to remove

I'm so sick of the MSM seeking out"average" Trump supporters

All these shootings. Has the media asked trump about the ability of the wall to stop them?

Venezuela's Maduro denounces election call but says ready to talk

Venezuela's Maduro denounces election call but says ready to talk

"I could see Roger flipping pretty quickly"

45 is calling illegal immigration a "national emergency"

01/27 Mike Luckovich: Paying dearly

Is John Yoo angling for a seat on SCOTUS? Just saw his Op-Ed on gun rights in the LA Times...

Banksy homage to Bataclan stolen from Paris theater

Starbucks CEO is about to screw Democrats and the rest of the country. I'm sorry folks

"Lawmakers have until Feb 15 to make a deal" - MSNBC chyron. Yuck.

Worries remain for U.S. government contractors as shutdown ends

Maxine Waters: "The Democrats are solid and we're not going to be intimidated by (Trump)"

Yesterday I forgot that Driving Intoxicated...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Mulvaney: Trump's "willing to do whatever it takes" to get his wall, including another shutdown

If anyone asks Nancy Pelosi when she will begin to negotiate the wall funding,

Old Political Phamphlets? Worth Anything?...anyone got info? 68 election, 72..?

Mueller Should Try Stone W/O Asking Him About Trump

Expecting a Big Tax Refund? Don't Be So Sure

Stone testing the waters for prez. pardon

Reclusive Deity Hasn't Written A New Book In 2,000 Years

How many DUers pay attention to the Views column

People started lining up 6:30am for Kamala Harris campaign kickoff in Oakland-live vid on now 1:00pt

I want to hear potential presidential candidates position on Venezuela.

Best modem router combo with wi-fi for Xfinity?

Summer rainfall at Titan's north pole (

Watch an inventor take on a Royal Marines assault course in a jet suit

Chris Christie: Not 'politically viable' for Trump to pardon Roger Stone

More globular star clusters found at Milky Way's heart (

What it looks like landing at the Nuuk Greenland Airport

Old Political Pamphlets? Worth Anything? Small Booklets, 68 and 72 Election.

Why should Pelosi keep her word and invite Trump to give the SOTU?

New Juno images of Io's fiery volcanoes (

The MAGAts blow me away.

Roger Stone says he will 'testify honestly' when asked if he would consider cooperating with Mueller

Think about this

The tax cut investment 'boom' is already over. Some say it never really started

Schiff: I think Stone is going to need a much better defense

Senator Sanders - Holocaust Remembrance

GOP moves to block anyone from running a 2020 primary challenge against Trump

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 29: Star of the Month: Kathryn Grayson

What music is everyone here listening to when they want a break from the political madness?

Russian bombers buzz North American coastline

When someone gets a Presidential pardon

Some responses to 'Build a Wall and Crime will Fall':

Could California produce soon cost you more? Farms face labor shortages, immigration woes.

When is JOhn Oliver coming back on?

Unbelievable. Kamala Harris

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 30: Maureen O'Hara

Roger Stone says he might cooperate with Mueller

The Wall was a PR stunt concocted by Stone who was just indicted - Media needs to connect dots

Regarding Ted Cruz's tweet on the Schumer Shutdown...

Dog That Nobody Wanted Loves Ice Skating Now

Message from Washington state Democrats

Stone accuses Mueller of 'Gestapo tactics'

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 27, 2019

New (to me) old cast iron skillet

Jared Kushner, a Confident Negotiator, Finds Immigration Deal to Be Elusive

Where to begin

This Girl's Happiest When Her Dog's Happy

'Loaned Kamala Harris a speech box for today for good luck'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 28 January 2019

Cities Are Bracing for 2020 Census Chaos

Rudy: "Another false-statement case? God almighty."

Great Bono quote at World Economic Forum

Alaskan father and son sentenced for killing a bear and her shrieking cubs

Some doctors helping anti-vaccine parents get medical exemptions

People trapped after presumed gas explosion in The Hague, fire officials say

what the Super Bowl says about this nation

Kamala Harris speaking now - incredible crowd

Kamala Harris Announcement Live Thread

"Lock Them Up" was chanted by the Kamala Harris crowd

Very stoked after attending the Frederick Women's March today!

Valen - Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford Sep 16, 2014 .

Heartbreaking Holocaust Remembrance Day tweet.

Sen. Sherrod Brown: I Could Beat Trump in Ohio and New York in 2020

Why isn't the MSM on this? Border Patrol Spends Nearly $2 Million Per Officer on Recruiting

Trump seeks to shift narrative after Stone indictment

The Rams' $5 billion stadium complex is bigger than Disneyland. It might be perfect for L.A.

Women of the World Nomad Games - in pictures

Does SNL have a Kamala Harris impersonator yet?

Poll: Americans support investigating Trump, but many are skeptical that inquiries will be fair.

Kamala Harris, what a breath of fresh air!

If Biden doesn't run, Kamala Harris will be my choice


'The Shutdown Was the Price of Trump's Tuition'

Interesting observation by Kurt Eichenwald:

Kathleen Parker: What Wilbur Ross tells us about the very rich

White nationalist Max Misch forces resignation of


Hawaii's Star Advertiser: Tulsi Gabbard's run for President brings questions about her past

I don't have a candidate yet - I like many of them - But Kamala brings me joy

Oh my GOD Kamala Harris could win this thing!

There will be a LOT of handicapping the 2020 presdential race on Morning Joe tomorrow...

I am all in for Kamala Harris!


I think people are excited about Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris launch video on youtube.......

Dear Ken Blackwell (re Kamala Harris) GO FUCK YOURSELF you ratfucking cheater

Dem mayors pursue 2020 runs as solution to Washington paralysis

The single most important pro-labor speech of the shutdown was not given by AOC

Pope calls for 'just and peaceful' solution to crisis in Venezuela

CBS All Access uploaded Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Premiere to YouTube

Funny thing about our 2020 candidates is that...

Tony Schwartz: "Stay calm Dems. Let this man continue to unravel his presidency."

SE Cupp calls out Trump for governing for a 'wall porn crowd'

Backlogs, deadlines and a massive bureaucratic reboot await federal workers after shutdown's end

Republicans distance themselves from shutdown tactics

Man, no words.

Trump rollbacks for fossil fuel industries carry steep cost

Kamala/O'Rourke 2020

Cartoons 1/27/19

US officially lifts sanctions on firms tied to Russian oligarch

Trump may skip debates in 2020

Trump ordered 15,000 new border and immigration officers -- but got thousands of vacancies instead

Remember during the debates when a certain slob snuck up behind Hillary...

Chuck Todd on Meet the Press

American military superiority will fade without bold national action

Tweet of the Day

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: ⁦@HouseJudiciary⁩ WILL be investigating.

Party is over for dirt-cheap solar panels, says China executive

6 in 10 back Democratic inquiries -- including release of Trump taxes (POLL)

'The indictment, I think, is a pretty damning indictment': Chris Christie on Roger Stone

Top ten signs the superhero in the movie you're watching is really lame.

There are two people that Putin pays, one of them is Trump...

PA-SD37: Dems recommend Pam Iovino, GOP nominates D. Raja

watching the Bundy mini-series, and seeing Trump more clearly....amazing similarities.

Trump quietly on Sunday lifts sanctions on Russian oligarch tied to Manafort ...

Sanders targets black voters in South Carolina

The heck is this?

Very stoked after attending the Frederick Women's March today!

A few favorite snowflake photos

Seven SEALs granted immunity in Iraq war crimes trial at Naval Base San Diego

Bundle Up DUers Coldest Blast in Years Heading for Midwest, Great Lakes

We Have Seen the Mueller Report -- And It's Spectacular

FLIPPABLE: Pam Iovino for PA-SD37 (April 2, 2019)

Green Book

You know I'm sitting here thinking...

In Oakland speech, Kamala Harris launches White House bid with scathing assault on Trump

Fox News host says women who don't let terminally ill fetuses die in womb are having 'recreational a

Is "racist' an appropriate term for someone who prefers racial uniformity?

Was that Kamala's husband and daughter we saw at the end?

Just read a post by someone who's "never going to like" Nancy Pelosi.

Personally, I don't want any Leader making unilateral decisions, even if he is a stable genius, ....

VILE: Donald Trump Posted A Recycled Photo From 2017 On Holocaust Memorial Day